What’s Current: Labour Party suspends second female member after being placed on list of ‘TERFs’

Jennifer James (Image: Daily Mail)
  • Jennifer James, a Labour Party member, is the second woman to be suspended from the party after being named on a list of women accused of “transphobia” in a secret Facebook group where other Labour members and officials gather information about women’s social media postings. James founded a crowdfunding effort to challenge male access to Labour’s all-woman shortlists based on self-identification.
  • On Saturday, The Observer ran an article about a trans-identified male prisoner, Marie Dean, going on a hunger strike to protest not getting hair grooming products and having to stay in a male prison. The initial article neglected to mention that Dean was incarcerated for over 30 incidents that included serial burglaries where he would film himself performing “sex acts” in teenage girls’ underwear.
  • Last year, Alessandra Ceretti, an Italian prosecutor, leveraged the testimony of a woman struggling against a misogynist honor code to win final sentences against 34 members of a Calabrian Mafia family.
  • The curator of Norway’s Haugar Vestfold Art Museum has refused to allow the lesbian band, Hungry Hearts, to play their new song, “Vagina Anthem,” at an art opening they were invited to perform for. The song was written in support of women speaking out in the #MeToo movement, and they have declined to perform if they can’t play it.
  • Four young adults were shot to death in Pennsylvania over the weekend by the former boyfriend of one of the victims.
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.