What’s Current: Cordelia Fine’s new book takes on sexist myths about differences between men and women

Neuroscientist Cordelia Fine deals another blow to the concept of brain sex in her new book, Testosterone Rex.

Petula Bvorak of the Washington Post makes the case against pinkifying the Women’s March on Washington.

Panel of Divisional Court judges deem Dr. Javad Peirovy’s penalty for sexually assaulting patients woefully inadequate:

“The panel of Divisional Court judges also delivered a strong rebuke Tuesday of the discipline committee at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), which had already been criticized for years by experts and victims as being at times too lenient on doctors found to have sexually abused patients.”

“Grandmother of First Nations art,” Daphne Odjig, to be honoured at Art Gallery of Ontario memorial.

Jess Martin

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