What’s Current: Sweden cancels music festival after reports of sexual assaults

The camping site of the Bråvalla festival. (Image: Tt News Agency/Reuters)

Four rapes and 23 sexual assaults were reported at Sweden’s largest music festival this year, leading to next year’s event being cancelled. Perhaps Sweden should have a women-only festival “until men learn to behave.”

Experts point to pornography as cause of sharp rise in girls, some as young as nine, seeking labiaplasty surgery in the UK.



Canadian parents have succeeded in their first attempt to keep their newborn child’s sex off of official records. The child’s provincial medical services card has been issued with a “U,” presumably meaning “unidentified,” in the field for sex.

Antoine Thomas, a 27 year-old man, has been indicted for an anti-lesbian attack on the New York City subway that left the victim unconscious, requiring eight stitches.

Two men beat a woman with a baseball bat and slashed her face outside of a bar in Harlem after what started as a disagreement about one of the men using the women’s restroom.

A male suspect in a woman’s kidnapping in Illinois visited the BDSM/fetish website FetLife.com, which hosted an “Abduction 101” forum.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.