What’s Current: Purvi Patel released from prison after feticide conviction overturned

Purvi Patel

Purvi Patel released from prison after feticide conviction overturned. For having a self-induced abortion, Patel was sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges of feticide and child neglect. Patel appealed in May 2016, and in July both convictions were overturned. The court of appeals, however, reconvicted her for child neglect (why is a fetus being considered a child??) and sentenced her to 18 months in prison, which she had already served. Patel had been in prison since March 2015.

Boston law firm petitions the U.S. Supreme Court to hear their lawsuit against Backpage.com on charges of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. (This could be big!)

Male student accused of rape brings Title IX lawsuit against the University of Chicago for “anti-male bias.” The university exonerated him of the crime, but being accused hurt his feelings! The student alleges that the University discriminated against him on the basis of sex, because they treat males as if they are more likely to rape than females… Hmm, it seems like that’s not “bias,” but rather, what’s the word… REALITY.

How a murdered woman became invisible in the coverage on her death. After a man murders his wife and family, then kills himself, why is the media always falling all over itself to point out what a great guy the perpetrator was?

“[I]n searching for answers, we are told what an honourable man the murderer was: ‘a valuable member of the community,’ ‘very committed’ and ‘the most normal person you could meet.’ Soon follow the calls for increased funding of mental health services.”

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • cday881@gmail.com

    It’s about time! And stop this “fetal personhood” nonsense.

  • Wire Bead

    Very good piece by Linnea Dunne.

    Alan Hawe stabbed his wife, Clodagh and three sons, Liam, 13, Niall, 11, and six-year-old Ryan to death then killed himself.

    The Irish Times reports that Allan Hawe “left his reason (in a letter) for the people he loved.” A source told the paper: “He wrote that he was taking the family with him because he did not think they would be able to cope without him.”


    Why can’t these murderous men just kill themselves first?

  • Hannah

    Seriously. It’s like an abusive murderer killed himself – good riddance! Should have done it before he abused and murdered innocent people.

    I’ve need reading “why does he do that?” By Lundy something and I think it’s pretty good! Not only does have have no problem referring to abusers as men and most of them are, he makes no excuses for them and doesn’t make you feel pressured to stay with them.

  • Sabine

    Yes! The only label that applies here is Male Entitlement which has been followed to its perfectly logical conclusion thanks to the normalized-to-the-point-of-being-unrecognizable-or-viewed-as-normal patriarchal hell we are living in.

  • Cat Dancing

    So scary. From what I read of her case there was no evidence she’d ingested abortifacients, none that she’d purchased any, and she was condemned by her browser history. She claimed she had a miscarriage (spontaneous abortion) and if there was hard evidence to the contrary I didn’t read about it. It appeared to me she was convicted solely because she didn’t jump for joy about “God’s gift” and was instead distressed and ashamed as most any other unwed pregnant Desi woman would be so she hid her pregnancy and dead fetus. I’m glad she’s been freed, too.