What’s Current: Wab Kinew accuser alleges he threw her across the room

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• Wab Kinew, who is considered the front-runner for the leadership of Manitoba’s New Democratic Party, has repeatedly denied that he committed an assault on his girlfriend in 2003. The woman herself maintains that he threw her across the room.

• Ontario Provincial Police have announced that they will overhaul sexual assault investigation process after completing a review of unfounded cases.

“The OPP, one of the country’s largest police services, with more than 6,200 officers, will roll out the changes in the coming months, beginning with the creation of a specialized group of high-ranking officers who will personally monitor every unresolved sex assault case.

The service will also create five regional review committees inspired by an internationally lauded oversight model in Philadelphia, in which advocates who work with female victims of violence can examine case files for signs of bias and investigative missteps.”

• The UK’s Criminal Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority guidelines, despite recent revisions, allow for sexually abused children as young as 12 to be refused compensation on the grounds that they “consented.”

• UK trade union leaders reject calls to completely decriminalize the sex industry. Sue Ferns, representing the Trade Union Congress General Council, said:

“While it is certainly true that women are driven into prostitution out of desperation, drug addiction and economic necessity, it doesn’t follow that we should campaign for the decriminalisation of pimps and brothel owners who benefit from women’s poverty.”

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • Cassandra

    The “consent” of a 12-year-old person is an oxymoron. Fucking assholes. Fucking patriarchy. Fucking disgusting.

    • Melanie

      It’s such a pervasive myth and is used so often in court cases to mitigate the crime. Every person working in the criminal and legal field should have compulsory training in the impact of trauma on sexual assault and rape victims, particularly children who so often ‘bond’ with their abusers our of fear and helplessness. It’s enraging and so unjust that symptoms of abuse and violence are turned around and used against victims in the courtroom.

    • Amy

      Oxymoron indeed. In fact the human brain hasn’t fully developed until 25 so choices before then are often not totally in control by the “chooser”. This is why males prey on females under 25. A 30 year old often doesn’t look much older than a 22 year old really. But…. the younger the vicitm the better because womem usually wise up with age (not all, I know). Obviously a 25 y.o. is more adult than 12, yes, but my point is males deliberately go after the young ones bc they can brainwash and silence.them easier, in general.

  • FierceMild

    Are you in favor of decriminalizing pimps and slave traffickers?

  • Sashimi73
  • Stroke_Your_Own_Ego

    I know this is off topic, but I’ve been reading about the big controversy surrounding the new film “Mother!” starring Jennifer Lawrence, which people are calling the most fucked up, unwatchable movie of the century. The plot summary sounds appallingly misogynist. I can’t tell whether the film is meant to be a condemnation of misogyny or just another graphic example of it. I think the director probably thinks he’s making some oh so profound feminist statement by indulging in the extreme suffering of a woman (named Mother) at the hands of a man (who’s name is Him with a capital H). I haven’t seen it, don’t know if I ever will.

    Here’s the plot summary: https://www.bustle.com/p/the-meaning-of-the-mother-ending-is-seriously-messed-up-you-guys-2347083

    • M. Zoidberg

      Well, the Bible is pretty much the exhibit “a” of written misogyny.

      Anybody find it creepy that some of these old director dudes get their young actress girlfriends to do these sometimes fucked up films?

      You just know there’s a twisted power dynamic at play, especially between 48 year old Aronofsky and 27 year old Lawrence. According to damning reviews of the film, sounds like he took full advantage of whatever “magic spell” he’d cast over her. She screams and moans for most of the 2 hours, apparently.

      Other examples of this dynamic:

      -Danny Boyle (56) had his then girlfriend, Rosario Dawson (34), do full-frontal nudity (with a shaved vulva) in “Trance,” a movie so stupid and boring, well… the porn was the only memorable part?

      -At the time of the first “Resident Evil” movie, a 37 year old Paul W. S. Anderson dated and directed 26 year old Milla Jovovich (whom he married and has continuously directed since.)

      -Or (urg…) at the time of “The Fifth Element,” 38 year old Luc Besson and 21 year old Milla Jovovich (also married.)

      -Didn’t forget about you, Rupert Sanders (41) and Kristen Stewart (22) in “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

      -Lastly (and dedicated to the patron saint of vomiting in one’s own mouth), how about 17 year old Mariel Hemingway and 42 year old Woody Allen in “Manhattan”? No surprise, piece of shit tried to get in her pants, but luckily she got away.

      Beautiful, insecure women and old dudes who think they’re God… Lol! Maybe Aronofsky is actually a genius and his film is an allegory for the predatory relationships between old, powerful directors and their young, vulnerable, and easy to control actress girlfriends?

    • Alienigena

      ” I can’t tell whether the film is meant to be a condemnation of misogyny or just another graphic example of it”

      Most men seem to be tone deaf when it comes to depictions of violence against women. Even their attempts at earnest portrayals fail miserably. I remember watching the movie “The Accused” and just being enraged at the way that everyone in the theatre just sat calmly through the rape scene (there were no gasps of shock or anything like that). I wanted to get up and leave but didn’t. I think what made me especially upset about that movie is that no one helped the rape victim including the female witness (who seemed to think the victim deserved it). I just have to acknowledge I have never gotten this society. I have always thought of it as a sick society, even as a young adult. I don’t think it is a sign of mental toughness to sit through scenes in which female characters are brutalised. I think it is evidence of desensitization if not collective psychopathy (if corporations can be psychopathic why can’t societies be psychopathic). I don’t know if it is sadism or Schadenfreude that inspires people to watch scenes in movies (or public executions in the past) that are gratuitously violent. I haven’t given up but I think it is important to know who and what you are up against. I think fear of sadism is what keeps people quiet about abuse to some extent. Anyone who has been abused or has suffered chronic illness is wary of baring their belly (showing their vulnerability) to people I call ‘entrail feeders’. I think men in particular don’t really relate to women or their suffering that is why they can listen to other people’s tales of woe (women in particular) without feeling sad themselves. They are like vampires who feed off others unhappiness … it doesn’t make them sad or angry … because they can’t relate to people who experience a full range of emotions.

  • northernTNT

    ouch, rough week 🙁

  • Cassandra

    I heard a similar story about him years ago, almost identical to yours.

  • M. Zoidberg

    Yeah, it was exactly that. On the nose.

    There’s a scene where Jennifer Lawrence is bewildered (actually, she’s bewildered almost the entire movie) and some random dude walks up to her and asks her to go for a walk because he likes her. She refuses (because of the chaos around her) and he calls her the c-word. I guffawed–out loud, and thought, is there a woman alive who hasn’t experienced this at least once?

  • M. Zoidberg

    I liked “Pi” (I’m a sucker for paranoid thrillers) and “The Wrestler.”

    >>”I wanted to see mother! because I thought it was (partly) about the narcissism of men and how they exploit the energy and of the women around them”

    It is, but it doesn’t make you feel any better about it. It’s just Aronofsky pointing at the abuse of women, the divine feminine, and nature, and saying, “isn’t this just terrible?” and then leaving with his giant suitcase of money.

  • Wren

    Ugh I’m glad I’ve never seen his other movies. I admit I watched Black Swan looonnnng before I discovered radical feminism, so watching it now might be a completely different experience.

    In case you haven’t been reading up on it, you might be happy to know that mother! is tanking, that the distributors have had to “explain” the movie (cause people want their money back?? Idk, but it’s an embarrassment). CinemaScore gave it an F rating, and people in general just hate it. I heard an ad for the film driving home saying that people either love it or hate it so you should see it for yourself to decide if it’s shit or not!! (I’m paraphrasing, but not loosely). Yes, the movie has garnered significant talk, but it’s backfired. Also, Lawrence is extremely popular, and people do not like hearing about her being brutalized during filming. Aronofsky’s artistry is not equal to her charm.

    So, yeah, it might take him a while to recover from this. It might just be the slap he needs.