What’s Current: 5 members of ‘Western chauvinist’ organization, ‘Proud Boys,’ suspended from duty after storming MMIWG ceremony

A member of the “Proud Boys”

Five “Proud Boys” suspended from military duty after racist disruption of Missing and Murdered Women and Girls ceremony. The “Western chauvinist” organization was started last year by Gavin McInnes.

First Nations woman dies six months after being hit by trailer hitch thrown by a man driving by. The 18-year-old assailant reportedly yelled “I got one” as the car sped down the street (commonly known as a prostitution stroll).

Katie Herzog responds to critics of article about detransitioning. “The Detransitioners” spurred vicious attacks and death threats to Herzog.

Deaths of New Mexico couple ruled a murder-suicide. The man and woman were discovered in their car with a gun between the man’s legs.

Junot Díaz interviews Margaret Atwood, making the case for “making Margaret Atwood fiction again.”

Jess Martin

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