What’s Current: Harvey Weinstein hired spies to intimidate his victims and suppress their stories

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  • Harvey Weinstein hired private security agencies to track his victims and stop the publication of the allegations that eventually emerged in the New York Times and  The New Yorker.
  • A new report reveals the scope of male violence against women in Guatemala, where 62 women are murdered every month, and 1,000 girls under the age of 14 were made pregnant by rape last year.
  • Former Calgary Stampeders player, Anthony D. McClanahan, has been arrested and is suspected of killing his 28-year-old wife, Keri (KC) McClanahan.
  • The bodies of 26 girls, ages 14 to 18, were pulled out of the Mediterranean. Authorities suspect they were Nigerian migrants murdered by smugglers in league with sex traffickers.
  • Claire Heuchan writes about Lesbian Line, a switchboard where women could connect with other lesbians pre-internet.
  • Sheila Jeffreys and Linda Bellos will be speaking about Maria Miller’s proposals for the Gender Recognition Act on Wednesday in York. Watch the live stream starting at 6:15 pm UTC (10:15 am PT).
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Kiwipally

    Wow, the lengths the rich will go to. I’m pleased Ronan Farrow is an ally.

  • Hekate Jayne

    The girls in the Mediterranean.

    Has ever in the history of EVER, has a group of women done anything like this to boys? Even once?

    I wish that they could have run. I wish that male governments would fucking help girls, just one fucking time.

    Any males want to NOTALLMENZ? Or go on about how males kill other males?

    Any of those girls have a ladydick? SHOCKING.

    So now, those flesh and blood girls, who had dreams and wishes and hopes are dead, murdered by males and thrown into the fucking ocean like they are garbage. But “sex work” is a “choice”.

    All for boners.

    But masculinity is so good, tho, amirite.

    • JCortese

      When I hear people — often fuck-me feminists who are trying so hard to be sassy and “empowered” in the most nonthreatening way possible — say that women are “just as bad as men,” I really want to scream. When was the last time roving gangs of women threw boatloads of little boys and men into the sea? Really, when? When have we EVER BEEN as evil as they are, in all of recorded human history?

  • FierceMild

    But has anyone ever tried vigilante justice specifically for VaW? If so, I’ve never heard of it. These men are cowards, fear is always a motivating factor for the craven.

    • Wren


  • Americus91

    I’m not a bit surprised HW attempted to silence the victims. It’s what they do. And it doesn’t take a lot of money – it does take power in some form or another. For example a school district near me discovered not one but 2 male HS teachers were sexually involved with female students. One of the teachers had been doing this for YEARS with girls in the school. Admins, staff and students all knew too. I really don’t know how it was all discovered but once it was all hell broke loose and a full scale investigation. The male teachers were instructed to stay away from the girls. But did they? No. They each attempted to communicate with the girls trying to get them to change their story. They got caught and charged with intimidation. Then a 3rd male teacher was charged with intimidation and harassment for “outing” one of the victims DURING CLASS – he said, “Sorry I was out yesterday I had to answer questions for an investigation because of HER.” and he pointed right to the girl.

    How did it go for YEARS without anyone doing anything? Because that’s how the schools operate.

    This goes on regularly. They weren’t sorry about any of it – they were only sorry they got CAUGHT. Same with HW and the rest of his ilk.

    Industries, churches, schools etc. – they don’t give a f#@k about what happens to girls and women – they only care about their reputations, funding, property values and maintaining power.

    It’s rare for the truth to ever come out – it’s just some kind of fluke and bad luck. Because people can claim all they want to “We didn’t know.” – “If I had known” – BS – nobody freaking cares.

  • JCortese

    Probably was going to use drug money or something, so that it could get traced to McGowan’s company and make her look bad, like the drugs they planted to shame her.

    In a way, it makes these companies look like a bunch of pikers. First off, I doubt that these people are Mossad; Mossad is too good at what they do. This Anna person seems like an amateur — I think this Black Cube company advertised their agents as “ex-Mossad” the same way that some kid who went to an intensive one-weekend masterclass held at Juilliard puts “attended Juilliard” on their website. I seriously think this “agent” took a tai chi course from somebody with Mossad who gave weekend krav maga classes or something. Really, McGowan, Wallace, and Sciorra ALL twigged to her as untrustworthy; what was it that Wallace said, that it was like bad soap-opera acting? Sciorra hung up on her in less than one phone call, and McGowan also got bad vibes from her.

    In a way, I’m not surprised that it was a story revolving around journalists and actors that finally blew the lid on these Black Cube people. Journalists are used to being lied to, and actors lie for a living. If you’re going to successfully bullshit Annabella Sciorra, you’ve got to be a better actor than she is, and that’s WAY too high a bar for these amateurs to get over. That’s a huge part of why I think “Anna” was as much Mossad as I am. Saying their agent were “ex-Mossad” was a bunch of marketing hooey by these Black Cube idiots.

    And if it wasn’t, and these people were actually career Mossad for years, then I hope that exposing it makes Mossad vet their recruits a lot more closely. Mossad was created to protect victimized people from harm, NOT facilitate it, and their agents should follow an extremely strict code of conduct even when they retire or leave the agency.

    • Wren

      “I think this Black Cube company advertised their agents as “ex-Mossad” the same way that some kid who went to an intensive one-weekend masterclass held at Juilliard puts “attended Juilliard” on their website.”

      I’m dying, lmao!

  • JCortese

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Trump wasn’t on the client list for this private spy company.

  • Wren

    I think vigilante justice does work. I think Lorena Bobbitt did more to make men rethink their abusive ways than any law ever could. I think men need to be afraid of us and afraid of the consequences of their actions. If enough women sought justice themselves, the judicial system would eventually be compelled to restructure itself to seek justice for women. Otherwise, the world would run amok with dickless men.

    Of course, this could all just be my fantasy.

    • JCortese

      I remember reading Alice Sheldon’s novella “Houston Houston, Do You Read?” and thinking to myself that it wasn’t a horror story at all — in fact, it sounded pretty nice. 🙂