Munroe Bergdorf would like you to please keep your vaginas out of his feminism

Female bodies in feminism? Not on our watch!

In case you were unaware, we have now entered the new epoch, wherein feminism has succeeded beyond all expectations, so much so that women have been rendered nonexistent. Women’s rights have overflowed into such excess that men have been forced to take up the role of Oppressed Class, and educate non-men on the correct approach to self-hatred.

Trans model and recently appointed member of the LGBT+ advisory board for the Labour Party, Munroe Bergdorf, recently demonstrated his allegiance to New Feminism by demanding those formerly known as women stop talking about our bodies at our feminist marches, lest we alienate mankind by acknowledging the fact that all of mankind comes out of our vaginas (also by advocating empowerment through cutting up your face in order to appear more feminine and buying makeup).

Today, he has further demonstrated his generosity towards ex-women, gifting us his feminist leadership via an article for Grazia about how the vagina’d are getting vagina all over his feminism.

“Feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights based on the equality of the sexes. A simple enough concept, right? Wrong!”, Bergdorf writes. “This is 2018 and if the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that feminism isn’t for women, it’s for everyone except women, and it’s particularly not for women who have human female bodies, which came out of the box defective, full of holes and with missing parts.” Perhaps not a direct quote, but my ovaries are really a pair of extra eyes that allow me to read between the lines. Neat!

Bergdorf goes on to explain that “woman” no longer means anything, and that no one really knows what one is anymore; maybe it is your mom, but also maybe it is that old banana you bought thinking maybe you would start eating fruit in the New Year but that now has become a part of the basket on top of your microwave.

It is specifically because “woman” is now everything from an old banana to the collection of hair behind your bathroom door, and also possibly your mom, though we will never know for certain, that feminism must serve as an inclusive tool of liberation for all old bananas and other feminine-type experiences (that means you, no-elastic leopard print thong from 2005!), not just some (#notallwomensavealltheir2005leopardprintthongs). “This is where so many women are still getting it wrong,” Bergdorf explains.

Lest you get stuck here, wondering, “If an old banana can be a woman, why can’t I, with my woolen pink vagina that also has cat ears?”, Bergdorf would like you to know that that the hot pink vagina that allows babies to emerge from your skull drives woman-types things apart. Our attempt at uniting females failed, he argues, explicitly because we acknowledged females share something in common, causing them to be an oppressed class of people under patriarchy. It’s impossible to know what the thing we share in common that leads us to be oppressed is, of course, but it’s probably the fact that men hate old bananas, don’t have hair collections behind their bathroom doors, and hardly ever give birth via pink cat ear hats.

Bergdorf tried to warn us that the Women’s March was not for female-women, but for everyone. He also reminds us that things that seem “fun,” “inoffensive,” and unifying for those-formerly-known-as-women are bad, because “women” defining themselves and their own movements excludes people who aren’t “women.” (Please don’t tell him about this year’s Old Banana March.) “I said,” he writes, relishing in his own words, “for the [Women’s March] to be truly progressive, it should focus on elevating the voices and experiences of those who are most often silenced and ignored in society.” One can assume these voices are not those of ex-women, because everyone knows the previously-women have never been silenced and ignored in society and clearly aren’t being silenced and ignored now, while being lectured by a male about how they should not discuss their own bodies at the Women’s March.

To Bergdorf’s shock and awe, his pre-Women’s March lecture did not go over well with the vagina’d. And to be fair, it is truly amazing that in a world wherein females have been rendered invisible in politics, art, literature, and history, for centuries, we wouldn’t center the feelings of men in our activism. Bergdorf “longs” for the day more non-men who have clawed their way into positions of power and visibility use those platforms to talk about issues affecting men who are now dictating what we are and how we may discuss our bodies and liberation. And I, for one, cannot wait. The reign of vaginas and old bananas has gone too far. Not all knitted pink hats with cat ears are literal vaginas, and not all owners of no-elastic leopard print thongs from 2005 are women!

Meghan Murphy
Meghan Murphy

Founder & Editor

Meghan Murphy is a freelance writer and journalist. She has been podcasting and writing about feminism since 2010 and has published work in numerous national and international publications, including New Statesman, Vice, Al Jazeera, The Globe and Mail, I-D, Truthdig, and more. Meghan completed a Masters degree in the department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University in 2012 and lives in Vancouver, B.C. with her dog.

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  • thebewilderness

    Now that he is a Labour Party adviser on women’s issues those women will have to obey him.

    • Sionna B.

      Or they could take a stand on this whole redefinition thing and hold Corbyn accountable to their voice.

      • Erik Victory

        Good luck to them, seriously. Corbyn clearly identifies as an adult male invertebrate.

    • pyrite00

      Or those women could tell him to take a flying leap. And leave the Labour party rather than stay with a party that expects them to suck up to men in drag.

  • Cangle

    Well, fuke that twisted mister he’s going to get an eyeful when Women’s Marches thronged w placard bearing vagina-havers. Right? We know their vulnerability. Mass public placards ala “Transwomen are men”.

    Bring it on, sisters. They’ve exposed their manly Achilles heel. Lol.

    • I thought about replicating that placard from January that went viral, but it was too much work writing all that stuff, so I went with a much shorter version for my sign for the rally this weekend. I’m putting something else on the other side so I can do stealth-TERFism at appropriate moments, or perhaps flash MTTs when no one is looking.

  • corvid

    Would really love to see trans activists taking Donald Trump to task for saying “grab ’em by the pussy” and not “grab ’em by the surgically-constructed cosmetic vagina-imitation”, “grab ’em by the ladypenis” or “grab ’em by the mancunt.” (Yes, there are some sick fucks out there using the term “mancunt” to refer to the male anus. Could these guys be any more misogynist.)

    • Boom

      Grab em by the front hole flaps!

      • BornACrone

        Front hole. That whole term sickens me. HUMAN BEINGS COME OUT OF THAT THING. Instead of either “front hole” OR “vagina,” we should be calling it “gateway to the universe and all enlightenment which should be worshipped at the goddess it is.”

        Front hole. Any XX-bearer who agrees to call such a sacred and powerful part of her body by such a degrading term should have her damned head examined. I never had kids nor wanted to, and even I know that.

        No wonder men who think they are women imagine that by eviscerating their dicks, turning them inside out like an old sock, and injecting jelly into them, they can make a fake vagina that’s completely identical to ours. As far as they are concerned, a vagina isn’t a powerful pathway through which all humanity passes but just some wet dark hole you stick shit into. They couldn’t do a better job of proving their manhood than to believe that’s all a vagina is.

        I don’t want to go all healy-feely here since I’m a stone atheist who trained as a hard scientist for most of her life, but one must eventually accept the absolute fact that a vagina is basically a magic portal to a dimension where consciousness is actually created. And they think that by turning a dick inside out and squirting KY into it, that they have the same thing? They really are flat out of their minds.

        • corvid

          It’s really telling, the fact that “bottom” surgery is assumed to solve dysphoria. There is literally no way to construct the female reproductive system out of male scrap parts. The idea is insane, rivaling Frankenstein. So why does it seem to help some TiMs? It’s the cosmetic aspect, and that it can be penetrated. They understand the vagina in terms of its sexual utility, from the male perspective.

        • Boom

          I don’t disagree with you! I thought front holes were transsexual, as a result of surgery, not the same as vagina.

  • lk

    Reading Munroe’s article actually left me confused because it was so nonsensical.

    But first, LMAO at a man lecturing women about what we are getting wrong about feminism.

    “What makes a woman ‘a woman’ has no definitive answer, nor does it need one.”
    If we cannot define “woman”..then literally everything or nothing could be a woman..

    “This is why feminism must serve as an inclusive tool of liberation for all female identities and experiences, not just some.”
    People are liberated, not experiences or identities…how exactly does one liberate a female identity?

    “For feminism to be an empowering sisterhood that all women bene t from, we must stop prioritising the experiences of only certain kinds of women and stand up for women who are different to ourselves.”
    Translation: We need to put the needs, wants and delusions of men who think they are women above the needs and safety of biological women.

    • Boom

      And when women receive death threats and threats of physical violence from transactivists make sure to keep centering your feminism on the threat-makers, enabling them in every way! Because if you call them out on their violent ways, you might hurt their feelings and oppress them!

  • MsBAF

    What a dick!

  • linnet

    God the womb envy is palpable with this guy. You should have seen him shitting himself publicly on twitter when called on it by legions of women. Feminism isn’t for females anymore if we’re banned from discussing anything that has even a whiff of ‘exclusionary’ terminology. That includes, but certainly isn’t limited to, reproductive freedom, FGM, gynecology, pregnancy, women’s sports, etc etc etc

    • Boom

      We are never banned because they can never stop us. They can only try.

  • Signme Uplease

    It truly beggars the imagination doesn’t it?

  • yummymoussaka

    Does this mean we have to sideline issues like women’s right to safe and legal abortions? (Because it centers the female reproductive system! How dare we!)

    From now on the main thing we’re allowed to focus on is pronouns. Because obviously that’s the most important thing in the world. People will literally die (just DIE) if we don’t get it right.

    Whereas it’s no big deal if women are forced to carry pregnancies to term against their will or risk their lives seeking out dangerous back-alley procedures. Because that’s just slightly inconvenient, that’s all.

  • Michelle

    I hope, with All my heart, that ALL the women attending the march show up in Vagina shirts, hats, pins.ect with vagina signs. These MTT are trying to make women feel guilty for having women body parts, and I hope he’s in for a surprise at the Women’s March. Don’t let men tell you what you can and can not wear. If you want to paint Vaginas on your face the day of the March,do it. I hope you do. I hope you all wear vagina symbols to show these men they have no right to tell you what you can wear,at the Women’s March of all places. I can’t wait to see pictures from the March, I hope Mr. Bergdorf gets put in his place.

    • lk

      “Don’t let men tell you what you can and can not wear.”

      If he’s a man who thinks he is a woman, then he absolutely can tell us what to wear!!

      It seems like sooo much of trans “activism” is just men telling women what to do…transactivism tells us that:
      -to accept the term cisgender
      -lesbians must be open to dating men
      -to make our conversations about abortion inclusive
      -to accept violent men into female only spaces
      -that women are priviliged
      -that we are sexist and misogynist for acknowledging that human females have vaginas

      ..yet so little of mainstream TRA’s seem remotely interested in telling men what to do…

      I continue to be confused at the popularity of this movement….I continue to be confused about why modern feminism (and liberalism) has made supporting trans rights central to their activism.

      • Alienigena

        “I continue to be confused about why modern feminism (and liberalism) has made supporting trans rights central to their activism.”

        It isn’t confusing if you internalise the understanding that the entirety of modern human society (even those cultures reputed to be matrilineal (just means that descent is traced through the mother’s line, which is not matriarchy, as it is generally the mother’s brother who is the important spokesperson in the family) that have been colonised by patriarchal societies) is incredibly misogynist and dedicated to punishing females for being female. I am not saying you are naive maybe just more hopeful than I am.

        I think that society (read the human species en masse) wants convenient scapegoats and women, along with people of colour (or of the ‘wrong ethnicity’), continue to be serve such a role. And women seem more than happy to distinguish themselves from other women, pointing out that it is ‘that group of women over there’ who are the problem, not me or women like me.

        I don’t know how we arrived at the current situation but maybe we are just a defective species, too self-destructive to survive our own limitations. Neanderthals are often portrayed as beastial in popular literature but they likely had spoken language, burial rituals, supported disabled individuals into relative old age and had bigger brains (proportionately) than modern humans. Yet modern humans constantly malign them in popular media depicting them as grunting club wielders. If human beings are so insecure they have to attack an extinct species is it any wonder they are a constant search for individuals and groups to demonise, just so they can feel better about themselves.

    • LordofLight

      If anything, women aligning with the trans lobby (as Bergdork advocates) would weaken feminism — not only for the obvious reasons of differing goals, but because transactivists’ people skills are lacking. “Do what I want or you’re a bigot and I’m going to verbally assault/punch/rape/kill you!” Yeah, that’s how to make friends and influence people.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Sometimes the crazy is too much and the only response can be more crazy 🙂

  • Boom

    You do great things, Meghan. Thank you, always.

    • Meghan Murphy

      Thank you for your support!

  • Feminism erases “oppressive gender”, but does that not reducing women to identifying with their vaginas? Some women would like it to mean more.

    • Zuzanna Smith

      I’ve never in my life “identified with my vagina “, I don’t even know what that means. I am female and I know that females are oppressed on the basis of our biology not identity.

      • Hanakai

        Really. I have never identified with my vagina, or my kidneys, or my sinuses. Seriously. The Self is a totality and centered in consciousness. Females are oppressed because of their being biological females.

    • Noodle Niccals

      First, you appear to be a trans-identified male who is also an MRA and anti-feminist, so I’m not sure why you’re here or commenting on this.

      Second, gender critical feminism does not “reduce” women to their reproductive organs (I know that men don’t understand this, but we are more than walking vaginas — we also have vulvas, ovaries, uteruses, uterine tubes, breasts, and supportive tissues). Gender critical feminism does the opposite: It asserts that female people are oppressed by other people (i.e., men) based on their biology. It’s men who treat us as if we were walking reproductive systems — “reducing us to our vaginas,” if you will.

      Third, an essential tenet of gender critical feminism is that female people are fully developed, real live human beings who are competent and capable. Our reproductive organs have nothing to do with our ability or our personality; they are only related to how we are treated under patriarchy.

      If all this is too complicated, think of it like this: If we thought we were just walking vaginas, we would be perfectly fine with the way men view and treat us. We aren’t, because we believe we are more than that. We are fully developed people who happen to have female reproductive organs.

      Good grief, you know, this isn’t that complicated. Sometimes I swear you transactivists are just being deliberately obtuse.

    • Zoë Lafantaisie

      Oh yes other sites have printed the documentation that Perduta ie @Katie97531200 is a confirmed child rapist and abuser. See he can’t go to the police in NZ or the UK as he has played a part in outing himself. On his old you tube account he also put up videos admitting his guilt. – Is this you Angelica?

    • Zoë Lafantaisie

      “Oh yes other sites have printed the documentation that Perduta ie @Katie97531200 is a confirmed child rapist and abuser. See he can’t go to the police in NZ or the UK as he has played a part in outing himself. On his old you tube account he also put up videos admitting his guilt.” Is this you Angelica?

    • Omzig Online

      Tell that to the 8 month old infant currently fighting for her life in an Indian hospital after being raped by a man. Be sure to remind her that it had nothing to do with her female genitals. Because that would be reducing her to a walking vagina, right? He must’ve raped her because of her innate feminine “gender identity,” amiright?

      You’re not fooling anyone, dude. Real women understand that women are tortured and oppressed because we were born with female bodies, not because of our internal “identity.”

    • Hierophant2

      Imagine that, people who think that having a vagina (even if it’s just a hole and not an actual organ) dictates their very identity. You know, like… transwomen.

      No, eliminating gender has nothing to do with your sexual organs. It’s for EVERYONE.

  • Elara
  • Po21

    What a fucking joke. I want to laugh at this but I am so pissed that women get noplatform because of morons like him. Seriously, why are media giving platforms to deranged people like him? I only hope more people get their transpeak as they keep saying imbecile stuff like that.

  • acommentator

    “why don’t they make their own trans/nonbinary march”

    Probably several reasons, but a principal one would be that it would constitute an admission that they are not women.

    • Lady Dark Helmet

      On top of that, they would have to work for it instead of having women work for them and then using their resources. Also, because I have the feeling that without feminism and LGB organizations they wouldn’ t generate the same kind of interest they do by doing so: in short, no one would give a crap about QT if they weren’ t parasitizing on women and LGBs, so their march would be pretty much a desert.

    • Elara

      That and the fact that the trans activists prey on other movements like gay rights and women’s rights in order to survive.

  • Hierophant2

    If men can be appointed leaders of feminist groups and women’s rights groups now, then I think feminism should recenter itself around the male genitalia. To be more specific, the severance of said organ.

    Hooray for man-centered feminism!

  • Tinfoil the Hat


  • Simone Firestone

    Thank you for exposing Munroe Bergdorf’s evil. He no longer looks like that in the photo above because of ”facial feminisation surgery”. I mentioned him once in a comment from my old account bec. I find him nonsensically rabid yet quite popular.

    • FierceMild

      “ nonsensically rabid yet quite popular”

      What a great description of so many men!

  • Sera Waisavu

    These entitled troon slop buckets should keep their worthless opinions to themselves. While I think it’s true that a lot of women don’t know what authentic feminism actually is, as human females they would comprehend on a deeper level that they are oppressed because of their biology even if they dress it up as “believing in equality”. A man like Munroe has no such comprehension.

  • pyrite00

    If they set up a “trans march” they might get a turnout of a couple hundred people in a large city. What the men who run the trans movement do is use “women’s march” to get lots of real women to turn out and then those men claim all those women are supporting trans when that is simply not true.

  • Meghan Murphy

    If your goal is to further convince us that transactivists are misogynists, you are doing a great job. Keep it up!

  • Meghan Murphy

    Do tell.

  • Alienigena

    “And (certain) women seem more than happy to distinguish themselves from other women, pointing out that it is ‘that group of women over there’ who are the problem, not me or women like me.”

    For you that group is feminists. TIA for the abuse. Biological males are not female, so not women.

    “I have been actively excluded from groups of female friends for not being at all interested in playing the identity game, and rather maintain an interest in helping the vulnerable no matter their gender or background.”

    Who hasn’t been excluded by a group of people for not fitting in? Is that supposed to be unusual? By the way you ain’t got nothing on me re: not feeling like a woman. For years I made a concerted effort to stay below the radar by dressing in what I thought was a gender neutral way, not wearing make-up, not wanting people to know my gender, let alone sex. Growing up I didn’t like media images of women (neither thin or voluptuous), or how they were depicted (as in need of good slap or dressing down by the male lead generally speaking). I identified with outlier (not necessarily outsider) characters in film, tv and novels. I have been misgendered as have others on this site for not dressing in a gender conforming way and I had no recourse to violence so why do you think it is OK for biological males who think they are women to be violent toward natal women (and natal women only) if they are ‘misgendered’? I guess you could play the part of the male lead in the movies I mentioned and give us all a good slap.

    “Because, you know, that’s what somewhat decent people do.”
    Decent people don’t descend on a feminist forum and call everyone there twats and c*nts. Given your definition of ‘decent’ I think it would be advisable to avoid people who apply that label to themselves.

  • Bouddie
  • Melanie

    But you said you’re not interested in playing the identity game.

  • corvid

    Gender is not a real thing.

  • Meghan Murphy

    A trans-identified male MRA! How original…

  • Meghan Murphy


  • Cassandra

    What a horrible person this guy is. And is it any wonder that the beauty industry is supporting this female-hating crap? Their entire industry exists to tell female people that we need to look pretty and feminine and younger and buy their shit in order to do so, and we better listen to them! AND we better listen to another male in woman-face tell us how to do it right!

    We don’t actually exist, and women are just an idea, but if that were actually true, who would be buying all their shit? What a bunch of fucking assholes.

  • Hanakai

    Diseases are diagnosed. Physical features are merely noted.

  • Meghan Murphy

    And yet you identify as… a girl? A woman?

  • Meghan Murphy

    lol no. Sex is not a medical condition or illness. It is just observed.

  • M. Zoidberg

    Yeah — I hear ya. I recently started identifying as a tree. The other trees aren’t exactly jazzed due to the complete absence of wood and leaves on my body, as well as my inability to create energy from sunlight. Also, the botanist can’t really do much for my tummy-aches, and recommends that I see a doctor. Y’know, because I have a digestive tract. Because I’m not actually a fucking tree, and no amount of hoping, praying, bullying, or threatening others is going to make me what I’m not.

    Now fuck off, you human waste of time.

  • M. Zoidberg

    Victim? No, just you. In that fucked up brain you call home.

  • so who is qualified to diagnose my sex then? My birth certificate says I’m female even though allegedly I have a Y chromosome.

    • bevtoastily

      Yeah, sure, dude

  • lk

    Then why are you on a feminist site if you have no interest in women…

  • M. Zoidberg

    One point to MANgelica for using a false equivalency! Women are almost exclusively the victims of other MEN. Men are almost exclusively the victims of… (wait for it) MEN!!!!!!!! There’s just something wrong with you if you can’t see that.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I don’t understand what you mean when you say gender is innate. Which aspects? How so?

  • Meghan Murphy


  • Meghan Murphy

    ‘Seduction’!?!?!! lolllll so many traumatized male victims of violent female SEDUCTION.

    • Well thanks for responding to that. I didn’t think you would, but yeah, it’s just like all those female “rape victims” that regret it the next day… IMHO you ought to confront your double standards.

      • Meghan Murphy

        I mean, yeah, I guess it’s true that victims of rape ‘regret’ being victims of rape…

  • Wren

    Haha, yes I noticed that too. Every single one.

  • Wren

    No, no matter who I want to have sex with, or where I want it, or when I want it, I will always be a woman wanting it. This is silly.

  • Wren

    “cis women are not “oppressed” and never have been. Society has revolved around pandering to the precious breeding class ever since the dawn of our species”

    Wow, now the hatred is really out there.
    From watching your videos and reading what you’ve said here, my instincts and observations tell me that your hatred is pathological and that you are criminally psychotic. Therefore, you have or will commit acts of violence against those you despise. Although I don’t agree with the trans agenda in general, you do a huge disservice to them.

    • The “trans agenda” don’t need my help for that. They are just pathetic as leach victim status off cis women and let themselves be abused as patsies for the feminist agenda of gender erasure.

  • Bouddie

    I am in a terrible position. Until 6 months ago I had no idea about anything trans. My eldest son ‘came out’ as non-binary. First I’d even heard of it. I tried looking into it but each time I came away thinking, “he’s lost his mind”. He’s always been a caring, sensitive guy, he is married, and they are both poly in some sort of poly pile of people. He’s got several girlfriends on the go and two children he informally adopted who both happen to be “trans”, ages 5 and 7.

    Problem is, I’m a feminist from the old days, I’d not thought about feminism much in a long time. When he was born, I was fired for being pregnant with him. I then and there decided I had to become part of the solution. I donated money, I donated my time, I read books, I wrote elected officials and signed petitions, went on pro life marches. I stopped going to marches when the slut walks started happening. I thought, maybe I’m just not a real feminist because this is too much for me. Not that I didn’t understand slut shaming but the whole party atmosphere and dress up was appalling to me. Now, once again, I see so clearly that women and girls are under grave threat. (yes we’ve always been but this seems very different.)

    I love my child with all my heart. I am afraid for him, even tho he does not consider himself MTF he is taking hormones as he says it’s helping his depression and suicidal thoughts. He has always been a happy guy, caring and sweet. When one of his girlfriends said she thinks he’s happier with the way he is now, I told her “he’s always been happy”. I feel completely silenced. He surrounds himself with these trans activists and has become one. I open my mouth I’ll be labeled a terf and I will lose my son. I keep quiet, I violate my conscience.

    I realise this is my personal business but I just have to speak this aloud to someone. Anyone.

    • FierceMild

      This is the site you need:
      you are not alone. There are many people in your position. Some of the parents on that site have much younger children then your son, but their reactions and the way they navigate those relationships may be of help to you. I’m so sorry this infection has reached your family.

      Here is another parent who has a trans-identifying child and is gender critical:
      This is a blog where women who have had men in their lives effects by the trans craze support each other

      • Bouddie

        Oh, thank you! Checking there now.

    • lk

      I hope everything works out for you and your son. FierceMild has given you some great resources, but I just wanted to add two things.

      First, try to see if there are any support groups in your area for parents of transgender adults. Second, if you have not done so try to find a good counselor for yourself where you can vent your honest feelings.

    • Jani

      I too hope everything works out for you and your son, and for all those close to the both of you, particularly the children.

  • FierceMild


    Also, if gender is ‘who you want to have sex as’ then you are recognizing the reality that transing children is a gross act of sexualizing them on the part of the adults in their lives and the medical establishment.

  • FierceMild

    Your womb-envy is showing, bro.

  • FierceMild

    Did you know ‘A Voice for Men’ and ‘Return of Kings’ were both listed as hate groups by the SPLC this year!?

  • FierceMild

    Right? I can identify both my earlobes and my vagina, but that’s it really.

  • G L.C

    Not to be too soft on him but, judging by the videos, does this guy seem a little, well, ‘touched’? I mean Maybe all New Zealanders act and talk like this but there’s definitely something off here.

    • Wren

      I reserve “touched” for eccentric, intelligence-challenged, harmless people.
      This man’s a fucking psycho and he hates women.

  • Can’tUnseeIt

    Oh My.

  • corvid

    So this is about sex. Which is why you think a surgically-created cavity in the male body equals a vagina. Nice to see this confirmed.

  • Omzig Online

    When you call women cunts and twats, you’re making it pretty obvious why your female friends are actively excluding you.

    I assume you wouldn’t have to stoop to petty insults if you had a better argument.

  • lk

    “Can anyone with a straight face assert that someone who has had this surgery is physically healthier after it than they were before?”

    One could actually make the argument that they are physically unhealthier in the case of certain “gender reassignment surgeries”..especially when people get neovaginas-the body recognizes it as a wound and tries to close it..something must be inserted into it to keep it open…what is physically healthy about that?

    I remember when Angelina Jolie revealed she had a preventative double masectomy (she also had her ovaries removed) due to her having a very high risk of developing breast cancer. There were a number of articles that were critical of her decision.

    I can’t help but laugh at the fact that a woman who removes her breasts for a medically sound reason is criticized while a person who removes his penis because he feels like he shouldnt have one is lauded as brave.

    “What about consent and all this? What is being done to these people, in the name of treatment, is insane. ”
    I don’t even like to call all this gender reaffirming surgery stuff treatment…it isnt. I cringe when I read a pro-trans article that refers to things like facial feminization, breast implants and etc as medically necessary and life-saving.

  • Meghan Murphy

    You were wrong.

  • Meghan Murphy

    You don’t think the comment section should be moderated? I mean, it would be a mess if we just let dudes like you say whatever they wanted….

  • Meghan Murphy

    A man is an adult male human. A woman is an adult female human. It’s pretty straightforward.

    • that’s not the origin of the words man and woman. The concept of gender predates your simplistic biology “science”. It refers to our role in society. I am a male woman and most of your cisterhood seem to be female men (and truculent bullies too).

      • Meghan Murphy

        You are confusing ‘sex’ and ‘gender’. Gender is indeed about the social roles imposed on males and females, but gender does not determine who is a man and who is a woman. A man is male, socialized as such, under patriarchy. A woman is female, and socialized as such, under patriarchy. Feel free to reject masculinity, but doing so does not make you a woman. Being a woman is not about conforming or identifying with stereotypes.

      • Hanakai

        Whatever his real name is, Perduta makes the nonsensical statement, “I am a male woman.”

        No, you are male. Get a clue. Get therapy. You are delusional.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Liberals would say it is about ‘equality,’ yes, but you are talking to radical feminists who are part of the global women’s liberation movement. Our aim is to end patriarchy/male supremacy.

  • Melanie

    What do you mean by having sex ‘as a woman’ or ‘as a man’? You either are a woman or a man when you have sex. You don’t have sex ‘as’ one. This suggests a sexual fetish, not an innate ‘identity’.

  • Evets

    ‘I hate water,’ she says. ‘Water is like you get the instinct to wash yourself in the face and stuff.’

    ‘It’s also obvious that I’m a cat when I
    start purring and meowing,’ she explains. ‘And walking around on four
    legs and stuff like that.’

    The only thing obvious is that she’s an idiot.

  • Wren

    Although L’Oreal dropped him for comments he was making regarding race. Maybe it was for that, or maybe something else, but L’Oreal did drop his ass.

    • Cassandra

      Oh, how this pleases me! I’d guess L’Oreal didn’t know they’d hired a moron. So glad they cut him loose. (It irritates me to no end that the NYT calls him “she” though!) Now he’s saying people should boycott L’Oreal. LOL!

      What I hope is that it wasn’t just this race comment that got him canned—poor judgment on his part if one wants to keep cosmetic contracts, but content of his comment actually not that off base—but his comments about women. His “No reproductive talk at the women’s march!” schtick probably didn’t go over very well with some of the female executives at L’Oreal and/or their advertising agency, McCann, and maybe they even heard from women consumers. (And we know all companies watch the Twitter activity of their spokespeople very closely.)

      Yes, I’d like to think the misogynist piece could have influenced their decision, but there’s a good chance it didn’t. It was because he criticized white people, which includes white men, so they had to put him in his place. The net effect made him look low-rent, and L’Oreal’s equity is the opposite.

      It’s going to be interesting to see these kinds of situations unfold in the future. The cosmetics companies are very, very keen to exploit/capitalize on the gender trend, trust me, but they’re going to have to be very aware of not alienating female people, who, let’s face it, are the vast majority of their consumers. And women protest things quietly sometimes, albeit very effectively, by simply not giving you their money.

      Maybe they think that because women are so brainwashed by gas lighting propaganda (L’Oreal’s tagline and early teardown/appropriation of feminism, “Because you’re worth it,” written in 1973, is a good example) that they won’t notice?

      Anyway, good riddance.

  • Meghan Murphy

    You are not responding to anything I’ve said. Your personal experience and hate/bitterness towards women does not disprove male supremacy, as a system.

  • Melanie

    You’re nothing like a single mother. Single mothers are female people – women – who carry, give birth to and raise our children on our own, most often in poverty, with little to no support and almost always with people undermining and opposing us because of our FEMALE sex. We endure sexist judgement and abuse precisely because of patriarchal values, because we’re single or unmarried. We often have to take out protection orders on our ex partners, stay in refuges to get away from them, live in low standard housing or have to move often, we work like dogs to care for, feed and clothe our families, or to be able to work and study to improve our situation. We carry physical scars or permanent injury from pregnancy and childbirth that can impact our health and quality of life in the short and long term. As well as the psychological impact of carrying a child, giving birth to a child and raising them alone. You have no idea what it is to be a single mother. Stay in your lane mate.

  • Cassandra

    Yup! 🙂

  • lk

    “But the medical industrialization of identity disorder is ghastly across the board. Women as well as men are being maimed in the name of treatment.”

    Yes, my criticism of this “treatment” applies to both the bodies of men and women. Women removing healthy ovaries, uterus, breasts and skin to create a “penis” is not treatment.

    To suggest that you can ease someone anxiety about their body through expensive, painful body mutilation (some of which is not reversible) does not strike me as being medically right.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Reproduction isn’t the sex role stereotype, domination and subordination is. Reproduction is just a biological reality/fact.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Does this mean you’re leaving?

  • Jani

    I hadn’t looked at a fashion magazine in years but in a recent copy of Vogue magazine I saw an ad featuring … a man in a dress! And then I saw another one in a fashion feature, wearing heels. There’s this current “vogue” (hohoho) for so-called transgender models being used to sell fashion and beauty products to women. The female kind with ovaries and XX chromosomes. My reaction was “why is that man wearing a dress?” And why is everybody playing along with this charade?

  • corvid

    How do you know what it’s like to have sex as a female?

  • corvid

    “Effeminate” men are not women in any way, they are men. A penis is the most masculine thing that exists. All gay men are attracted to penises, which are masculine by definition. Not all gay relationships involve a “top” and a “bottom.” How does your “masculinity attracted to femininity” theory explain that? Why does homosexuality even exist according to your logic? Plus, it’s profoundly insulting to reduce female sexuality to “wanting to be penetrated” for reasons you could never understand because you’re male (clitoris anyone? The existence of lesbians?!) It’s doubly offensive to suggest that wanting to be penetrated means you want to “have sex as a woman.” Really.

    • Cassandra

      It’s all just pure woo. Should we break our crystals and incense?

      • corvid

        Woo is right. It has the character of religious belief, which makes it all the more strange that supposedly pro-science liberals and leftists promote transgenderism.

  • corvid

    Did you know it’s really sexist to conflate a wound made in a man’s body with the female reproductive system?

    For the millionth time, gender is not a thing that exists in reality. It is a collection of stereotypes. You can be a male and still wish to present in ways associated with females. This does not mean you are female. Wanting to “be penetrated” as you imagine women do does not mean you are female. Wishing you had a female body, or feeling that you should, does not make you female. There is no such thing as being female in your mind.

  • FierceMild

    hover your mouse over the little up arrow to see who upvoted a comment. It can’t be done from a mobile device (to my knowledge).

    • MotherBear84

      Thank you! I will try that when I’m not on my phone! Oh, the wonders of technology…

  • Cassandra

    I am embarrassed for you.

  • Cassandra


  • Laniyia Washington

    Do you think i disagree with you?

    I am describing Munroe Bergdorf attitude not my own or suggesting i agree with it.

    I am quite content with being a black mtf transexual and living a happy stealth life, all this crap in the new’s does me no favors nor do the activists speak for me.

    Pronouns are irrelevant as are bathroom laws to people like me who have been living and being treated like cis women for over 25 years now.

    • corvid

      Glad to hear that Laniyia. I disagree of course about pronouns and the “cis” designation but I respect that you don’t wish to change bathroom laws. It’s encouraging that some trans-identified males like yourself don’t toe the party line on these issues or deny the truth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with males performing femininity, just so long as you are aware and sensitive to the patriarchal origin and function of femininity. All the best.

  • corvid

    Well obviously heterosexual males and females are attracted to each other for reproductive reasons but it has to do with male and female biology, not “masculinity and femininity”…. a man being “effeminate” or a woman being “masculine” doesn’t necessarily mean they are attracted to the opposite in others. Look at all the “trans women” who claim to be lesbians, or the “trans men” who claim to be gay. Similarly, I’m a stone tomboy with a (hidden) beard and quite a few masculine men I’ve encountered seem to love it. Your theory just doesn’t explain these things and how it happens that two very “masculine” men or two “feminine” women might partner up. (BTW, as you may concede, men being anally penetrated is entirely different from women being vaginally penetrated. The sensation is hugely different and men have a prostate which makes anal more pleasurable.)

  • corvid

    Except sexual orientation is real and gender isn’t. It isn’t possible to change the sex of a human being. We get the bodies we get, which is inevitably a brutal experience for females.

    • Laniyia Washington

      As i said earlier i think there is a innate aspect to gender just like sexual orientation.

      Although Gender roles etc are obviously constructs.

  • Danielle Matheson

    I’m ready to scream! Feminism is literally the reason women CAN talk about our vaginas, menstruation cycles! It is the political movement that is for female people. (I know I’m preaching to the choir here but I gotta vent!)

    I know these males don’t care. I know they want to bastardized feminism (they’ve already done it wit the concept of intersectional feminism—stealing yet another thing from black women)!

    I just hope that more women open their eyes to what is going on. I hope that we continue to center our biology when our biology is what keeps us oppressed! I hope that these liberals understand that feminism is action, not an identity.

    And on an unrelated not, today I read an article about the gay men being rounded up and slaughtered in Chechnya, and some asshole decides their response would be, “Look, I know gay men are literally dying for who they are, but the LGBT community is constantly leaving asexuals out. We are still alienated because we are expected to have sex…blah blah blah” and I about had a stroke. I can not believe the gall of these people.

  • Laniyia Washington


    The level of denial required to say that sexuality of any sort is unrelated to reproduction boggles the mind.

    Let me guess you think that just because homosexuality involves two people of the same sex (and as such they cannot reproduce) that the emotions and desires they feel are totally different and come from a entirely separate place from those people of the opposite sex?

    Your understanding is so absurdly superficial it is indistinguishable the ravings of a fanatic.

    • corvid

      Does homosexual sex ever result in reproduction?

  • will

    Dunning_Kruger, big time. The syndrome seems to cluster in males, especially Identifarian males.

  • corvid

    “It really does make me laugh how the men most offended about the word vagina are the first to call us cunts when we refuse to back down and say vagina, also menstruation, menopause, pregnant women rather than pander to them.”
    Yep! Apparently they do think vaginas belong in their “feminism”…. but only as slurs aimed at keeping the vagina’d in line.