What’s Current: Sexual harassment lawsuit says Fox News ‘operates like sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult’

Lawsuit filed by Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros says Fox News “operates like sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult.”

“In the lawsuit, [Andrea] Tantaros said she was prohibited from wearing pants on air because, as executives told her, ‘Roger wants to see your legs.’ Tantaros also alleges she was removed from one of Fox’s top-rated shows after she refused to turn around during a meeting with Roger Ailes, who told her he wanted to ‘get a good look at [her].’”

Former Chief Executive of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Maya Dillard Smith, calls recent federal “gender identity” ruling “a win for American democracy.”

Orthodox Jewish rabbis in New York ban women from going to university, because educating girls is “dangerous.”

Eighteen-year-old Massachusetts rapist, David Becker, gets no jail time, so as not to be denied a “college experience.” His sentencing has reignited discussion on leniency for young white males committing rape. The New York Times reports:

“Mr. Becker’s lawyer, Thomas Rooke, said, ‘The goal of this sentence was not to impede this individual from graduating high school and to go onto the next step of his life, which is a college experience.’”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.