What’s Current: Family and friends of Annie Pootoogook say she lived in fear of her boyfriend, who she left one week before she was found dead

Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook, of Cape Dorset, Nunavut. (Image: CBC)
Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook, of Cape Dorset, Nunavut. (Image: CBC)

Family and friends of Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook state that the week before her death, she was fleeing her boyfriend of eight years, William Watt. Pootoogook’s body was found in the Rideau River on September 19th.

Northern Ireland’s new prostitution law will have a judicial review after Dublin’s Laura Lee is granted leave to challenge the Human Trafficking Act. The ban on sex purchase was put into place in June of 2016.

Do you know this man? Vancouver police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying a man who may be linked to Natsumi Kogawa’s missing person file.

Saskatoon nurse, Marlon Gonzales, will face a disciplinary hearing this week for accusations of sexual harassment put forward by six coworkers. Gonzales claims that his female coworkers are lying about his inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Ottawa woman recounts a terrifying assault with a regular john, who she’d seen twice before:

“She said she didn’t see it coming, and told court that Rouschop was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde — one minute he was buying her McDonald’s, and the next he was attacking and choking her.”

The perpetrator, Jaques Rouschophas, pleaded not guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual assault and choking.

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