What’s Current: Three pickup artists charged with rape

Jonas Dick and Jason Berlin
Jonas Dick and Jason Berlin

“Pickup artists” Jonas Dick, Alex Smith, and Jason Berlin (two of whom were working for working for Efficient Pickup, a San Diego company owned and operated by Real Social Dynamics alumni) are charged with rape, after preying on drunk women trying to leave the bar at the end of the night.

Female rappers take a stand in Mexico’s capital of violence against women.

Sarah Ditum asks: Are we trying too hard to be liberal about gender?

“Long hair or short hair. Trousers or frocks. Blue or pink. Children’s preferences are filtered through an adult rubric of gender and used to decide what sex they ‘really’ are, despite the fact that we should know by now that sex is nothing more or less than our bodies.”

Give us goddamn pockets! The history of the politics of women’s (lack of) pockets.

The refugee crisis is a sex-based issue.

“When young girls are being married off at a heartbreakingly young age because it’s seen as their greatest chance of survival; when women are miscarrying on the side of the road in an unfamiliar country; when mothers are forced to send their children unaccompanied on dinghies in the dark, unconvinced they’ll ever see them alive again; when women are reaching the UK and being abused and degraded, or detained while pregnant for the crime of seeking refuge: these are feminist issues.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.