What’s Current: #EndDemand creates fake escort site that sells murdered women to johns

Award winning #EndDemand campaign created a fake escort site that advertised real women, but when buyers called or chatted online, they were informed the women had already been murdered or severely injured by pimps or johns. The campaign, created by CAP International member Mouvement du Nid, highlights the violence inherent in trafficking and prostitution, something usually hidden from view on these kinds of sites.


Catholic Church acquits Mexican priest who admitted raping 30 Indigenous girls between the ages of five and 10 years old.

Seventeen years after Sweden first implemented its law criminalizing the purchase of sex, attitudes towards prostitution (and attitudes towards the law) have changed.

Prominent Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook found dead in Ottawa’s Rideau River.

BBC reports on story about male violence, fails to mention that perpetrator is male.

Meghan Murphy
Meghan Murphy

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Meghan Murphy is a freelance writer and journalist. She has been podcasting and writing about feminism since 2010 and has published work in numerous national and international publications, including New Statesman, Vice, Al Jazeera, The Globe and Mail, I-D, Truthdig, and more. Meghan completed a Masters degree in the department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University in 2012 and lives in Vancouver, B.C. with her dog.

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  • FakeFeminist

    Yep and don’t be too surprised when, as statistics agencies switch from classifying people based on sex and towards “gender identity”, the stats they are collecting start having sudden upticks in rates of violence committed by women. Then as the gap between “male” and “female” violence narrows, more and more female safe spaces will be converted to “identity friendly” and then fully unisex ones, since women have no reason to fear a random man any more than a random woman. :)))))) Look forward to sharing a locker room with full on dude-identifying dudes in our lifetime.

    Orwell was right, he was just a bit overeager with his timeline.

  • Vladimír Krásný

    I must have missed this but…are radical feminists against trans people???

    • Yisheng Qingwa


  • uursulaa

    You are the liar. Statistics show transwomen retain a male pattern of violence after transition.

    “Second, regarding any crime, male-to-females had a significantly
    increased risk for crime compared to female controls (aHR 6.6; 95% CI
    4.1–10.8) but not compared to males (aHR 0.8; 95% CI 0.5–1.2). This
    indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The
    same was true regarding violent crime.”

  • Just trying to Understand

    If the nordic model is trying to abolish prostitution by eliminating demand, why not have stiffer penalties? Not trying to start a fight it’s just a question.

  • Much of it is that Sweden expanded its definition of rape.


    From the article:
    In 2005, Sweden’s Social Democratic government introduced a new sex-crime law with the world’s most expansive definition of rape.

  • Vladimír Krásný

    Well in many comments people call her “man” and “dude” etc which is mostly common for people denying (not-acknowledging) transgender people their identity (aka calling transgender women by his “birth name” like Tom or Bob).

  • Vladimír Krásný

    “erasure of the sex based oppression of females”

    By that you dont mean that someone being transwoman is in itself erasere of sex based oppression of females, right?

    I always thought that its men oppressing women, not “the ones who was born with penis oppressing the ones born with vaginas”.

    Does transwoman being oppressed count as a woman being oppressed or a man to you (you all)?

    And thanks for answer (previous and/or future ones).

    • amongster

      “Transwomen” are male and therefore men. They may be gender nonconforming but that doesn’t change their sex nor their male socialization nor the fact that they have male privilege. They are not oppressed as women. They don’t face the reproductive struggles female based oppression is based on. They face homophobic violence and are often prostituted. That is something you should care about, not if someone calls males dudes or men. By speaking of gender as an identity and not as a social construct, a hierarchy and tool of oppression, you make it impossible to fight this oppression. All you do is complaining about not feeding some peoples’ delusions while the most marginalized of them keep being harmed for reasons you don’t even want to acknowledge.

      • Vladimír Krásný

        “that doesn’t change their sex nor their male socialization nor the fact that they have male privilege.”

        You do know that there are transpeople who underwent their “identity change” really young? 10-12yo. These people usually arent usually “male socialized” not have male privilege.
        What would male privilige of transwoman would look like anyway?

        “feeding some peoples’ delusions”
        This is I guess what would harm transpeople to hear…
        Btw Im not really fighting right now any of these ideas. Im just figuring out what radfem’s stance on transpeople is (cause usually when I listen to – I admit not radical – feminists they are usually trans-friendly. Thats why I was surprised).

        “and are often prostituted”
        Im aware of that. And they often lose roof above their heads etc.

        “They face homophobic violence”
        Well maybe but not always…when is it homophobic violence? When its violence against transwoman who likes men or women?

        “while the most marginalized of them keep being harmed for reasons you don’t even want to acknowledge.”
        Dont want to misread you so I’ll ask – what marginalized group youre talking now? Women or transpeople?

        • Meghan Murphy

          This interview with Rebecca Reilly-Cooper might help you understand the conflict between feminism/sts and ‘gender identity’ discourse: radio.abc.net.au/programitem/pe7Qdd05rQ?play=true

          One point she makes, which is a good one, is that the feminist movement and women-only space don’t exist to validate people’s personal identities — they exist to protect women from and fight back against male violence against women, something that is systemic and connected to women’s biology.

          Gender is something that is socially imposed, not innate. It exists to reinforce the gender hierarchy (i.e. to naturalize male domination and female subordination). It has nothing to do, really, with personal feelings.

          • Vladimír Krásný

            Will read, thanks.

          • Cassandra

            That Rebecca Reilly-Cooper interview is excellent. It’s all so obvious.

          • Meghan Murphy

            Yes, she is great! So clear.

        • amongster

          You try to defend something you yourself don’t understand. I’m sure trans activists will forgive you for using terms like “identity change”, because in the end they are happy to tear down feminists in whatever way they can and don’t care about logic themselves, but it is stupid to speak of a “identity change” when the gender identity is supposed to be innate.

          Also, giving children hormonblockers and idoctrinating them into believing they are in the wrong body is child abuse. Look up http://www.transgendertrend.com

          Trans activists and their supportes like to pretend that the majority of trans people “passes” as the sex they impersonate. They often enough don’t no matter what they think, want and experience nowadays – cause many people follow your logic and don’t want to “upset” the deluded so trans people never hear how often they do not pass. But most people have this magical ability to recognize someones sex as there are many characteristics that give a male or female person away and a “gentital check” is simply not needed to know,. By shielding them from a bruised ego you are not helping them or others who have to suffer under these peoples’ delusions. You keep pretending they are fine and not in need of a coping mechanism that doesn’t involve a delusion, something that needs validation from others to work. Alone the fact that they claim “misgendering” was actual violence should tell ypu that these people need mental support. It is neither healthy to feel such agony being called the “wrong” pronoung, nor is it acceptable that trans people bully others into submission by threatening suicide. This is not sorted out by compliance, it is by getting these to acknowledge their real problems and finding healthy copying mechanisms.

          I meant the most marginalized of those with body dysphoria, like gay, black, poor and/or prostituted trans people. The trans activists, usually white middle class heterosexual males, like to mention the death rates of this group to get sympathy while they, the privileged activists,are actually supporting homophopia, supporting the sex industry and supporting a hierarchy of power, gender, all which will keep producing new victims.

    • Kris

      How are you defining “men” and “women” and the cause for this as yet undefined “men” group oppressing the other in your view?

      You see because I always did in fact accept that it was people born with penises oppressing people born with vaginas/uteruses/the potential to give birth, and creating specific gender roles (masculine/feminine traits and behavior) that maintain the hierarchy of the penis born over the vagina born. This is why gender non-conformity is stigmatized, even among the penis born, because it undermines the whole system.

      If you don’t define what you mean by “men” oppressing “women”, you may as well interchange the terms with leprechauns oppressing unicorns because it would make just as much sense.

  • Vladimír Krásný

    Hm…need to think how that works…
    If you dont mind me asking, what do you think is going on inside of head of transpeople? That feeling that theyre not who their genitalia “tells” them who they are?

    Thank you for your answer.

  • Vladimír Krásný

    With “against” I didnt mean its your agenda (like “point 1, get rid of VAW, point 2, hate trans”), just that it seems (and I will repeat myself since I answered others) you are not acknowledging their identity which seems..well not nice (like calling a woman by name for a man).

    And why do you use “male” and “women” instead of “male vs female” or “men vs women”, why mix it? Or does it – since gender doesnt exist – mean the same thus it doesnt matter.

    But even then why being so hostile (not saying you are, talking about other comments) towards her? Because she claims she is “she”? Or that by saying violance against her is violance against women with which you (all) dont agree since she is not really a women (in your eyes)?

    Im trying just to understand.

    Thank you for taking time and answering me.

  • Vladimír Krásný

    Well I dont like stereotypes neither and for example Im ttrying to raise my daughter not in those stereotypes (and fighting with other members of family who try to “force” her pink etc, I know, not that important).

    Still, its hard fot me to grasp that idea… I mean, what if man attacks a transwoman who hasnt had sexchange op (and the attacker knows it – thus in your mind knows “he” is a “man”) because she is a woman (not in your mind, I know). Is that not violence against woman? Or is it on your mind misguided VAW just as it would be actually act of antisikh bigotry if a antimuslim bigot would attack sikh thinking he was a muslim? …eh, confunsing, sorry.

    Thank you for response.

  • OldPolarBear

    Purely by coincidence, I was reading up on Santa Muerte right before I came over to read this “What’s Current” post. It mentioned that one factor in people turning away from Catholicism in favor of Santa Muerte was that they were upset by the sex abuse in the church and the lack of action to deal with them. Imagine that!

  • Vladimír Krásný

    “truly change their *biological sex*.”
    By that you mean XX/XY chromosomes?

    If the question stands “Are transwomen born with V or P” well then thats easy. But I dont think thats the question.
    I dont even have problem with defining woman as a person who is born with V. In this case no, transwoman isnt a woman. But also in that case we would just use different word to describe what we mean when we talk about transwomen being women (in that sense they are using that word now).

    “And trans women are not the *exact same* as biological females.”
    I of course agree with that.

    • FakeFeminist

      “And trans women are not the *exact same* as biological females.”
      “I of course agree with that.”

      The problem is, a lot of modern transactivists don’t, and I think this is where a lot of women start to get pissed off. There is an ongoing campaign among transactivists to erase the facts of biology and to erase the fact that a lot of (if not most) discrimination and structural oppression against women is based on biological sex and early life gender expectations, not what gender role a person currently presents or passes as. MTFs/transwomen don’t need to personally worry about abortion access, FGM, mat leave, etc., and in most cases they don’t need to worry about female childhood socialization or even career discrimination (since many MTFs only “come out” once they reach retirement or a career peak a la Caitlyn Jenner). They want to erase the biological differences between cis and trans women because it makes them ~personally~ feel better, while ignoring that the harm that this does to biological women.

      Instead of talking about misogyny, we’re supposed to talk about supposedly disconnected sets of discrimination against “uterus-bearers”, “menstruators”, “femmes and femme-presenting nbs”, “AFABs”, etc. Firstly it’s dehumanizing, as it’s disassembles women into our parts so men can pick and choose which ones they want to take for themselves. Secondly it makes it impossible to connect these different forms of misogyny and talk about them without jumping through a million hoops. And if a woman makes a mistake, her point is completely ignored and she’s torn to pieces by men who believe that the only “real” feminism is one that centers them.

  • radwonka

    Or you saying that a scientific stance is the same as supporting stereotypes?
    I said many times that science =/= stereotypes so stop acting as if you dont understand.

    0/10 trolling

  • Vladimír Krásný

    I didnt say you have to acknowledge sh*t. I was answering Aylune where Ive seen radfem being against trans (what I meant by that).
    So just to be clear, I didnt say you have to be nice nor was I “guilt tripping”.
    Its like me saying “You are against Tom?” – “What do you mean” – “Well youre not nice to him, youre saying he is Pete”. Thats all.

    …and since that (me trying use “youre not nice” as a tactic against you is false) was point of your post, there is nothing more to say (well we have other posts back and forth).

    I guess now I know whats your (radfem’s, at least your kind of radfem – if I understand it correctly not all radfem feel this way?) deal with transpeople is.

    We could of course talk about science of transpeople (that their brain is unique, not a man’s brain, not a woman’s brain – by which I mean if you took “cis-gender” and compared their brains, in definition of a woman as a person born with V I would have to say that ..gosh, getting complicated again…). Lets just say that many studies of brains of trans shows something more that just “there are brains of women and then there are brains of men”.

    Anyway, that would actually be out of topic, I think I got the answer I was looking for.
    I would definitely love to have someone (from radfem) who I could turn to with my questions but I dont want to aggravate anyone (which Ive surely done).

    See you around I guess.

    ad terfislur: Yeah, not nice. I of course dont endorse any threats of violence. Did anybody say that there arent as*holes in every group?
    I bet there are women PMing men about how that would cut their di*ks off etc… but that shouldnt reflect on every women.

    • radwonka

      “that their brain is unique”

      Everyone has a unique brain then. People have different personalites, and there is no such a things as a “female brain” or a “male brain”.
      Our main point is: human beings are sexually dimorphic. But you obviously didn’t answer that point, nor did you explain why metaphysical identities (which don’t even have real definitions anyway) are more pertinent than physical classifications, but hey, do you.

      You just keep saying “ya’ll radfem aren’t nice to trans” “you have a problem with trans people” “you hate trans people” “you aren’t nice to transpeople” and won’t even argument properly. Want to discuss? Then stop guilt tripping and accusing people.

    • Wren

      my brain is more like a dog’s

      • radwonka

        Vlad will ask: “are you saying that a dog’s brain is like your brain and not like a unique trans brain? or can dogs’ brain be trans too? what about dogs who identify as humans? “

  • Vladimír Krásný

    Well true, Ik didnt call her “he” etc. But her comment was in an essence (excuse my tone) “But he is a man!!!”

    I guess its true that Ik might use “Jeska” as a name but it would be (in Ik’s mind) just weird name for a man…cause “he is a man!!!”.

    Ik”s comment (not the only one) was apparently showing you (all, most of you?) dont think transwomen are women…and that was (by many answers for which Im grateful) confirmed. Which was the thing I was trying to figure out (I was unaware before this that there are feminists like that).

    • lk

      I think you’ve already gotten some good responses here, but I’ll explain my comment.

      My comment was about the fact that Jeska is a man; despite what Jeska may feel, call himself, or what surgeries he undergoes…that fact remains. The article only refers to Jeska as she and not transgender or male and that is troubling because it hides what this case is an example of: male violence.

      If we are going to improve the material conditions of women and girls in the world, we have to start by acknowledging reality: the human race is overwhelmingly male or female with a small percentage of people who are intersex. In most cultures, males have ( and continue) dominated and exploited women through law, violence and socialization of gender roles that usually place women as the property of men.

      We need to be able to talk about things like sexism, male violence, female biology, gendered socialization and so on. To deal with these issues, we need to recognize that women as a class exist and are treated like second class citizens because we are women…not because of how we feel/identify.

  • Wren

    It’s interesting that most of these trans proponents would condemn the magical thinking of religions.

  • Meghan Murphy

    What does it mean to be ‘born in the wrong body’ though? I mean, you can’t *really* be born in the wrong body… While gender dysmorphia may be a real condition, it doesn’t literally mean a person is of the other sex, it means they have gender dysmorphia or body dysmorphia.

  • radwonka

    These studies have been debunked yes.

    And yes, gender is not innate. I dont deny their identity, their identity is not physical at all, so there is nothing to acknowledge here. I cant acknowledge what is not physical or doesnt make sense. So stop with these accusations.

    Again: humans are sexually dimorphic, personalities and cultures dont change that.

  • radwonka

    Well yes, gender identity is bullshit.

    And no, I meant that *you* are trolling.

  • FakeFeminist

    “That is true and I dont think anyone disagree on this (of course there is always an exception to a rule).”

    Most trans groups online are open to the public, so you don’t need to take my word for it. You can go and see it for yourself. Many women have been bullied out of Tumblr and Twitter and real-life spaces simply for recognizing a distinction between transwomen and biological women. They have received rape and death threats from transwomen. They have been fired from their jobs. This isn’t a weird fringe of the trans community, and it’s not a joke or something to be dismissed. Don’t argue with me about reality, go and see it for yourself.

    As for women not having to worry about specific instances of misogyny — sure. Nobody has tried to mutilate my genitals. But FGM is largely based on misogynistic Abrahamic beliefs, and I was certainly subjected to pervasive genital shaming throughout my childhood because of Abrahamic religion. (Though sure, mine was much less serious since it never caused me any permanent physical harm.) More importantly, I have 100% support for anti-FGM activism. I don’t make a habit of harassing anti-FGM activists at the drop of a hat, which (sadly) sets me apart from trans activists. “FGM” is a transphobic term now, dontcha know, because trans men can have their genitals mutilated for misogynistic reasons too. THAT is their priority, not the fact that little girls are getting their clits cut off in service of their subjugation to adult males. Excuse me while I go vomit.

    “But again, this is not argument why should transwomen be included because the problem lies elsewhere (=gender being social construct).”

    It is, though. Gender is a social construct that artificially ties personality and social role to genitalia. Gender harms women. Transgender ideology is based on the idea that the oppressive system of gender is somehow, despite scientific evidence, innate. These aren’t compatible belief systems.

    “Dont know about that. Have I done that? Or are you not talking about me in this case?”

    Not talking about you. Talking about actual trans activists. Googling “Jessica Valenti sausage fest” will give you a very tame but illustrative example of how it works. She pointed out that a birth control debate was entirely controlled by men, describing it jokingly as a “sausage fest”. As a result, trans activists screamed her out and were “literally shaking” and “triggered” at her “bigoted hate speech”. (Actual quotes pulled from trans blogs.)

    They are so self-absorbed it hurts. They don’t support women, they only support themselves. They guilt us into boosting them up when it’s convenient for them, then turn around and stab us in the backs. That’s not solidarity. That’s not the behavior of any kind of feminist “sister”. If “trans feminism” was a real form of feminism, we would see the trans activists just as offended and enraged as any bio woman at the fact that the public debate about birth control is largely controlled by men. But they don’t care about that, because trans activism is run by MTTs and MTTs don’t get pregnant. Hmm, thanks for having our backs here, “trans sisters”.

    “I guess my question now would be, do you think transwomen can be a target of misogony?”

    Transwomen are targets of misogyny only to the extent that people mistake them for biological women. They still benefit from swathes of male privilege, because male biology is privileged and 99% of them spend their formative years being raised and groomed as male. If people mistake you as belonging to a group of people “deserving” of abuse, you will likely experience abuse because of that. It doesn’t prove you are part of that group.

  • Wren

    Sure, go ahead! PET ME!!!

    FYI – I’m a angry rabid dog.

  • Wren

    Well at my job there are lots of Jehovah Witness students and other denominations. Another teacher laments how they don’t believe in evolution, but he thinks that I’m “transphobic” cause I don’t want dudes in little girls rooms. Science is science.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I assumed they were actresses. How else would they acquire these images?

  • Powerful and Important.

  • genny

    http://www.terfisaslur.com. There’s your proof