What’s Current: South African students protest racist rules about black girls’ hair


South African students at Pretoria High School for Girls have been protesting rules on black hair at school:



An investigation found that at least 51 students were sexually abused by employees of St. George’s School in the 1970s and 80s, and at least 10 others by fellow students. The true numbers are probably significantly higher, the New York Times reports.

Yes, being involved in an inquiry to decide whether people who pay for sex should be criminalized while you yourself pay for sex is a conflict of interest.

Germany’s government has adopted a new law that will require women to reveal all the sexual partners they had around the time their children were conceived if a man disputes child support payments.

Research finds objectification is psychologically harmful to female employees at so-called “breastaurants” like Hooters. Findings support objectification theory:

“That is, our data was consistent with the notion that women who waitress in these types of sexually objectifying environments will soon amplify their habitual appearance and body monitoring. This, in turn, increases their body shame. And as body shame rises, so do their depression levels—and dissatisfaction with their jobs.”

“Aftermath,” a one-woman show from an unpublished work by Andrea Dworkin about her experience after she was raped in Paris in 1999, is coming to Toronto on September 22-24  and Ottawa on October 14-16.
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