What’s Current: Men take advantage of Vancouver’s expensive housing market to exploit women

Image: CTV News
Image: CTV News

CTV investigation exposes men preying on women by offering them a place to stay in exchange for raping them:

“[Louisa] Russel [of Vancouver Rape Relief] says the sex that’s being exchanged for rent can’t be seen as consensual. She explained that single women in poverty receive $375 per month for shelter from the government — an amount that wouldn’t get them anything in Metro Vancouver.”

Canadian professor, Homa Hoodfar, who was imprisoned in Iran for “dabbling in feminism” has finally been released!

Inside the Indian surrogacy industry: “[Studies found many surrogates] weren’t paid what they were promised and deceived about the procedures.”

Home Depot pulling “Scary Peeper” from stores. (If someone pulled this “practical joke” on me, I would have a heart attack.)

“I Am My Own Guardian”: Saudi Women file petition to end male guardianship system.

Also, there was some debate last night where a man made an utter fool of himself and a woman RAN CIRCLES around him.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.