What’s Current: Ontario issues first ‘non-binary’ birth certificate

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  • Ontario has issued its first non-binary birth certificate for Joshua Ferguson, who likes to be referred to as “they.”
  • A disgraced former Kentucky judge who worked on the state Trump campaign in 2016 has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for trafficking and other sexual crimes against minors.
  • Feminist scholar, Janice Raymond, has challenged the New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective’s control over sex trade decriminalization policy and their cozy relationship with brothel keepers.
  • New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned last night after a number of women accused him of violence.
  • Trans-identified male, Rachel McKinnon, has won another women’s cycling championship, the Dick Lane Velodrome
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Americus91

    I’ve never been able to wrap my mind around this issue either. I recall when “50 Shades Of F-d Up” came out the BDSM community warning people not to compare it to reality.

    I know a few women personally who came out of abusive relationships – upset over being emotionally abused – but the relationship also involved BDSM and were open – involving multiple partners – even though they were in a committed relationship with their abuser. And they said repeatedly “it’s not the lifestyle choice – it’s the person who was bad.” Even though they admitted that their agreed upon boundaries were violated.

    It’s very disturbing that women can be gaslighted into believing they actually desire to be treated like shit so can’t cry foul when it happens. Then the woman of course blames herself after all is said and done,

    “I agreed to wearing handcuffs and leather – so it’s my fault that he beat me to pulp, degraded me in ways I could never imagine,”

    It’s always our fault. It’s our fault we stay, it’s our fault if we go back, it’s our fault if we wear the wrong thing, it’s our fault if we drink, it’s our fault if we agree to sexy play and it goes haywire, it’s our fault for trusting.

    Emotionally and/or physically abused – it’s our fault for tolerating it OR standing up to it.

    It’s our f-ing fault and on some level we wanted it and asked for it.

    It’s OUR fault if we keep silent – it’s OUR fault when we speak up and destroy a man’s life.

    It’s always our F-ing fault.

    • Alienigena

      “It’s always our fault. It’s our fault we stay, it’s our fault if we go back, it’s our fault if we wear the wrong thing, it’s our fault if we drink, it’s our fault if we agree to sexy play and it goes haywire, it’s our fault for trusting.”

      And if we don’t agree to anything we are uptight and pearl clutching and likely bitches of another variety. Or possibly withholding because they know just by looking at us what we want.

    • Safa

      Yep. It makes you wonder how a man’s life would improve by living his life as a woman.

    • Jani

      The first time I heard a woman speak out in support of “consensual violence” it was a real WTF moment. I thought, once women start agreeing to sexualised violence, we’re going to be in deep shit as a society. Rape, sexual assault, domestic violence — the defence will be “she consented to being beaten” or “she asked me to choke her” or “it was just a bit of ‘play’ but it was all her idea”. I found the idea of women consenting to sexualised violence absolutely chilling.

      How many times are we going to have to reinvent the wheel of women’s liberation? I can’t believe what I’m witnessing these days. All the work that was done to raise awareness of domestic violence and have it taken seriously as a crime, campaigning for better treatment of rape victims from the police and courts, challenging the myths that women are “asking for it” — and here we are, living in a world where it’s fashionable for women to consent to sexualised violence. The more I hear about what goes on in these “kink” relationships, the more I know that it is really violence and abuse perpetrated by overpowering men. Almost always. It reminds me of the women who used to say “he hits me because he loves me”. I thought we’d kicked all that shit to the curb. Obviously I was wrong.

      • Hanakai

        We should all start calling this stuff out as perversion, as sexual violence, as what it is. Calling it kink or some other euphemisms masks the reality. It is assault, it is violence, it is brutal and ugly, sick and twisted.

      • Blazing Fire

        Reminds me of a tweet I made a few days back (yeah, got a twitter handle:))
        I was afraid we’d see men disemboweling women alive, and then claim they were just “rosebudding” (Definition of rosebudding is available in urbandictionary, if you dare to read it).

  • Jani

    I am never comfortable around male “feminists” because it’s almost always a smokescreen. They’re usually the worst when it comes to their engagement with porn or some facet of the sex trade. Nothing surprises me about these MeToo/TimesUp dudes.

    • Alienigena

      I am also not comfortable with the pressure that some women exert to ensure that they are accepted by other women as feminists. Like asking ‘what your problem is’ or a similar statement. They would rather lose women from their supposedly woman-centric organizations rather than alienate men.

    • regressive

      Years ago i started a project and brought on many people, including a guy who would often boast about how we was more feminist than most women he knew. Well he co-opted this project that had been started and was being led by a woman, and appointed himself and another dude he brought on (without checking with me or anyone else) as the leaders. I wish I had had more clarity back then about men who call themselves feminists.

  • susannunes

    This birth certificate nonsense is simply a license to commit FRAUD. This nonsense needs to stop.

    • That’s what bothers me. It’s fraud to put incorrect information on a government document. The last thing a government should do is encourage people to falsify official documents—they should be prosecuting people for that!

  • susannunes

    It isn’t. It is a sexual perversion. We need to call it what it is, and that is a perversion. It is not “love” to inflict violence on another person. Women put up with this garbage because they are afraid of losing the man and winding up destitute.

    • Hanakai

      I totally agree this is perversion and pathology.

      A healthy organism seeks pleasure and seeks to avoid pain.

      Only damaged unhealthy organisms seek pain and degradation.

  • Jani

    No, I don’t understand it either. It’s copied straight from porn. In the documentary ‘Not A Love Story’ made in the early 1970s, this type of violent porn was available in seedy adult movie stores though obviously home video wasn’t a thing then, let alone the internet. I don’t understand this artificial division between so-called ‘vanilla’ and BDSM. In the UK there is Ann Summers, once a seedy little sex shop in London, now a chain store selling to a predominantly female market. They sell BDSM inspired crap, whether it’s some stupid piece of lingerie called a ‘harness’ and so-called toys like ‘ball gags’ and ‘hog ties’. If people want to dress up and have sex whilst being physically constrained, I suppose that’s their prerogative. BUT… these choices don’t come out of nowhere, they don’t exist in a cultural vacuum. Sadly many women feel they are now in competition with porn and fall into this idea of giving their boyfriends the ‘porn star experience’. If that means consenting to sexual violence, we’re becoming one seriously fucked up society. “She said Yes to rough sex, she consented to choking and slapping and hair pulling, she said Yes to being bound, gagged and anally penetrated”. So how will the women who suffer these assaults and injuries have their day in court, if it’s all supposed to be ‘consensual’ and ‘play’? And also, there are going to be women who think that’s how sex is because the likes of Ann Summers — who have shops all over the UK — sell this shit to women.

    • susannunes

      Frederick’s of Hollywood, which sells exclusively online now, is full of this BDSM crap. Most of the “lingerie” is full of imitation leather and chokers, boots, extreme high heels, and the whole nine yards of the bondage crap. I was horrified to see this. Sexual perversions are being normalized, all because of porn, and women are being forced to partake in them for fear of losing the “love” of a violent man. This is the kind of garbage that sexual sadists, including serial killers, are addicted to.

  • Hekate Jayne

    All of the “empowerment” is going to end up killing us.

  • Hekate Jayne

    So a dude wins a dick lane race?

    Sounds right to me.

    I didn’t know that the Boston marathon was strict and lucrative. I thought you could just pay a fee and sign up, but only people that are pretty good at running get a chance to qualify, and there are some pretty sizable cash prizes. There is a male division and a female division, a male 1st place, female 1st place, etc.

    This is because it’s unfair to women, who have shorter leg span, less muscle mass, etc.

    But 4 dudes entered the female division, because LADYBRAIN! And LIPSTICK.

    The day of the race, I was checking it online, not because I like marathons, but because I wanted to see if any of the women had their rightful prize stolen by greedy, pathetic males.

    I gave up. Because anyone entered into the female division was being referred to as FEMALE. Regardless of reality or facts.

    Here we are. The media reports anyone as female based on male feels. And we are getting to the point that we are so erased and males are camoflauging right into us, and now I never know if the criminal, the winner, the victim, the perpetrators are male or female.

    And if we ask? We get shamed and verbally attacked.


  • Alienigena

    Now pediatricians are being asked to entrench the notion of gender identity. No notion of the fact that it is an oppressive concept to women and girls. Ugh.


  • regressive

    By replacing sex with gender, the Canadian government is officially positing that most babies ARE born with a masculine or feminine gender, thus discarding decades of research and writing about the role of socialization.

  • (((realinterrobang)))

    Chaucer did it, so why are you annoyed about it?

    I’d really like to hear a forensic pathologist weigh in on this non-binary nonsense. I have a few trans-identified friends, and I know that if any of them met with foul play and weren’t found until years later, for instance, they wouldn’t be identified as their “preferred gender,” because changing how you socially identify doesn’t change the shape and size of your skull, the shape and size of your forehead bone, the shape and size of your teeth, the length and size of your long bones, the angle your femur makes between your hip and knee, the shape of your pelvis, the size of the depressions on the bones where the muscles and tendons attach, the size of your sciatic notch…

    • Hanakai

      Nor does it change one’s DNA, which is in the bones and remains in the bones long after death.

    • It’s going to be illegal for coroner’s reports to specify the sex of the deceased :/

  • Also it makes it very difficult or impossible for us to have female-only spaces, because we have no way of being sure if someone is female or male (when it isn’t obvious, or when we are challenged).

  • Lucy Potato

    I’m a nurse and the bullshit consfusion this adds to providing appropriate care is enraging.

    • FierceMild

      I am in nursing school and the only context in which trans is ever mentioned is mental and sexual health. Not one person is confused about what sex they are.

      • Lucy Potato

        True enough. The majority of trans people I’ve dealt with have definitely been either psych in the ER or in a sexual health context. I’m probably more irritated by the administrative headache than actually worried I’ll confusedly put a speculum in some dude’s dick.

      • Wren

        That’s good to know!

  • Wren

    I’m an ESL teacher. Can you imagine trying to explain this (or any of the trans ideology) to second language learners?? It just underscores the insanity of it.

    • Blazing Fire

      LOL! That’d be interesting! I mean, to see the reactions from those students from far off countries when they this BS…

  • Wren

    As another poster here once pointed out, the highest rates of suicide are among white men, so oppression and suicidality are not necessarily related.

    But still, having myself survived suicide attempts, I totally agree.

  • Anthocerotopsida

    A birth certificate is supposed to state your sex, not how you feel about your sex. If that were true, my birth certificate would say “bitter about being born into the losing side of the patriarchy”. And we would all know that means ovaries.

  • Anthocerotopsida

    I’ve heard reporters refer to “non-consensual hitting”. What is wrong with us that we need to explain that hitting is non-consensual?! If a man hits a man, do we have to explain that it was non-consensual? If a man hits a woman outside of the bedroom do we have to explain that it was non-consensual? Or do we now assume that women want to be beaten during sex unless she states loud and clear that she would prefer not to be beaten? Fuck!

    I understand that some women are into that, I guess, but I believe we should normalize it in this way.

    • Blazing Fire

      >> “..some women are into that..”
      Only dudes claim so. I highly doubt this. May be some females might imagine they are into this (based on what the dudes say), but the very first time they get hit, they’ll rapidly change their mind – 100% – unless they have a very clear & serious case of mental disorder.

      Have you been hit (“lightly”) by a man? I have been – and it is nooooo waayy near the beating you got from your primary school teacher or mom when they thought you needed one. I used to hate wife-beating & had sub-zero respect for wife-beaters even before marriage, as a principle, but my idea of what the recipient experiences was certainly faar away from what I really experienced.. These girls who think they’ll be “into it” (because all men/media say that girls enjoy it), will get a jolt of a lifetime when they actually get into it – and will get “out of it” the very next moment.

  • Christine

    You’re spot on. It is certainly a red herring, and I find it deeply offensive.

  • Hanakai

    The best longitudinal study of individuals who underwent transgendering surgery found that the rates of suicide and depression were actually higher among those who had the surgery, and the rates of suicide and depression post-transition were higher than they were pre-transition.

    Most so-called transgender people suffer from multiple mental illnesses which are primarily responsible for their unhappiness and high suicide rate. Surgical mutilation does not cure mental illness —- which is why medicine stopped doing prefrontal lobotomies. Instead of amputating healthy body parts, miserable gender dysphoric folks would be much better served by getting mental health treatment.

  • Hekate Jayne

    Males, as a class, are abusing women, as a class. Up to the point of murder.

    When an individual woman is being abused by an individual male, we encourage them to leave. And we help them to do it. That’s why women created shelters for women that are being abused by a male.

    But as a class, we won’t leave. And I don’t understand it.

    I understand that not all women can leave, and I understand that lots of them have children. But there are still a lot of things that a lot of us can do. It wouldn’t take that many of us, either.

    And it isn’t about punishing males. It’s about protecting ourselves.

    • Women don’t, as a class, leave because straight women are too enamoured of men. They’re psychologically hooked on men through sexual desire, romantic desire and after they’ve had sons, through something I don’t know how to name. Idolatry of the male they’ve created?

      • Hekate Jayne

        The single greatest obstacle is that we continue to have children. If we would stop doing that one thing, this shit would quickly come to a boiling point and it would be ended, in one way or another.

        And the male children cause the biggest issue. I have seen the most radical feminist women devolve into MRA talking points when defending their little perfect princes. There was a discussion thread on Reddit recently about whether male children should be allowed into women only events. There is a sharp divide, and the women that think that male children should be included seem to all have sons. I was kind of shocked at the things these women were saying in defense of their sons, from saying bluntly that gender is the hardest for males, up to accusing women of “sexualizing” their male children by not wanting them to be included.

        I am heterosexual and married, although I believe that “romance” is a male created construct that is nothing but a specific set of behaviors that males fling at women in order to get the sex to come flying out at them. I don’t engage in PIV because of male control of female bodies. And he is on board with it, which is why he is still here. There are males, although probably not that many, that are ok with that. If we refused to have children and refused to risk pregnancy while we don’t have bodily autonomy and choice, that one action would create a real change.

        In the states, 3 of us are murdered every day by males because their man feels are hurt, and another 3 of us die from pregnancy related issues. That is 6 of us murdered every day by males, and there are too many of us in jail for miscarrying or aborting.

        So I don’t know what it will take. Or how big the pile of female bodies has to be.

  • susannunes

    There SHOULD be shame attached to it because it is a perversion. I will use that loaded word because it should be used. It is right there with necrophilia, pedophilia, and bestiality as sexual perversions.

    • Blazing Fire

      YES, YES, YYEESSS!!!

  • lk

    I’ve noticed this reversal as well.

    Your husband sounds like he has some common sense and decency…that is an excellent question…to his question I would add, how does a guy have an orgasm when he is physically or verbally harming his partner?

    I wonder what percentage of men who buy prostitutes are also into bdsm? It seems like a lot of men who buy prostitutes get off on hurting women.

  • FierceMild

    Eeeeeeeexactly. My husband actually physically cannot have sex if he thinks the other person isn’t actively enjoying it. That is authentic and empathetic male sexuality.

  • Blazing Fire

    Yups. That makes a whole lot of “sick and can’t be trusted” men out there… coz this is what they’ll learn from porn, and nearly all of them watch it.