What’s Current: Pornhub reduces Latina women to a taco emoji


Promoting sexualized racism since forever: PornHub recently launched its service, “Emoji 4 Porn,” which allows users to text an emoji and receive a video on their phone corresponding to that emoji’s porn category. All the categories are offensive, naturally, though the “Latina” as “taco” is particularly bad.

Should Lil’ Kim be blamed for her new “‘white’ look?”

“It would be unfair and unreasonable to put the onus of her transformation solely on her. To assume she had agency is to blatantly disregard the societal pressures of Eurocentric beauty standards and the intraracial colourism that happens within the black community.”

Revenge porn: the industry profiting from online abuse.

“Scottish Election 2016: Labour says prosecute those paying for sex, not prostituted women. “In its election manifesto, published on 27 April, the party will say: ‘Scottish Labour aims to tackle commercial sexual exploitation by challenging demand and by supporting those involved. It has a three-pronged framework: criminalising the buying of sex, decriminalising people involved in prostitution, and providing long-term support and exiting services for those exploited through prostitution.’”

New prize awards $50K US for unpublished work with women as main protagonist.

Founder of Bangladesh’s first and only LGBT magazine killed.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.