What’s Current: Ottawa police tell rape victim to ‘take accountability for her actions’

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Protestor holds sign in New York City, 2011 (Image: Xoder/Flickr)

Once again, the Ottawa police have utterly failed to respond to a reported sexual assault. This time they told a woman who had been raped by two men to “take accountability for her actions.”

Korean busses install seated statues to remind passengers of the 200,000 “comfort women” who were prostituted during Japan’s occupation of the Korean peninsula.

Critical Geography releases map of femicide locations in Latin America. More than 100 women were murdered in Ecuador alone in the past six months, three quarters of them were murdered by partners or ex partners.

Two Chinese sisters found murdered in Yokohama’s red light district. Tatsuya Iwasaki has been arrested in connection with disposing of the bodies while police build a murder case against him.

Feminism now considered an “extremist activity” by Russian government.

Jess Martin
Jess Martin

Jess Martin is a public relations professional, an aspiring writer, and an assistant editor at Feminist Current. She prefers to write about feminist topics, disability, or environmental issues, but could be persuaded to broaden her horizons in exchange for payment and/or food. In her spare time Jess can be found knitting, gardening, or lying in the fetal position, mulling over political theory that no one in their right mind cares about.

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  • Danielle Matheson

    Everyday my (nonexistent) respect for the police dwindles. It does not surprise me in the least that they treated K like they did but the outrage I feel hasn’t subsided in the least.

  • Nan

    it is disappointing that Japan dare demand “comfort women” statues to be taken down. It shows that many Japanese have still not understood the extent of their (grand-)parents’ crimes and that they are not really sorry for it.
    Racism is involved obviously, but I suspect that their highly pornified culture might play a part in this inability to care for sex crimes against women.
    It’s good to see that Korean society is supporting “comfort women” at last, but it comes too late for most of them.

  • Horrifying what is happening in Russia, with the government’s descent into Stalin-era tactics, and feminists and gays the targets this time. The linked article also referred to a woman librarian who was convicted of “extremism.” Things are deteriorating badly.

    • Hekate Jayne

      It makes perfect sense on a patriarchy.

      Males consider it terrorism. They all do.

      Women demanding to be treated as human beings, demanding physical safety and peace, terrifies males. Because males want to abuse us.

      It’s simple. Males love violence, and us even suggesting otherwise is terrorism.

  • Liz

    Holy sh-t. And the criminal cops are back on the job, meanwhile the sheriff can’t shut up about how precious the public trust is to his office. Sometimes I’m just amazed at what people will say with a straight face.

  • Tobysgirl

    Yes, and be very wary of Newsweek and Human Rights Watch (and while you’re at it, Amnesty International). HRW and AI are run by males with absolutely zero sympathy with women and feminism. At least Russians have a history in living memory of resistance, however underground it had to be, against the state. I’d like to see hard-copy feminist publications being handed around at universities and other public spaces; I’m well aware that print material is now too expensive to indulge in, but there’s always Xerox machines. Speaketh someone from the heyday of feminist newspapers.

    • cday881@gmail.com

      How is print material too expensive? Paper? Toner?

      • Tobysgirl

        Print material is usually on newsprint printed on a web press; it’s more expensive to print on coated stock such as a magazine. Xeroxes are not considered print material in the printing industry.

    • Nan

      Are you implying that the Newsweek article is false ? That the women of the feminist group were not intimidated by the police ? That the librarian’s trial was fair just because Amnesty International says the contrary ?

  • Hekate Jayne

    From the sexual assault link:
    “Police later closed K’s case as “unfounded” because they decided that there was “no criminal element to the file,” claiming that K had not communicated to the men that she did not want to have sex.”

    So, the cops think that we walk around in a default state of consent?

    In other words, it is assumed that we want to fuck every male that we see and interact with. And it’s on us to say no, that we are not consenting.

    And no one ever believes that we didn’t consent. Because the male rapist always claims that we did, and his male legal system always protects him.

    Yet again, very clear evidence that males love rape, that they will protect it and will never stop of their own volition.

    • Lynn

      My friend was raped by a football player (in a football town) and she was told by the cops that she had consented to sex by getting in his car (to go on a date) and that his 4 year old daughter “had more sense than her” and of course they did not purchase it.

      I went to the police after 6 years of documented harassment after my ex started harassing my boss to get me fired, and was told I was “emotional” and that “if he wanted to kill me he would have done it years ago”(presumably when he sent me bullets and told me he was day dreaming about “where to put them”). But not too worry! They told me my boss could presue a case against him for harassment if he continued to bother her.

  • Tinhat

    The Cossacks’ “traditional values” i.e., women as sperm receptacles, breeders and domestic slaves, are the same as other cultures’ “traditional values” all over the world. It makes one wonder why nations don’t get along better considering they all agree to view women as subhuman.

  • RussianRadfem

    The “feminists” in Russia article on the last link talks about have as much to do with feminism as Pussy Riot or Femen. I mean nothing, to be completely clear.

    • Tobysgirl

      Can you enlarge on your statement, RussianRadfem?
      As far as banning Jehovah’s Witnesses go, I would need to know more. I chat with them (my grandmother-in-law was a Witness, one of the sweetest people I have ever known, so I am very patient with them), but no feminist should fool herself about this church. It is extremely authoritarian and patriarchal — there was a sex-abuse scandal a few years ago — and members are taught to shun their own family members who leave the religion. One of my funniest recent experiences was some woman inserting herself into my husband’s and my conversation regarding purchasing Amish products — she wanted to know why, I told her 1) they’re patriarchal, 2) they treat their animals horribly, 3) they engage in sharp practices, etc, etc, and she pompously told me that having grown up as a Witness with their judgmentalism she does not engage in judgmentalism. No, only of me! I’ve laughed and laughed about this, but it further proved the incredible damage done to children’s brains when they are raised with religious abuse.

  • FierceMild

    Luckily for today’s crop of kids the internet really puts paid to a lot of indoctrination. It still goes on, but it simply isn’t as effective.