PODCAST: Heather Brunskell-Evans wants to talk about the idea of ‘trans kids’

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As the debate around gender identity intensifies, it seems more and more people are asking questions about the impact of transgender ideology and legislation on women, children, and our understanding of gender under patriarchy, more broadly. At the same time, those who do speak out or challenge the ideology behind the concept of transgenderism (or connected policies and practices) are being punished for doing so.

Heather Brunskell-Evans is a Senior Research Fellow at King’s College in London and was the National Spokesperson for the Women’s Equality Party Policy on Ending Sexual Violence until recently. After appearing on Moral Maze — a BBC Radio 4 series — she was removed from the position of Spokeswoman for the Party. Students at Heather’s university also no-platformed her, cancelling a scheduled talk on pornography and the sexualization of young women supposedly because her views on “transgender health… would violate the student union’s ‘Safe Space’ policy.”

All this came as a result of Heather challenging the idea of so-called “trans kids” and the practice of transitioning young people on the basis that they are “born in the wrong body.”

Heather is a co-founder of Resist Porn Culture and co-editor of a new book called Transgender Children and Young People: Born in Your Own Body. I spoke with her over the phone from her home in London.

PODCAST: Heather Brunskell-Evans wants to talk about the idea of 'trans kids'
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