What’s Current: Trans-identified male Hannah Mouncey cleared to play football at the state league level in Australia

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Hannah Mouncey
  • Hannah Mouncey, a trans-identified male, has been cleared to play football at the state league level in Australia’s women’s football league, the VFLW. Mouncey has previously declared his intention not to hold back on hitting female players, and has already broken a woman’s leg during play.
  • The registered sex offender elected as fire chief in Spartansburg, PA, has resigned following news stories reporting on his background of child abuse.
  • Over twenty Mormon women who experienced domestic abuse report that their bishops counseled them to stay with their husbands and consider their family’s eternal salvation.
  • Palestinian teenager, Ahed Tamimi, stands trial for hitting an Israeli soldier.
  • Four members of a gang in Pakistan have been arrested for stealing spinal fluid from women and trying to sell it on the black market.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Po21

    ” I’m just like the other females”. No you’re male. If those people cant make the difference between male and female they are dumbass who should seek mental help. Instead they are allowed to take our spot in sports and soon everywhere else. They are encouraged by doctor to “change their sex”. Fuck them all at this point. How can people not see how disgusting they are to women? RIP women sports.

  • Wren

    So now any man who pretends to be a woman can have the opportunity to hit and batter women all within the sanctity of sports. Sounds like a win for perverted, psychotic males.

    • lk

      I guess this is just another great example of how transgenderism helps women….

      What’s crazy is the way that Hannah portrays himself as a victim of some awful discrimination…

      And throughout his youtube video, he keeps talking about how “science and research” is on his side….lol, what science and research says that there is no biological difference between men and women…

    • Cassandra

      Sounds like a win-win for males in general! YAY for patriarchy!

    • Midori

      Trans activism is the new misogyny (and the new homophobia). Any man, who now wants to abuse, rape, kill or harm women in other ways, can do so, he just needs to say that he is a woman and people will defend his violence (and will even send him to a female prison, where he can then go on abusing female prisoners).
      I mean, this man stated that he won’t hold back on hitting women and has already broken a female player’s leg, but they still let him play, because men simply enjoy watching women suffer (even by the hands of other men, if they can’t enforce the violence themselves).
      Just look how many men – straight, “cis” men – are supersupportive of trans women, even though they HATE actual women and gay people!

      • Wren

        Once upon a time men so despised the thought of women on stage that they cut off their nuts to sing the soprano parts. How they can continue to hate us this much I will never understand.

        • You mean they cut the nuts off of younger male children who had no say in the matter. Not quite the same thing as their own nuts.

  • Cassandra

    I wonder what it will take to wake women up to what transgenderism is really about… will it take every sport becoming completely laydee-menned until there are no more actual women? Don’t think that’s not what may eventually happen. If I remember right, the WOMEN’S soccer team in Iran is entirely laydee men. Yay! FEMINISM FOR ALL! YAY! for laydee men! Transgender Laydee Men for the Win!!

    • M. Zoidberg

      Maybe enough women getting terribly injured. Or dying.

      Man-ladee feels over reals for now, though…

  • Michelle

    I’m glad that disgusting fire chief had to resign. It made me sick when I read he was actually voted in as Chief, and his coworkers knew what he had done. What he did to a 4 year old girl was one of the most disgusting things I’ve read, and I can’t believe there’s people who thought he should be fire chief, a job which you are interacting with children. It’s Unbelievable.

  • Meghan Murphy

    What do you mean? Mouncey is a male who identifies as trans…?

  • fragglerock

    “People have said ‘With how big you are you’ll probably hold back a bit so you don’t hurt anyone’ and I’m like ‘Well no, I’m not going to hold back, that defeats the whole purpose’.
    “I had my ribs broken in my last game so I know they(WOMEN) can hit me(A MAN) as hard as I can hit them(WOMEN) and do damage. It is different (A MAN HITTING A WOMAN)and I know it is seen differently but I won’t approach it any differently.”–I’LL HIT WOMEN AS HARD AS I LIKE.

    So this dude gets to clobber women all he likes and people will be cheering him on the whole way.

  • Alienigena

    The brow ridge is more a Homo heidelbergensis inheritance in modern humans than strictly a male feature. But prominent brow ridges are more obvious in biological males. The actress Anna Torv (Fringe) has an impressive brow ridge that may be less noticeable because of her light coloured eyebrows. But it is fairly large and noticeable at certain angles.


    Anna Torv