But what about the good women?

Lately, powerful women have been getting a lot of bad press. But not all women use their power for evil or to grab non-consenting penises. Man Who Has It All interviews some of these Good Women to find out how they learned to see men as human.

Powerful women get a bad press. If they’re not groping men’s bottoms in photo shoots, they are grabbing men’s penises because when you’re a star, they let you do it — you can do anything. This inappropriate behaviour gives famous women a bad rap. But what about the nice ones who don’t abuse their power? The women who actually respect men? I interviewed this rare breed to find out what makes them tick. I shared some of their responses with my Twitter followers. A woman called Claire, CEO, an ally of the male cause, was the first to contribute:

It seems that when a woman has a son, something unexpected happens. She realizes something quite profound:

“It wasn’t till I’d had my third son that I finally realized men are people, too,” one mother explains.

Owning a son or a husband really brings it home:


However, some women still struggle to make the leap, despite being surrounded by strong, independent men:

This leaves women with no sons in a difficult position:

They must rely on mere speculation that men have experiences and lives worth respecting. Can one really blame these women for adopting this entirely pragmatic stance? After all, woman is a rational creature, unlikely to be influenced by what cannot be proven.

Although many would argue clinical tests aren’t necessary, at least these women are making an effort. The cavewomen types won’t even try to get it:

This disappointing attitude is why we need good role models like Claire, CEO, who are prepared to show their softer side in public. She tells me that even before her son was born, she believed deep down that men are just as equal as women. As a young woman, she didn’t indulge in non-consensual penis grabbing even though, as she tells me, she had the opportunity and could have got away with it. How many other women would be so woke?

I asked Claire, CEO, about her childhood. She told me that her mother never beat her father, even though he was really annoying and whiny, constantly nagging about the cooking, cleaning, washing, and ironing. Indeed, she grew up surrounded by feisty men — her father, uncles, and brothers all had careers in their own right. However, Claire said it was one poignant moment that really changed her:

Another woman described a similar journey:


Safiya sums up just how random life can be:


I’m confident that Claire, CEO, and the other powerful women I interviewed wouldn’t dream of degrading a colleague without asking him first. I met good women from across the political spectrum who respect men, even if they show it in different ways. Left wing women use their male friends and clever writing to prove how nice they are. Right wing women demonstrate their respect in other ways, such as telling men to smile and putting them on pedestals.

However, not all women are as quick to join the modern world. As Claire says:

Regardless of the time we are in, should women really need to have a son, see a male squirrel, or ride a male horse to learn how to respect men? Or do men deserve respect simply because, as Claire would say, they are so damn cute?

@Manwhohasitall is a satirical Twitter account that exposes gender inequality in representation, parenting, education, and media portrayal, one fierce and hilarious tweet at a time. The results are funny, unsettling, and possibly revolutionary.

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  • Love it especially the snuck-in Trump quote. Only crit is that actually it is worse than this, what about rape, prostitution, porn and child sexual abuse?

  • Hekate Jayne

    I love the man who has it all.

    I really needed the laugh today, thanks for that. 🙂

  • therealcie

    I have had male cats over the years. This taught me that male creatures should be treated with kindness. All male cats should be neutered to keep down the surplus cat population. However, female cats should be allowed to keep their gonads because it changes their badass female personalities when you spay them. This has nothing at all to do with me attributing my insecurities to a cat’s gonads.

  • JCortese

    “Luckily for me I’ve never had a son, so I’m free to treat men with contempt.”

    *don’t laugh don’t laugh don’t laugh oh fuck it go ahead and laugh*

  • Cassandra

    Great piece! Fun fun fun! Truly.

    BUT, why “exposes *gender* inequality” in the short bio? Why here, of all places?

    It’s SEX inequality, and gender is a huge part of how the SEXES are kept “unequal.”

    And it isn’t “inequality” for that matter. The female sex is oppressed by the male sex. We cannot be “equal” to a class of people that needs us to be what we are to be what they are. That’s bad math and makes no sense.

    The goal is LIBERATION for the FEMALE SEX from MALE/patriarchal oppression.

    • Stephanie Fowler


      • Hekate Jayne

        GET OUT!

        I love you. You are awesome.

    • Stephanie Fowler

      Great points! I’ve never thought about it like that, but it makes a lot of sense. Thank you for helping me see this through a different lens.

  • Womble Bananaroom


  • Womble Bananaroom


    your welcome

  • Hekate Jayne


    I just saw a doc on YouTube about feminists in South Korea, and they did this thing that they called “mirroring”. They basically would do whatever the male was doing to them (this was mostly online).

    So if a dude sent them a rape or death threat, they would say something very similar back.

    To which, cue a bunch of dudes that threaten to murder a woman and then crycry when she threatens him back. Never mind that males routinely kill women and women don’t kill males.

    Valerie Solanas was a goddess. She was hated because she saw males very clearly and she was not afraid to speak it. So of COURSE she was crazy/angry/stupid/unhinged, etc.

    Males have to keep the truth hidden. Ninety nine percent of the bullshit they say is to keep the truth hidden. Because they are afraid of what we would do if enough of us actually were able to clearly see it.

    And maybe they should be afraid.

    • Missy

      Men are the worst hypocrites but are too stupid to see it and wouldn’t care even if they could. They’re just a big bunch of narcissists and parasites.

      I one time read a feminist blog that reversed everything MRAs and other misogynists said about women on random sites, mostly reddit and those kind of shit places, and reversed women with men on every post. The comments themselves were beyond horrible, and when you think about how it’s actually men saying this crap about women, (the author of the blog always posted a link to the original post), it really reveals men’s monstrous nature towards women and how predatory and dangerous they are to us. Have to give kudos to the author of the blog, she had to wade through piles and piles of the sickest, most demented toxic male garbage comments to post them on her blog for the purpose of proving the utter depravity of many members of the male sex and how we should keep our distance from them as much as possible. I don’t have the link to that blog anymore otherwise I would post it here.

  • Boom

    This guy is great. Glad to see him featured on Feminist Current.

  • Cassandra

    Don’t know if you remember Twisty at IBTP, but there was a lot of discussion about this video when it came out a few years ago. Worth a read, including the comments.


  • ✧ʕ̢̣̣̣̣̩̩̩̩·͡˔·ོɁ̡̣̣̣̣̩̩̩̩✧

    what lorena did.

    • RhyisM

      Women would start bobbitizing men? All men or just the ones who rape women?

  • Hekate Jayne

    The reality is that males are not needed by us. For anything. At all.

    If every single one of them dropped dead tomorrow, so what? The already pregnant women would have some boys, and there are sperm banks around. And there is also the fact that sperm can be harvested from a dead male for up to 48 hours.

    If all of the women dropped dead, the males would all be dead inside of a year, lol. And that would be the end of humanity.

  • Serai 1

    How about not generalizing about other feminists, and leaving home the insulting little “libfem” moniker? Putting women in boxes helps no one.

    • Missy

      Liberal third wave feminist’s hijacking of REAL second wave feminism certainly doesn’t help women, and I’m not going to censor the truth about that fact. Sorry not sorry.