What’s Current: Texas church shooter was court-martialed for assaulting his wife and child in 2012

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Devin Kelley
  • The man who killed 26 and wounded nearly 20 more in a terrorist attack on a Sutherland, TX, church “amid an ongoing ‘domestic situation,'” had previously been court-martialed and discharged from the US Air Force for assaulting his former wife and child.
  • Tory whip, MP Chris Pincher stepped down from his whips’ office and referred himself to police following allegations of sexual misconduct.
  • French women are fighting back against male sexual violence with a campaign they’re calling, “out your pig.”
  • Helen Steel writes about being mobbed at an Anarchist Bookfair by supporters of gender identity ideology who objected to women leafleting about the consequences of the Gender Recognition Act.
  • A corrections officer in Chilliwack, B.C., is demanding accountability after she was subjected to harassment and degradation by male peers and instructors during an emergency response training.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • JCortese

    Guns don’t kill people — testosterone kills people.

    • Amy

      I would edit to: guns don’t kill people male violence does. All men and women have testosterone in their bodies, yet it’s only men that go on these violent rampages. It’s a societal thing….entitled men think they have the right to anything they want, including the ability to slaughter human beings. If domestic violence was punished more harshly, this would partially solve.the problem. The only way to solve it totally is to change the societal problem of entitled violent men. However that’s not happening any time soon, so I’ll settle for harsher punishments for earlier violence from this guy (and many others). Closing gun loopholes ok, but eliminating guns WILL NOT WORK. Did we already.forget the violent man who mowed down people in NYC last week???

      Common denominator is entitled MEN, not any specific weapon. How come.the media completely ignores.the common denominator?

      • shy virago

        How about ‘guns don’t kill people – men kill people.’

  • Hanakai

    This latest mass gun murderer had been court-martialled for domestic violence, for beating his wife and fracturing his step-son’s skull. He had been dishonorably discharged from the Air Force. His military background is unsurprising, as a disproportionate number of mass killers have military backgrounds where they learned to kill and be comfortable with firearms.

    In addition, the guy had prior arrests for domestic violence and abusing animals. Abusing animals is one of the tell-tale signs of psychopathy and one of the signs that the FBI Profiling Division has identified as common to serial killers.

    In the USA, this monster was allowed to buy and possess firearms, including an AR-15, a magazine-fed automatic rifle. This means that instead of shooting a single bullet, the thing is loaded with a magazine of ammunition of 30 bullets, meaning that the thing can fire the magazine blam-blam-blam times 30 before having to reload. There is no legitimate use for this weapon in civilian life, it is not a hunting weapon, it is just a killing weapon, a military-grade weapon.

    The reality is that we are surrounded by armed crazy men who glorify war and violence. And many hate women. It would be salubrious for women to avoid any gun-owning male or male who harms animals in any way. Such men are not fit to live, much less to enjoy the company of a woman.

    • Alienigena

      “Abusing animals is one of the tell-tale signs of psychopathy…”

      What I have always wondered is why is evidence that a boy/man is abusive towards females (siblings, schoolmates, mother, partners, teachers and others in authority) not a sign of psychopathology?

      • Hanakai

        There are many forensic psychologists who agree that abuse of females is also a sign of psychopathy.

        The business about animal abuse comes from studies of early psychopathy in serial killers and looking at the question of what are the signs of psychopathy in the childhood of serial killers and those factors include animal abuse, persistent bed-wetting past age 3 and obsession with fire-setting.

        For your run of the mill, non-serial killer psychopath, there are many signs, one of which has to do with lack of empathy and hurting animals and other people. In fact, there is now evidence that psychopathy can be discerned in children as young as two. And if people could learn to see the signs of psychopathy in their toddlers, we might be able to intervene and change their course.

        Here is a lay piece on signs of psychopathy in older children. http://www.babygaga.com/15-signs-of-psychopathic-behavior-in-children/

      • Kiwipally

        Because men view women as the abused class, that behaviour is not seen as pathological. Abuse towards girls and women is seen as normal male behaviour, unless it goes over a threshold that men have defined so that most male violence is “acceptable”.

        The amount of violence that should be acceptable, of course, is zero.

  • Hekate Jayne

    Olivia Palmer was handing out the leaflets at the book fair. Her statement is here:


  • Omzig Online

    Thank you again, Samantha Bee. Spot-on analysis.


  • Amy

    I think the most infuriating thing I heard today (mutliple times) is why didn’t the MIL, who received angry texts from the shooter that morning, call the cops? I know from personal experience, cops don’t give a crap about stuff like that. Had she called the police they would have encouraged her to move past it and deal. If she insisted on something being done they would have treated her like a “hysterical woman” and just said “file a restraining order” and those don’t help, so basically nothing would’ve been done. Anyone who thinks police would have done anything about her going there to report his angry texts clearly has NEVER been in that situation. Cops find it a hassle when women report crimes, I know first hand and have had to deal with them not only in my personal life, but as a rape survivor advocate (yes in a few jurisdictions too so not just one department/bad seed, they’ve all been this way as I’ve come.to realize)

    • shy virago

      you’re so right – this is what I hear from women all of the time.
      not to mention they might arrest the WOMAN for asking for help!

  • fragglerock

    26 killed because HE<–that's all you need to know. I was listening to the radio this morning and amid all the hand-wringing and we-don't-know-why's, someone finally drew attention to the fact that this guy did it because he's a white MALE and that he represents a much BIGGER, white MALE problem. Unfortunately, that someone was also male and paid much more attention to the shooter being white than him being male. I hate listening to analyses of shootings/violence/etc. The announcers act so bewildered when the ONE COMMON THREAD between ALL mass shooters/serial killers/rapists/child molesters is that they are overwhelmingly MALE. Nobody in the mainstream media wants to ask "what's wrong with men?" or "why do men keep raping/killing/abusing everyone?" or, heaven forbid–"men need to stop" or "we need to do something about the male problem."

    • Hanakai

      In 2017, there have been 370 mass gun killings in the USA. All but four were committed by males. The women were mentally ill and went after family with whom they had a beef. The men shot women, children, strangers, family, concert goers, church goers, people going about their business. So, 98.4% of the gun massacres were committed by males, but somehow neither the politicians nor the media seem to understand this.

      If we simply banned men from gun ownership or possession, the mass murder rate would go to almost zero.

      • JCortese

        Agreed. This is a big part of why I don’t go for the “gun control” argument entirely. Women are also living in a society supposedly “awash” in guns. Guns are just as accessible to us as they are to men, and yet we aren’t going berserk and blowing away crowds of innocents at movie theaters and country music concerts.

        Which is why I turn the tables on the NRA’s old “guns don’t kill people; people kill people” argument. TESTOSTERONE KILLS PEOPLE. Which seems to piss off both the NRA and the “progressive” gun-control types equally, especially the faux-feminists who will do just ANYTHING to address violence stopping short of actually putting the blame where it belongs: on men.

        We do not have a gun problem. We have a MAN PROBLEM. Screaming about our “gun problem” allows the faux feminists to pretend they’re all activist, demanding “change,” waving signs, and whatnot while at the same time not actually naming the real problem. If they did that, maybe that cute boy over there or their huzzbins might think they’re shrill.

      • fragglerock

        Wow. That’s even higher than I thought.

    • Melanie

      I guarantee that if it were women who committed the majority of these crimes we would never hear the end of it.

      • fragglerock

        I agree!

  • Alienigena

    “If men weren’t socialized to react to unwanted situations with emotions like anger and rage, and then further taught HOW to behave when they feel that anger, society wouldn’t have this problem on such a large scale.”

    And women and girls don’t experience anger? I can tell you I have imagined some choice things I would like to do to people who I feel are being unjust or abusive towards me. But somehow women and girls manage not to kill a bunch of people while navigating dangerous ’emotions’. Aren’t all emotions dangerous to men though, whether the emotion is anger, sadness, joy? Women are dangerous because many of them are considered ‘too emotional’ or what I like to call a fully fledged human being.

  • shy virago

    Name the problem: Male violence.

    Yes, male supremacy is worldwide, but in this moment I can only think of the FC headline from a year ago:
    ‘American men really hate women’.

  • FierceMild

    There’s also an impulse factor with guns. It doesn’t really have to be premeditated.

  • Safa

    Men will not see these shootings as any failure of male culture. They are taught from birth by religion and society that they are superior beings entitled to the affection and servitude of women. The media claim it doesn’t know the motives for the shootings. Being an unsatisfied male is the motive for these murders. Kelley was angry that his wife left him. How dare she decide to no longer endure the physical pain he inflicted on her and her child. Women are supposed to sit still and take a fucking beating. I am sure that the Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend took some of “his” money and bought herself a plane ticket to the Philippines to get the hell away from him. He couldn’t handle the fact that she had a will of her own and would not obey him so he killed.

    The daily shooting rampages and endless rape charges are becoming commonplace in US American society. I am afraid that young people will come to believe that there is no other way to exist. Women must stop our private and public allegiance to males. There is no other way. This is an extremely difficult thing to do. Females are heavily preached to and policed. We are constantly told that we are nothing without men in our lives, especially if we are raised in more traditional cultures like the Middle East and Latin America. The irony is men kill women and then we are nothing.

  • Melanie

    They project all their bullshit onto women. It’s so cowardly and disgusting.

  • JCortese

    I’m not sure of that. Look at the history of human society before the invention of firearms. Towns burnt to the ground, leaving no one alive. Genocides, mass murders, slaughters of biblical proportions (deliberately inflammatory metaphor). Raping, pillaging, leaving smoking corpses … it’s the history of the human species. One of the reasons why the conquistadores could take over Central America so easily was because of the endless mass murders and wars among the various gunless pre-Columbian nations leaving them ripe for collusion with the invaders against one another. Vikings, tsars and their armies, slavery, religiously motivated slaughter, serfdom, bloody torture and deliberate starvation through siege warfare … all were high art for millennia without a firearm in sight.

    • Kiwipally

      Minerva’s point was that guns make it very easy for a single individual to inflict a massive number of casualties in a short period of time. Your examples are irrelevant to this point.

  • JCortese

    And if you talk about jacking off to pictures of animals being tortured, you’re called a nutcase, whereas women? That’s just fine — you’re kinkshaming me, you prude!

    • Jani

      Yes, you can anally rape a woman, choke her and force her head down a toilet, and as long as there’s a video camera rolling it’s….. “only fantasy” and “harmless fun”. To think that men masturbate to this shit. JFC.

  • melissa

    Fucking hell,sounds unreal. And don’t you just love how they Kink community provides the perfect world for the most abusive,violent, controlling misogynist you can think of? How convenient for him that now he can freely and proudly abusive, degrade control women without any fear of consequence or even judgement.

  • Amy

    Thanks for posting your response here too. Ur spot-on that it’s totally not ok to blame the women these men abused. 1. As u noted they aren’t mental health profs. 2. When they do tell cops or others about the abuse they get no support or even worse, aren’t believed at all. So there’s nothing the MIL or any other female victim of these violent men could have done to stop it this. That’s the law’s fault. Like the slap on the wrist for fracturing a kids skull. But we don’t want to blame the all power patriarchy for letting this guys crimes escalate, no we blame the powerless females. I’m beyond disgusted

  • Amy

    Eliminating all guns means a woman has less chance of freeing herself from a violent man. We are encouraged.to be dainty to be fuckable, so we aren’t overall as strong as men. So if a man comes.to beat/kill/rape a woman, I think she should be able to own a gun to protect herself. Sure close some loophiles, I’m for that, but eliminate guns completely? Nope

  • Amy

    I’m not saying testesterone has 0 effect but it’s used as the sole excuse for male violence… when it’s society that has sculpted male violence being acceptable

  • Amy

    He could have planted a bomb and killed even more. Males will find a way to be violent no matter what, i don’t understand how people don’t see that

  • Amy

    Sad but true. in my state the man has to actual harm the child first before they’ll take away joint custody

  • Meghan Murphy

    Yeah, the idea that more guns will protect *anyone* is ridiculous. America has y’all tricked on that end.

  • Hanakai

    Get real. Our society does not care about animals at all. Pretty much all Americans are akin to Nazis and slaveholders when it comes to their treatment of animals.

    In the USA, some 3,300 women die of homicidal violence annually.

    More than 150 BILLION animals are killed every year in the meat (animal corpse), dairy, egg and fish industries. Hunters slaughter hundreds of thousands of animals a year. The U.S. Dept of Fish and Wildlife and Dept of Interior slaughter millions of animals a year. And the conditions under which animals are kept on factory farms, in industrial dairy, chicken and egg operations are a horror, concentration camps for sentient beings. And think how many millions of domestic animals are abused and then killed in so-called shelters. Each year, more than 100 million animals—including mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish, birds, chimpanzees, bonobos — are tortured and killed in U.S. laboratories for biology lessons, medical training, curiosity-driven experimentation, and chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing.

    The oppression of women and male control over women’s productivity and reproduction began AFTER men learned how to domesticate animals and conduct herding culture. The paradigm men applied to the enslavement of animals was the template men used to oppress and control women. There is a reason that men refer to women as female dogs, as chicks, as cows, as dogs, as fillies, as hens. Patriarchal men see women as so-called lower animals.

    The liberation of women is intimately and intricately tied to the liberation of animals.

    Patriarchal society give women considerably more rights and legal protections that it gives any animals.

    • Missy

      I think what they were referring to is how so called “progressive” males tend to show more concern about animal abuse than they do about women. They don’t want to care about women since that would mean they would have to acknowledge their own abuses of women.

      But yeah, animals are treated horribly, as objects and resources to be used in whatever manner humans want even if it means bringing a species to extinction or to the brink of it. Far more often than not the horrendous torture and killing of animals is under-punished if punished at all. Although stopping the violence against women and children is the priority, the lack of empathy for non-human animals and the failure, or rather the refusal, to recognize them as the sentient creatures they are is also one of the major reasons that I find myself sometimes wallowing hopelessly in a state of misanthropy.

  • JCortese

    Wanting to understand the problem as thoroughly as possible to make sure it is solved and STAYS solved is not a “pro-gun” agenda. Good lord.

    • Kiwipally

      Arguing against gun control because of “wanting to understand the problem” is a pro-gun agenda.

      Men are violent. Remove all forms of easy mass murder devices from them. Guns are an easy mass murder device.

      Harsher gun control worked in Australia and New Zealand, we haven’t had another mass murder since our tragedies of Port Arthur (Australia) and Aramoana (New Zealand) – although neither country had ever legalised handguns, this was automatic(?) rifle control.

      But don’t let all the facts I have posted and referenced in this set of comments sway you.

  • shy virago

    spot on!

  • shy virago

    men practice on animals, then use it on women.

  • shy virago

    that says a lot! so many parents would never do this.

  • shy virago

    very important point! calling them a ‘community’ gives them more authority.

  • M. Zoidberg

    I’m certain that man-logic would find a way to make the narrative work.

  • Wren

    True. Also, having a gun in the home means the likelihood of a child being killed by gun substantially increases, as does the risk of suicide by anyone in the family.

  • kfwkfw

    Don’t you just feel helpless? I hate it.

  • Anon

    Of course there is. Youtube can be such a cesspit of misogyny. It’s why I don’t go on to videos like this and read the comment section because I end up wanting to blow my brains out from the stupidity.

  • FierceMild

    That’s my reason for doing this. I want to help women and girls, I want to work in a female-dominated field, and I’d like to do it in three days a week so I can still work on my novel 😉

  • Hanakai

    Here is some reality: One in 6 American adults is taking at least one drug for a mental or emotional issue. Tens of millions of people are on these drugs. The top ten psychiatric drugs being prescribed are: Sertraline hydrochlolride (Zoloft); Citalopram hydrobromide (Celexa); Alprazolam (Xanax); Zolpidem tartrate (Ambien); Fluoxetine hydrochloride (Prozac); Trazodone hydrochloride (Desyrel); Clonazepam (Klonopin); Lorazepam (Ativan); Escitalopram oxalate (Lexapro); Duloxetine hydrochloride (Cymbalta).

    Half of the people on these drugs are women, but women do not go out and buy AR-15 assault weapons and shoot up schools, churches, theaters. The argument that psych drugs turns people violent and turns them into mass killers is specious. Yes, there are occasional cases of liver toxicity or toxic psychosis involved, but this is not evidence that the medication makes men violent.

    It is difficult to discern what your point is. Why even talk about drug toxicity or some people lacking a protein or enzyme in a metabolic pathway unless you are trying to explain an influence on violent male behavior and mass gun murder? You are just not making sense. The media has been full of pieces explaining that most mass murderers are not mentally ill. See, for example, https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/08/health/mass-murderers-mental-illness.html?mtrref=www.google.com&mtrref=www.nytimes.com&gwh=170AFCF46D9B3049E0A95E5F21FFFE3C&gwt=pay

    There is considerable data showing that easy access to firearms and lack of gun control laws plays a huge role in mass gun murders. The other major factor is maleness. Men with guns = violence and mass murder.

  • FierceMild

    There is, apparently, an reliable chart concerning the number of female accusers and the likely guilt of a suspect:
    1 = lying bitch (obvs)
    2 = lying bitches in cahoots
    3 = coven of lying bitches
    4-15 = there may be some misunderstanding about some events that occurred between Mr. Citizen and the Ms. Lying Bitches
    15-25 = lying bitches jumping on the bandwagon
    25+ = out and out witch hunt