What’s Current: US Olympic Committee demands USA Gymnastics board resign

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  • Following the sentencing of former USA Gymnastics’ national medical coordinator, Larry Nassar, for serial sexual abuse of over 150 women and girls in his care, the US Olympic Committee has given the entire board of USA Gymnastics until January 31st to resign, or the organization will be decertified.
  • Steve Wynn, a Las Vegas casino owner and current finance chair of the Republican National Committee, paid a former employee $7.5 million to keep rape allegations secret.
  • Staffers on Parliament Hill say that sexual harassment is an open secret in the Canadian legislature.
  • Two of John Worboys’ victims have won a court order delaying the release of the black cab rapist, shortly after it was revealed that he’s been through a sex offender treatment program that appears to increase reoffending.
  • Most Canadians earning minimum wage are women. Could it be time to consider the feminist case for a Universal Basic Income?
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Hekate Jayne

    UBI is sorely needed. But by the time patriarchal politicians finish with it, Trump (and the other white, male bajillionares) would get a $116443246534 tax break and it would end up worthless.

    About rapey mcraperson paying 7.5 million to squash rape allegations. This is what males do with money. Money is power and they use it to punish, abuse, and torture.

    Look at Michael Vick, who could have helped children or the homeless or any number of things. But he chose to bankroll dogfighting.

    Males never use their money, influence, or any forms of the power that they hoard and steal for anything good or positive. It is always something horrible and torturous. They love to create suffering and destruction.

  • So right. We’ve had sports, Hollywood, politics, media, and god knows what other institution unmasked as bastions of male power and female exploitation. And it wasn’t news to many of us here. But the mainstream is reacting to each new story with a new vein of shock and dismay. When will they just admit that all male run institutions (which is pretty much all institutions) are fields of horror for women and girls?