What’s Current: Speakers at UN defence summit say more women needed in peacekeeping missions in order to curb sexual assault

UN peacekeepers

The U.N. needs more female peacekeepers to protect women in conflict, say speakers at U.N. defense summit. Currently, 96 per cent of U.N. peacekeepers are male, leading to rampant sexual abuse and exploitation of vulnerable populations of women and girls.

UK government treats gruesome porn boys are watching, “often more extreme than adults realize,” as an unstoppable natural force and pathetically offers an “update” to sex education in response to high rates of sexual violence inflicted on school girls.

Patriarchy sneakily distracts from itself by telling women we just need to “redefine beauty” and have “confidence.”


Debbie Cameron on the amazing disappearing “women”:

“[T]here’s a parallel here with the self-serving faux-inclusiveness of ‘All Lives Matter’, a slogan adopted by some white people in response to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign. The substitution of ‘all’ for ‘Black’ is an attempt to delegitimize the campaign’s focus on institutional racism by presenting it as narrow and exclusionary. ‘Why do you only care about Black lives?  Shouldn’t we affirm the value of every human life?’  It’s neutralising the political challenge by reframing a specific problem as a universal one. ‘All lives matter’. ‘We’re all in this together’. ‘We don’t need feminism, we need humanism’. The effect is to make a problem of structural inequality–racism or class privilege or male dominance–disappear.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.