What’s Current: Florida airport shooter unsuprisingly an abuser of women

Mugshot of Fort Lauderdale shooting suspect Esteban Santiago. (Photo credit: Broward Sheriff's Office)
Mugshot of Fort Lauderdale shooting suspect Esteban Santiago. (Photo credit: Broward Sheriff’s Office)

Young male shooter, Esteban Santiago, opens fire in Florida airport, killing five people, injuring more. As usual, he was also an abuser of women; Santiago was being prosecuted for strangling his girlfriend.

The media is too quick to blame male violence against their families on PTSD.

Meryl Streep calls out Trump at Golden Globes on bullying and lies — Trump responds in characteristically petty manner.

Evan Rachel Wood wears game-changing tux to Golden Globes.

First official trailer released of TV series adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale:

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • Glad to see CBC Radio change the story about the vet who committed murder/suicide. Wonder what prompted that.

    • Morag999

      Yes, it’s better. But there’s still too much avoidance and reluctance to name it male violence. Females are named as the primary victims — but as the victims of some sexless, indeed amorphous, entity called the “family.”

    • Alienigena

      The interviewer still tried to return the focus to the men (in this and other stories) and the very skillful and diplomatic (god, she’s good) academic/interviewee brought the focus back to family violence and violence against women and the media’s mistaken characterization of the mentally ill as violent, which in the main they are not.

  • FierceMild

    Of course we use PTSD to excuse deadly male violence. We don’t even recognize this as a circular piece of reasoning. Killing people in war caused him to be so upset that he killed people without a war. Poor man-baby had sads so he killed a woman. She was prolly a total bitch or a slut anyway. Why don’t women veterans kill all the men in their families?

    • Also we prefer not to recognize PTSD in women. I think it’s more common in women. And we stopped recognizing amnesia/recovered memories once they occurred in women, rather than just in male soldiers.

  • Dear Prudence

    I’ve never read the handmaiden’s tale because the way I’ve heard the plot described makes it seem like she’s blaming men’s misogyny on radical feminism(specifically anti porn feminists). And she’s defending a piece of shit liberal male in acedemia who abuses women? So I ‘m confused why she’s embraced by radical feminism?
    I am capable of reading art from people who’s politics I disagree with but i’m just wondering..

    • FierceMild

      I just read it a few months ago expecting to be blown away. Instead I was frustrated and underwhelmed.

    • Tired

      Read it and then comment. Really, please read it and then comment. And don’t confuse her characters viewpoints as her own. It’s a cautionary tale she failed to heed herself over the Stephen Galloway thing (did I get the right guy?, there’s so many of them it’s hard to remember all their names)

  • Michelle

    In New Zealand there is the Dunedin Study which follows children, they did a survey on violence and did that thing where they count incidences of selected types of violence, but not look at those types of violence and whether one person is using one type more than another, who is perpetrating it or whether it is defensive. Saw an MRA creaming his undies over it so looked up the stats. So it showed if push all types of violence into ”incidences” the incidence amount looks similar. I think that is a flawed tool that doesn’t really reflect what is going on and I suspect like with child abuse stats which show men overwhelmingly using physical abuse including ”overkill’ where they use far more violence than ever necessary and women overwhelmingly counted in neglect cases it gives a very misleading picture as to who is doing what and to whom.

    When they looked at violence in a broader sense, for men, the violence was associated with at least one conviction for violence outside the home in unrelated incidents in the past year. If they were violent, this was not just at home.

    For women of course, this didn’t happen. They did not have any history of violence acts elsewhere.

    So we can take from that men do in fact spread their violence around and if they are violent at home they are violent elsewhere.

    • Tired

      Unfortunately, we just don’t get proper funding for violence so we can see all the patterns.

  • radwonka

    And the difference would be that women who seek revenge against men have often legitimate and fair reasons to do so (but that doesnt happen a lot because it is too dangerous to end the life of an abuser in patriarchy since abusers are the most respected and needed individuals. Without abusers, patriarchy would scramble down).

  • Yisheng Qingwa

    More women suffer from PTSD than veterans from all our American-started wars combined.

  • Yisheng Qingwa

    I just had a man say to me this evening that widespread misogyny and open abuse of girls and women (in context of the new “president” enabling and encouraging this) is “the least of our problems”. Yeah. Of course, dude.

    Men are a Goddamned disease.

  • Yisheng Qingwa

    …and knowing that all of the men I work and interact with daily do not give one flying fuck.

  • Marla

    Question arises: what woman did Esteban Santiago kill? As it has been reported by the media, this guy was indiscriminately shooting at people male, female, young, old, white, whatever.

  • FierceMild

    Yes!! Of course she addressed it. She’s a double target. Her husband, on the other hand, thinks girls who object to penis in their locker rooms need counseling so they can get over their hatred of other girls. He can’t tell the difference between male and female, but I’d guess life as a black man taught him to see race.

  • Yisheng Qingwa

    Yep. Always “the least”. As if I needed the reminder from a smirking white man with a pint at a bar.

  • Tired

    I don’t look at you askance, there are studies that make the correlation (alas none I’m not aware of those that go the distance on causation probably because it’s not seen as a *real issue* by the funding powers that be, mostly men) (Cos they don’t want it to BE a real issue).

    I totally agree with you, pretty much every mass murder or suicide / murder (and isn’t that doublespeak) that I am aware of had the murderer (except for the younger kids which seemed to be stuck around bullying – I DO remember seeing a doco on Columbine shooting where some cool kid said ‘oh yes, they were retards, why would we talk to them, they were like so totally uncool’ when referring to the shooters which doesn’t excuse the shooting but I was gobsmacked the media reported a comment like ‘they were retards’ uncritically)

    Sorry, wandered off the topic. I’m not aware of any mass shooter or multiple family killer or suicide / murderer apart from teenagers mentioned above who were not violent to their women and children first. Thanks for that. I thought there was research out there on this but on a quick look, can’t find it. Will check again, and if not there formally (and it bloody should be) will start agitating to make sure it is.

  • Tired

    ‘Men, regardless of military service, do not kill women and children because they’re having a hard time reintegrating into civilian life’
    Sometimes they do. I’m not agreeing this guy did. But there’s some psych research these days really linking into how we treat combat vets when they come home. eg. in WW2, it might take them 6 months to get home on a slow ship (it did where I live) whereas now, they might be in Iraq in a combat situation and on a plane home when they get R & R and be home 24 hours later. With no down time and no counselling. If you are on a slow ship you get time (6 months) to process with your fellow soldiers and get time to talk it through with people who understand but these days we chuck the same person on a plane and expect them to be sane at the other end.

    I’m not saying what happens when they get here is ok. But as a society, we need to recognise that if we are sending these people off to fight for us (especially when we don’t agree – at that point, they have no choice – dereliction of duty is treason once you have signed up), we should at the very least, give them the tools they need to reintegrate. Proper health care, time out. If we did this better, it would be good for all

    • FierceMild

      That’s not an excuse. Not ever, to kill your family. They’re not doing it because of the difficulty; if they were you would see it equally across all demographics and you bloody well don’t.

  • FierceMild

    Authorial intention also only goes so far. It goes exactly as far as it was well-executed and effectively portrayed.