What’s Current: Julie Bindel no-platformed by Norwegian Socialist Party’s women’s conference

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Women’s conference in Oslo, Norway, organized by the Norwegian Socialist Party, no-platforms Julie Bindel over pressure from individuals accusing her of “transphobia.” Rachel Moran withdrew from the conference in solidarity with Bindel, yet conference organizers have refused to publicly state the reason for her action.

Moran states:

“The Norwegian Socialist Party needs to know that I will not speak for any group that displays the extraordinary cowardice they have shown in allowing an abolitionist feminist to be bullied from the stage. Julie Bindel has been an activist on men’s violence against women almost as long as I have been living, and it is nauseating to see a woman who’s dedicated her life to women’s rights shamelessly bullied and harassed in this way. The statement the Norwegian Socialist Party later released in relation to Julie Bindel’s no-platforming was sickening to the extent that, on reading it, I felt relief to know that I had already pulled out of their event. Had I not, I would have done so immediately on reading that statement.”

Bindel’s Oslo no-platforming comes on the heels of pressure from UK students to ban Bindel from speaking about her life as a working class lesbian during the Working Class Movement Library’s LGBT History Month. Sign the petition in support of the Working Class Movement Library hosting Bindel as a speaker.

New Year’s Eve brings an incident of mass sexual assault committed by a mob of violent men from India’s Silicon Valley.

Amnesty International expels their Rhode Island coordinator of nearly 40 years for disagreeing that pimps and johns should be given global impunity to exploit women through prostitution.

A men’s rights march on Washington? Washington Post runs giant male symbol on cover story for women’s march.

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • sim3

    Happy fecking new year to men eh..

  • Signed.

    Sign the petition in support of the Working Class Movement Library hosting Bindel as a speaker:

    • oilwoman

      Sometimes I feel we should start our own conferences. Really. I’m tired of having libshits constantly pulling this.

  • Wren

    Nice move, Washington Post. How revealing.

  • oilwoman

    This is why I vote for the Canadian Tories. Yes I know, missing and murdered indigenous women but, as an indigenous woman, the progressives’ and socialists’ insistence on preventing my people from properly exploiting the natural resources which rightly belong to us, their support for gender quackery and sex-positivity and the fact many of them have their heads screwed on the wrong way when it comes to economics (welfare! welfare! welfare! more taxes! more taxes! more taxes!) means that I vote Tory.

    We should ally ourselves with the CPC. Though some so-cons are anti-abortion, none of them are for criminalization. They almost all (with the exception of noted libertarian woman-beating jackass Maxime Bernier) tend to be radically against prostitution, support keeping the religion of abusing and oppressing women out of Canada and tend to have a low view of pornography. Many support repealing the Indian Act and many, due in no small part to us indigenous folk writing copious letters to them, support opening an investigation into missing and murdered indigenous women.

    • Witch

      Judging by your username I suspect that by natural resources you mean oil? What’s your opinion on the fact that climate change disproportionately affects poor women in developing countries?

      • oilwoman

        I don’t know why, but Megan seems to be deleting my responses to this.

        Though you may be right, my tribe (Inuit and Cree) have profited handsomely off the oil and gas industry. Many tribes have as well.

        • Meghan Murphy

          I haven’t deleted any of your responses. Comments are moderated here so a human (we have two people moderating at the moment because I’m on ‘vacation’) has to come in and manually approve everyone’s comments. Thanks for your patience.

  • will

    Looks like time for women’s shelters, anti-trafficking groups and all who rightly condemn the sex trade, from all nations, to launch a coordinated letter-writing campaign targeting AI.

  • Famous feminist theorist no-platformed. Why do I keep thinking I’ve already read this story?

  • JingFei

    Everytime something like this happens, it’s difficult to see the level of hatred Trans/Queer activists have for women and lesbians, but I can see a positive side to it.
    They cannot control their level of immature bullying. They insult, harass, disrespect others in a vulgar, childish manner, while claiming to be the ultimate victims of “Hatred” from one sole woman ( but of course, also women who disagree). Most of them can’t even hold a level of discussion that is clear and honest. They go back again and again to their Newspeak chants;
    “You are allowing the speakers that want to deny Trans and Bi people’s right to exist!!”. Over and over.
    Buzzwords like; Racism! Hatred! Bigotry!
    It is so transparent that Trans Activism targets women who say ANYTHING against their orthodox, and tried to vilify and utterly destroy them. I think anyone who is new to this, who previously maybe blindly believed the propaganda would be shocked by their behaviour.
    I snagged just a small sampling of how they conduct themselves in harassment. We have everything here:
    – Lesbians aren’t being forced to be attracted to penis but they should TRY
    – Terfs should DIE. (All women who criticize us must be punished)
    – childish bullying tactics (memes, making fake accounts)
    – “Biology doesn’t exist”
    – Deeply cutting, hate filled insults
    – Men telling women and lesbians how to think and why they’re wrong

    They are nothing but a bunch of self-absorbed, entitled hypocrites


    • Meghan Murphy

      They are hurting themselves, in my opinion. All this hatred, misogyny, harassment — alongside the ridiculous circular arguments — only outs the movement as a misogynist one, rooted in entitled dogma.

      • Just Passing Through

        If anyone has ever wondered what the true intent of male run media like the Daily Mail is…look no further. I just saw a story about a “woman” and by that of course I mean a “Trans woman” in other words a MAN has brutally attacked some shoppers with an axe and the story of course is titled “Young blonde woman attacks shoppers with axe” and for SOME reason both of the close up pictures of the piece of shit is blurred out so that the reader cannot see that this was truly done by a MALE human being. So mine and many others suspicions of male run media trying their very best to shove off acts of MALE VIOLENCE onto females is in absolute plain sight for all to see. The blurring of the faces and no commenting allowed is ABSOLUTE 100% PROOF of what these jerks are trying to do and it is beyond belief and is just plain LIES. Since I can’t comment on the “Daily MALE” I am just commenting on here at least….I know you will allow it… we have to fight this nonsense. It is just such utter garbage what men are doing to malign who we are by not taking responsibility for their acts of MALE VIOLENCE. Disgusting.

  • JingFei

    They are seriously the DUMBEST.

    The low intelligence seriously frightens me. And I don’t say they are of low intelligence because I don’t share their views. It’s how they handle themselves. How they misuse words. How they think bullying, abuse and harassment is justified because they’re “right”. How they are closed off even the most minor discussion.
    I used to think that most of them were throwing this bullshit newspeak, those thought terminating phrases and accusations- because they were being purposefully manipulative. But now? I see many of them using such things because they do not know any better. They have no idea what they are saying. They truly believe that debate = hatred. Disagreement = violence etc etc. Hurt feelings = oppression. They are a generation of absolute morons who have no idea what real oppression actually is. They have lived in a gilded cage ( the ones that do know oppression are usually smarter!).

    I think this has contributed to my hesitation to consider reproduction. I would hope my child wasn’t stupid. But there are no guarantees unless I raise them on an island…

  • JingFei

    Like Meghan, Magdalen is a brave woman. I’m glad they exist.

  • melissa

    Yea like her too. 🙂

  • Tired feminist

    Also, a few years ago it seemed to be common sense, *even for those who believed in gender identity*, that sex could not be changed and that transwomen were male/transmen were female. One of my first peak trans was when I began to hear that this was not “entirely” true, that sex was ALSO a social construct etc, and I thought “lol okay these people are nuts, just leave them alone”. I assumed must people would simply do the same and leave them talking to themselves. I had no idea of how manipulative they could get.

    • radwonka

      Just like many people who dont know much about gender ideology will say “it is people born in the wrong body “, when gender ideology says “it is doctors who assigned a category, the body is defined by gender identity only”.

      Everyone is confused, but people would do anything to pretend to be woke and the best SJW in the world.

      One thing that I find curious is that they claim that everything is a construct, thus only the individuals gets to define its reality, but 1.how does that make sense if they silence those who have a different POV? and 2. if anything is a construct thus nonsense, then why isnt gender identity considered as a “construct thus bullshit” too? I truly wonder where exactly they draw the line.

  • oilwoman

    Conservatives are far less in favor of corporate welfare than the liberals are. The fact the Trudeau government has showered more subsidies on Bombardier than the Harper one is one such example.

  • Tired feminist

    “another example is when they say that only white women agree with radical feminism, and poc only agree with 3rd wave feminism, as if all poc were one and same person… and it is often a white libfem who says that lol…”


    Seems they use POC similarly as they use “sex workers”, as in “listen to POC/sex workers but only those who agree with me! The others don’t know what they’re talking about.”

    Talk about patronizing…