What’s Current: First male ‘CoverGirl’ assumed to be trans because he wears makeup

First ever CoverGirl, James Charles.
First ever CoverGirl, James Charles.

Boy wears makeup. Is still a boy.

The rise of the alt-right is clearly tied to the rise of MRA culture, a generation of young men raised on Internet porn.

“When we fret about young people leaving western countries and going to fight with Isis, it’s common to focus on the role of the internet in their political radicalisation. It’s time we discussed the radicalisation of angry, young white men in a similar way. The manosphere gave us Elliot Rodger. He was a regular on the forum ‘PUAhate’ – populated by bitter men who had tried the techniques advocated by so-called ‘pick-up artists’ to attract women and failed…

Much has been written about financial hardship turning afflicted white communities into breeding grounds for white supremacist politics, but what about when dissatisfaction has little to do with economic circumstance? It’s hard to know what can be done to combat this phenomenon, but surely we have to start by taking the link between online hatred and resentment of women and the rise of neofascism seriously.”

Rebecca Solnit on the social forces that elected Trump.

“Since election night, I’ve been hearing too many men of the left go on and on about how Clinton was a weak candidate. I’ve wondered about that word weak, not only because it is so often associated with women, but because what they’re calling her weakness was their refusal to support her. It’s as if they’re saying, ‘They sent a pink lifeboat and we sent it back, because we wanted a blue lifeboat, and now we are very upset that people are drowning.’”

Sorry, lesbians. Tinder just ensured there will probably be a lot more dudes showing up in your feed.

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • That’s a person? I thought it was a video game character. Shades of uncanny valley there.

  • Aylune B. Papyrus

    “We will do everything we can to make sure Tinder is a safe place”

    … “but not for women, of course. Heh”

  • melissa

    The Guardian article about MRA culture is spot on. I’ve been seeing this coming for a while now.Its becoming less and less consolatory saying to yourself how these are just fringe groups, when many giant youtubers, reddit subs, fb pages, with hundreds or thousands, if not millions of views and subscribers, are entrenched with anti-feminist rhetoric. And then goddam Trump gets elected, emboldening and solidifying every one of these people and their reprehensible worldview. I’d say a lot of incoherent babble from mainstream liberals and feminists don’t help either, and often plays right in to their hands, if not provide them with the perfect excuse.Ugh what a mess.

    • Polly MacDavid

      The liberal world is amazingly misogynist. It’s about time someone called them on that.

  • Meghan Murphy
    • JingFei

      It’s a bit eerie that anyone would think the Sim is a human tho…

  • Snork Maiden

    I like that kid, for rejecting male stereotypes without rejecting his maleness. Though I’m not a fan that particular photo. Some of his more theatrical stuff is amazing.

  • FierceMild

    Does anyone else get a creepy BDSM double entendre in the name ‘so lashy’? Most mascara names have been more descriptive and used words like volume and length or else they’re vaguely suggestive and “feminine” sounding words like plump and full (obvs icky). This just feels so vulgar, predatory, and abusive of this poor young kid who has no real notion what he’s being used for…maybe it just seems stark to me because I’m only used to seeing girls and women used in this way. How sad.

  • Alienigena

    Men wearing make-up seemed a pretty common occurrence in ancient Assyria and Egypt, at least for the upper classes. Why is it so unusual to see men wearing make-up in the present day? War paint (e.g. Picts in Britain) seems pretty universal in human cultures and was mainly worn by men. What a regressive age we live in. It is just face paint people.


  • fxduffy

    And before Reed and Bowie, there was Andy Warhol. He would have a make-up artist greet all his male party invitees at the door. The guys couldn’t enter unless they submitted to lipstick, rouge, eyeliner, powder… No one balked, no one turned back.

    This was emphatically Not breaking any boundaries either. It was so cool, so hip, so fun & games, that it hardly challenged anyone–except the women present, with its mockery.

    The real boundaries were broken when Valerie Solanis shot Andy Warhol, which probably ended those kinds of parties.

  • Topazthecat

    And ironically, I have spoken with many women over the years who work at Maybelline,Cover Girl,Loreal and Revlon who told me they never have worn any make up themselves.

  • Reffael Fishzon

    I don’t want to have to break the news to you, but ‘MRA culture’ is not a term endorsed by anyone. Not every angry (white) male on the internet is an MRA. Some are opposed or unwilling to participate. In my opinion, you should simply refer to it as the ‘manosphere’, which is a term encompassing all of these sub-cultures on the internet. And yes, it’s not hard at all to see how the alt-right emerged from that space.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I’m always kind of baffled when people are unable to see the virulent misogyny thrown her way. It was absolutely blatant and vicious. I also don’t really see many here claiming she is a ‘feminist role model’, tbh. I see people saying she was a better, more deserving, and more qualified candidate than Trump and I see people protesting the sexism she experienced throughout her career.

  • FakeFeminist

    I don’t think you need to adore HRC or consider her a feminist role model (or a feminist at all) to recognize and criticize the double standards that were applied to her during the election. Feminism is supposed to be against misogynistic treatment of any woman, not just the women we like or who agree with us on things. Why did she have to be perfect to be acceptable enough to elect, when Trump was a raging dumpster fire and still gets to be president? He’s guilty of almost everything HRC gets criticized for and more, but he gets away with it unscathed. You think he cares about the American people over himself? You think he has no COI when he refuses to stick his holdings in a blind trust? You think he won’t misuse taxpayer money, after promising to run the country like a business (he’s bankrupted six of those so far)? What about all his rape accusations, why is it worse to be the wife of an accused rapist than to be an accused rapist yourself? And on top of all that he’s bragging about sexually assaulting women, insulting war vets, spreading xenophobia, etc.This level of politics selects for a specific kind of person; it’s nearly impossible to fund a presidential campaign without being tied to corporate interests. Hillary is tied to the corporate interests of others, and Donald to the corporate interests of himself, which is no better. The role of voting right now isn’t to select a perfect unicorn snowflake utopia leader, it’s to do basic damage control until these broken systems we’re hobbling along with can be changed. Lefties who helped the dumpster fire man to get elected (by not voting, or by protest voting) because the female candidate wasn’t a perfect unicorn snowflake utopia leader made a bad call.

    I’m sorry Bernie wasn’t on the ticket and that he didn’t get elected. I mean that legitimately, I think he was a better candidate, and if I’d been in a position to vote in the primaries (I’m Canadian), I would have voted for him. I think it was clear from the start that he was a long shot, though, and I’m really disappointed in the Bernie fans who refused to move on and make the pragmatic choice. Bernie himself asked his supporters not to write his name in, not to stay home, not to vote third party. He didn’t do that because he suddenly woke up one morning as a mindless shill, he did it because he understood that the two options were NOT equally bad, and that they really were the only two realistic options.