What’s Current: West Virginia man squirts women with his semen in Walmart

Timothy Blake accused of squirting women with his own semen at Walmart. Photograph: Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Man sexually violates women in Walmart by squirting them with semen-filled syringes.

Heroic and remarkable campaigner for sexual assault victims Jill Saward dies at 51.

Massachusetts man caught recording women in TJ Maxx bathroom.

Male-to-transgender roommate and ex-boyfriend tortures then murders woman for “perverted pleasure.

Get ready to march! Here’s your what to wear guide.

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • Just Passing Through

    WTF? So vile, so disgusting. Wtf is wrong with men?…I’m serious wtF is wrong with the male half of humanity?!

  • genny

    I hate men more and more every single day.

  • fxduffy

    “The defendant stated maybe it was his way of having sex with these women,” the affidavit states.

    It’s been said that sexual harassment has been so broadly defined that it’s hard to prosecute. That almost all interactions between men and women are potentially harassment. Maybe, but there’s no problem in this case, I hope.

    This is an example of continuing masturbation in public, of taking it to the next level. It’s a way of making corporal an objectified image. Defiling a picture or an image in a video is not a sufficient enough turn-on. The look of humiliation at being possessed is what’s missing and what the stalked females provides

  • rosearan

    Perhaps the Wal-Mart semen warrior was under the delusion that women just love to have men’s ejaculate sprayed all over them. After all, hundreds of porn films portray paid actresses showing their undying gratitude.

    While as a culture we treat women’s menstruation as something to recoil from as unhygenic and yucky, semen is somehow treated as a sacred body fluid. Frankly, I’ve always found men’s bodily messiness to be one of the most unpleasant aspects of sexual activity – and it’s women who usually have to wash the sheets. The best thing about condoms, apart from sparing us women from twenty years of unnecessary motherly servitude, is that they keep all this messiness contained.

  • Marla

    “What if MAN have HIV / AIDS ?”

    I was thinking that as well. This is more than another male on a power trip with a need to dominate women by degrading them. This guy has some serious mental health issues on the side. I’m afraid if Grumpy Trumpy makes cuts to such social services there is going to be a lot more of this behavior becoming publicly manifest to endure for the next four years.

  • FierceMild


  • radwonka

    What did they expect from hundreds of years of violence, subjugation and domination over us?”

    Also its a natural reaction here. We dont hate them because we are insecure like them, we hate them because they -joyfully- abuse us. If it wasnt thanks to gaslighting and psychological manipulation (patriarchal domestication), men wouldnt abuse us so easily.

    The more we admit that abuse and submissiveness is not, and should not be, normal, the more we will be conscious that these individuals are shamelessly toxic and sadistic, and the more about our body will react adequatly and create important emotions such as hatred to give our self confidence back (we dont need them, or their “love”, nor should we have sympathy for them) and teach us to be wary of them.

    Being prudent and non impressed are one of the most instinctive and powerful attribute that animals have after all.

    Fuck that “humans were born to be compassionate and loving” crap

  • radwonka


  • Just Passing Through

    When I first saw the story on the “Daily MALE” of the Sydney story, the close up pictures were blurred out so you couldn’t see HIS face and wouldn’t be able to see that this was in fact a MALE human being that committed this crime, and the title said “Young blonde woman attacks shoppers with an axe” the manipulation is just astounding to me… How are we supposed to fight back against these blatant lies? I’m getting more frustrated by the day at this sick ploy by trans to push off their crime stats on women. It’s just so wrong in so many ways. But then again this IS the Daily Mail we’re talking about….

  • Just Passing Through

    “The trans parts need great emphasis when they’re the victims,but not when they’re the perpetrators.” This is SO SO true! Telling isn’t it? They want these stories as invisible as possible because sweet little twanz-wimminz could never ever hurt anyone ever, I’m sorry but they are some of the most violent men out there!.. Fuck it all!

  • Just Passing Through

    It is beyond infuriating…

  • Just Passing Through

    I am wondering does anyone know if there is any group or persons who are dedicated to keeping track of all of these transwomen crimes being reported as female? Are they really just going to get away with this blatant LYING ??

    • melissa

      No idea really. I remember stumbling onto someone in a fb comments secrtion once that linked to some site that did seem to keep track of these things. But i can’t really recall what it was called or anything. Sorry:(