Melania Trump, America’s first sex worker First Lady

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In late November I was in the Portland State University’s Women’s Resource Center listening to a teacher explain that sex work is feminist work. Where an evidenced explanation for the Nordic Model’s supposed failure should have been, she asked the students to postulate a reason for its failure. One young woman guessed, “Because sex is used transactionally all the time, so police can’t know if transactions are professional or not.” The teacher agreed and moved on to how not all prostitutes were raped as children.

In that woman’s mind and to the teacher’s agreement, sex is perceived mainly as a means to acquire things. All women are prostitutes, but some go on to make careers of it and the transition is so seamless that onlookers can’t tell the difference between fucking for stuff as an amateur and fucking for stuff as a pro.

I bring up this recent anecdote because the assembled sex-positive liberals in that class were adamantly anti-Trump and aghast at his election without reflecting on how Trump is the most pro-sex work president the USA has ever had.

The knee-jerk position of the American Left is to oppose anyone who goes through public life with an R in front of their name. However, liberal men are much more supportive of women as public sexual property than conservative men who prefer their women privately owned. Prostitution is a limitless public harem thanks to the internet, and a harem is just a woman-zoo where men fuck the animals.

So why are liberals who advocate for expanding the public harem of hookers deciding, against all his prior actions up to and including marrying a sex worker, that Trump is anti-sex worker?

Jenni Kutner wrote for Mic about porn actress Jessica Drake, one of the dozens of women who have accused Trump of sexual abuse. She concluded:

“Trump has done more than imply how he feels about people in the sex industry. He’s demonstrated that he doesn’t view them as people at all.”

According to Drake, he treated her the same as he has numerous other women, “He grabbed each of us tightly, in a hug and kissed each one of us without asking permission.” That’s an ordinary day for the world’s most notorious pussy-grabber. Donald Trump treats women the same way he treats sex workers because he agrees with the Portland State teacher and student that all women prostitute for gain, some are simply more organized about it than others.

Drake said Trump called her later asking her to return and offering $10,000 plus the use of his private jet to get back home the next day.

I haven’t seen any of the people who want to legitimize prostitution as a profession acknowledge Trump’s extreme generosity here. It’s very rare for a sex worker to make $10,000 in one night. A sum of that amount should be a cause for sex-positive celebration and an example of a man honoring the work of sex they proclaim it is. The added offer of a private jet ride home afterwards surely makes him a gentleman john if ever there was one.

Robert Brannon of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism collected details of Trump’s financial dealings that support prostitution in his article, “Donald Trump and the Sex Industry.” Among his findings are such pro-sex worker facts as Trump’s Taj Mahal casino being the first casino in Atlantic City to have an in-house strip club, and Trump’s numerous collaborations with Playboy:

“Donald Trump, himself, has appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine, and has proudly performed as an ‘actor’ in three different Playboy-produced ‘softcore’ pornography videos in 1999, 2001, and 2004 (Moye, 2016). He was always fully clothed, but in other scenes in these films, many women were naked. In the most recent film, young women are shown naked in sexual positions, dancing naked, rubbing honey on their breasts, taking a bath, and suggestively touching themselves and each other while naked (Moye, 2016).”

And still the mainstream liberal media keeps trying to paint Donald Trump as anti-sex work.

Rolling Stone ran a story on sex workers donating tips to Planned Parenthood in protest of Trump that included this rationale, “Whether their clients are Republicans or Democrats, they all spend the same money.“

AlterNet ran a story wondering if a Trump presidency will be bad for the porn industry.

What more could this avid client of erotic service providers possibly do to show he’s 100 per cent on the side of pimps, pornographers, and the sex workers they exploit? Would marrying a sex worker, having her bear his son, and making her America’s first sex worker First Lady suffice?

Apparently not.

Even the most apologetic of commentators can’t bring themselves to claim Melania Trump as one of their own and congratulate her on her new position as First Lady. Self styled “dominatrix and sex worker” Margaret Corvid poses the oddly noncommittal question, “Who Cares If Melania Trump Was Maybe A Sex Worker?” as if it doesn’t matter that an alleged former sex worker will be America’s First Lady for the next four years.

Corvid avoids treating Melania Trump as an agent of her own destiny and turns the topic towards herself and the abuse liberal men continue to dish out to prostituted women, “When liberals aim at Melania for alleged sex work, they hit me with their bullets of shame.”

It would be a step forward for Corvid to stop being wishy-washy about Ms. Trump’s rumoured sex work past and embrace it. Perhaps then she could begin to show concern for the woman whose naked image is being used by liberals as a cudgel to hit conservatives with instead of twisting it into an attack by proxy on herself.

Jill Filipovic, a former AlterNet editor and Guardian columnist who typifies the politics of third wave feminism, once wrote about begrudgingly allowing abusive men the legal right to purchase sex:

“I do think men who get off not just on sex but on exploitation are irredeemable shitholes, though. And yeah, they should have a legal right to access porn and to pay for sex (with people who are above the age of consent). But I still think they’re shitholes…”

By her own stated ethics, Filipovic should accept that not-convicted not-rapist Donald Trump offered a very agent-full sex worker a respectful sum of $10,000 for one night’s work. Drake considered the offer then refused, all in all the ideal hypothetical sex work scenario conjured by advocates for legal prostitution.

I disagree that the best people can do about paid-for sexual assault is make an informal complaint, heave a sigh, and walk away feeling superior to “shitholes.” But those are my radical ethics, not the espoused tenets of sex-positive feminism.

By capitalist feminist standards, Donald Trump is a sexual freedom hero. He offers vast sums of money to sex workers, pioneered strip clubs in Atlantic City casinos, appeared on Playboy’s cover plus performed cameos for Playboy products, and his third wife is said to be a former sex worker whom he made the mother of his child before making her First Lady.

Today, on International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, I will raise a glass to toast America’s first sex worker First Lady, Melania Trump. I will drink for all the sexee liberals who got exactly the punter-in-chief they deserve. Donald Trump is well and truly the president of third wave feminism.

Samantha Berg is a radical feminist journalist, activist, and event organizer. Her articles have been published in progressive media for over a decade, and in recent years she has organized anti-prostitution political events in the United States and Canada. Find more of her work at and

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  • Blazewarrior

    Couple of real facts – firstly women aren’t ‘sex workers’ because this is a euphemistic phrase men who work very hard in their mens’ pimp industry claim. The male sexual predators working so hard to increase their profits by selling prostituted women to male sexual predators promote mens’ lie that ‘mens’ pimp industry is “sex work” for those dehumanised disposable women (sic) because females being raped by males is just work apparently!’

    Secondly male sexual predator male pimp operator Trump cannot ‘make Melanie Trump mother of his child!’ This is a male created women-hating lie!! Trump and all men cannot ‘create a child’ all they can merely do is father a child and it is the woman who brings the foetus into the world. A woman is not a machine whereby men ‘inset their child’ into her body and she merely acts as a disposable service station for men!

    But because men cannot create a child they have to lie and claim they alone are the ones who create a child and this is why men own the mother’s child/children!

    As regards serial male sexual predator/women-hating Trump he is no better and no worse than his left wing bros and his right wing bros. Left wing bros and right wing bros hold women in contempt and believe women exist solely to be mens’ disposable sexual service stations. The female handmaidens of these women-hating males are merely doing their ‘masters’ dirty work.’ All women are dehumanised disposable sexual service stations according to men which is why men commonly rally together to blame women and this deflects attention away from the real perpetrators – the women-hating boys!

    • Mar Iguana

      Trump’s grandfather, Federick, was a brothel-owning pimp. His daddy was a KKKer. What a proud heritage.

  • jdndcus

    Blistering, biting truth.

  • Reffael Fishzon

    Brilliant, provocative, cutting and non-apologizing. Way to go

  • will

    “Your concern that an alleged former sex worker will be First Lady mystifies me.”

    I suspect you feel mystified because there is no “concern” expressed in the article. Just a statement of fact.

    “the line […] doesn’t accurately reflect the complex nature of harems”

    I don’t think you understand the complex relationship between people who engage in animal agriculture and their animals. I’m being serious. Samatha Berg’s metaphor is apt.

  • marv

    I would be surprised if PETA ever changes. They are disgrace to women and animals

  • marv

    Undoubtedly. Thank you.

  • Wren

    Uhhh…are you, like, an expert on harems??

  • Wren

    So this teacher doesn’t believe in the concept of propaganda? advertising? fucking idiot.

  • Karla Gjini

    great article Sam! thank you!

  • Tired feminist

    Yeah I’m leaving Germany for the same reason, among others.

  • susannunes

    The author needs to quit using the vile phrases “sex work” and “sex workers.” The correct words are prostitution and prostitutes. What we are talking about are human rights abuses, not some ordinary job or career. I won’t even read her piece because she uses those terms, and it discredits her as any kind of real feminist. Words matter.

    • Meghan Murphy

      I believe Sam used ‘sex work’ intentionally to make a point to third wavers. Sam is aware of the problems with the term ‘sex worker’ and uses ‘prostituted women’ in her work, in general.

  • susannunes

    Melanie was never a “sex worker.” She was a prostitute.

    • Lisa Tremblay

      Thanks. I don’t know how Melania would have defined herself and I don’t see it as any of my business. My understanding of the term “sex worker” was that it was initially termed to help society separate the job from the person. When I hear descriptions of it – how women have to plan, take care of themselves, look out for other women, carefully negotiate a sex act with a stranger, do whatever it is that was negotiated in sometimes scary situations and then recover afterwards – it sounds like a lot of work to me. I figure it’s up to individual women to decide what to call themselves and there’s no shame in either.

  • susannunes

    When you deal with men who are not relatives or co-workers, there are always strings attached. The strings always involve sex. That is what male privilege is. One should not have to pressured into sex to do anything with a man.

  • Lisa Tremblay

    Thanks for your comments. Trump signed the Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge in which he agreed to enforce existing obscenity and child pornography laws, enforce the Children’s Internet Protection Act, develop public policies to prevent sexual exploitation of children and youth, examine harmful impacts of Internet pornography on youth, families and American culture and establish partnerships with corporations to reduce the threat of internet enabled sexual exploitation of children.
    The pledge is focused entirely on taking action in the US. It’s true that it won’t stop American men who travel to other countries to rape children.

  • Independent Radical

    Game of Thrones and everything not aimed at children nowadays. If it doesn’t have sex, blood, gore or drug use it’s not”serious” art nowadays. The only reason not to include that shit is if you’re making a film for children., especially on the Internet. Otherwise that kind of content is basically considered compulsory. Our culture is sick.

  • corvid

    How can you seriously think that enthusiastic consent and servitude are compatible? Examine your views on the humanity of women.

  • Um, still confused. Do you have any evidence of a 3rd wave feminist, sex positive feminist, whatever label you think is trendy, who actually said it’s fine to grab women by the *****?

    • Si Llage

      How does your question relate to Trump’s strong approval for legalized prostitution?

  • Is anyone seriously expecting the Donald to do anything about people exploited in *any* industry?

  • Jocelyn Crawley

    No, it’s not too old fashioned at all. I’ve been a radical feminist for a while and just had the consciousness-raising experience of reading another feminist explain how and why PIV (penis-in-vagina) experiences can seem incredibly painful and violating. I was always taught that PIV was “sex” and therefore right and natural, but this rad fem blogger did a brilliant job of explaining how the experience can be interpreted as invasive, violating, and painful. If that is how a woman interprets PIV, that interpretation is valid. She should not have to “learn” (read: be socially conditioned) to enjoy PIV if she doesn’t want to. There is much discourse about how PIV is, by its very nature, invasive. I support this discourse and actually submitted an entire article about this topic for review at another journal.

  • CaringaboutMaine

    is melania a prostitute?

  • Michael

    I will say one thing is for sure- this article is a bunch of egghead mental masturbation.