What’s Current: Snapchat shares fall after Rihanna criticizes ad mocking the abuse Chris Brown subjected her to

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  • Snapchat shares fall after Rihanna criticizes the company for an ad they ran making fun of her being assaulted by her former partner, Chris Brown.
  • Syrian army officials are reportedly using rape and sexual violence as a means to subdue opposition and destroy families.
  • Tasmania becomes the first Australian state to elect a majority female legislature.
  • Stormy Daniels’ lawyer alleges that she was physically threatened during negotiations over the payoff to buy her silence over an alleged affair with Donald Trump.
  • A Nova Scotia farmer posted photos of steak on Moo Nay Farms’ Facebook page as part of a promotion he called “Steak and Blowjob” Man’s day.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Alienigena

    Re: Nova Scotia farmer and his ‘steak and blow-job’ offer.

    I guess those who tell us to get a sense of humour about creepy male behaviour are incapable of acknowledging that men in this scenario get the real meat (iron source) and women get the consolation ‘prize’, and I use that term loosely, of man meat (i.e. penis).

    Nova Scotia has a high rate of trafficked women who are moved to other parts of Canada to participate in sex trade.

    “… girls are moved from Nova Scotia to the so-called “Golden Horseshoe” of Ontario: Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and Hamilton. There, victims are branded with tattoos and in some cases, their pimp fathers a child with them to create even more dependency.”


    I guess the farmer in question never received the memo that women are people too.

  • cday881@gmail.com

    But how permanent is the drop in share price?

    • OldPolarBear

      It ended up just being a blip, although a big-ish one. The price recovered to its previous level in about a day.

  • Nan

    By “quality sources” I guess you mean Russia Today and Sputnik ? Those are far from governmental propaganda obviously…

    Assad’s extensive use of torture centres are well documented from multiple sources.

  • Jani

    I’m so glad I’m vegetarian. I hate this false conflation of meat and masculinity.

  • Alienigena

    “The UN peacekeepers [sic] in Yugoslavia were running brothels and undoubtedly raping women just as they have been raping women in other countries, so I don’t take a UN report very seriously.”

    When I read things like this all I can think of is conspiracy theories about world government that come out of the Christian right and alt-right and probably from other places as well (for all I know some leftists believe this as well). When I say Christian right I mean the kind of evangelical fundamentalists who are waiting for the end of the world (which means nuclear war is OK with them) so they can ascend to heaven and the rest of us can suffer in a hell on earth or literally in hell, I guess. I remember reading books and seeing movies on this theme (characters literally referred to world government and the anti-Christ in the same breath, when I attended events at my evangelical friend’s church). I don’t think that the UN is perfect but to dismiss it out of hand seems counterproductive. I know it is popular to slam the UN in the USA. Under John R. Bolton’s ambassadorship (during GWB administration) it didn’t pay its UN fees and the USA was openly hostile to the UN. I guess it is even worse now.

  • Alienigena

    “It worries me that when we get into a pissing competition about which side raped the most, the fact any of them are raping at all and getting away with it, tends to get lost in the fallout.”

    I don’t trust people when they start to claim (with very few and specific exceptions) that this side is worse than that, it is just proof that a lot of women are willing to take sides with men who share their nationality or race or some other trait associated with group cohesion. As you say, men rape, that is what they do. Victors or the retreating armies of losers. Holding the UN to a standard that nation states don’t even hold their own militaries to (in cases of assault between members of the military, military assaults on women in the surrounding communities, or women in war zones) seems a bit hypocritical. We need to hold everyone to account and to their stated principles.

  • Alienigena

    Still can’t believe that the NS farmer can get away with his promotional campaign. I mean, NS is a location from which women and girls are trafficked as it is chronically economically depressed. There is now a commission looking into the sex trafficking of women from the region.


  • Sionna B.

    I have yet to see anyone on FC celebrating those women, but I have only been on here a short time.

  • OldPolarBear

    I really found this was a good and thoughtful comment that pretty much said what I was thinking. I was trying to come up with some comment without implying that I doubted specific accounts from victims of rape, which I don’t. There are good reasons to be skeptical about the UN, and about their interpretations of statistics and events to appear to place greater blame on one side or the other. We can believe rape victims and still do that.

    Your point about other parties, or probably in fact, all parties in the conflict having men who committed rape is a valid one. It’s OK to keep statistics on how many offenses of what type were committed by whom, but I think we need to be careful about using this information or drawing conclusions from it. The way to not have rape in war is to not have war. Your last two sentences, YES.

    One other thing that I had a comment about in your comment, and it may be slightly OT, so I will try to be brief. You are correct about Saudi Arabia, et. al, but I’m afraid that the U.S. did considerably more than “fully support” the war. There is plenty of evidence that the folks at the CIA, NSA, Department of Defense, etc., fanned the flames of what might otherwise have been a peaceful, civil-protest uprising. The “assistance” included gobs of weapons, sometimes coming from different agencies of the US government to factions who were fighting each other!

  • Ada

    Honey, I am from (ex)Yugoslavia, I witnessed the whole thing up close and personal. I don’t know who this Johnstone woman is, but if she’s saying that CIA is responsible for disintegration of our country she is dead WRONG. Yugoslavia was a prison, forced marriage for everyone except the biggest nation – Serbs, they wouldn’t let us divorce peacefully and USA supported Milosevic for long, long time, hoping he could prevent the break up, tolerating his aggression until it was too much for American public to stomach. War started in 1991, bombarding Serbia in 1999 was just an epilog.

    This basically is a story about abusive husband and you’re saying the battered wife is equally guilty, because she was nagging and caused him some scratches and bruises in defence. You suggest we should feel sorry for this man because everyone treats him like a wifebeater.