What’s Current: Backpage shuts down in the United States


About damn time: Backpage shuts down in the United States after pressure from government! Sadly, this online hotbed for sex trafficking, including trafficking of minors, is still operational in Canada.

Restaurants run by Trump’s labor secretary nominee report “disturbing” rates of sexual harassment/degradation

Anna Yocca finally released from jail after being held for over a year for attempting to abort at home.

Domestic violence allegations were a missed red flag before Florida mass shooting. Esteban Santiago was accused twice of strangulation, yet the reports were not taken seriously.

“Domestic violence and mass shootings are intricately linked in the United States. Many mass shootings actually target intimate partners or family members, though those incidents rarely make the news.

According to data collected by Everytown for Gun Safety, of the 16 mass shooting incidents in 2016, seven — 43 percent — involved a male shooter targeting a family member or intimate partner. In those shootings, women and children made up 81 percent of the victims.”

Actress Lola Kirke gets death threats online because of her visible armpit hair.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.