What’s Current: Noura Hussein to be executed for stabbing her husband while he tried to rape her

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  • Noura Hussein, a 19-year-old Sudanese woman, has been sentenced to death for stabbing her husband, who she was forcibly married to. Within a week of being sent to live with the man, Hussein was held down by his relatives while he raped her. When her husband tried to rape her again the next day, she stabbed him and he died from his injuries. Hussein’s legal team has 15 days to appeal the decision.
  • Spotify has removed all of R. Kelly’s music from it’s playlists. Kelly is the first artist whose music has been cut from the streaming service’s playlists due to a new “Hate Content and Hateful Conduct Policy.” The music will still be available, but users will have to seek it out.
  • Bigue Ndao was stabbed to death in her home in Edmonton on Monday. Ahamdo Bubba Mbaye, her estranged partner and the father of her children, has now been charged.
  • Female students are occupying about a dozen universities in Chile to protest discrimination, harassment and sexist violence on campus.
  • A new study documents the experiences of women working in an open office designed by men:

“The researchers found that many women became hyper-aware of being constantly watched and their appearance constantly evaluated; multiple women told them that ‘there isn’t anywhere that you don’t feel watched.’ Of the men Hirst interviewed, there was no evidence they felt similarly or changed their actions as a result of the lack of privacy.”

Lisa Steacy
Lisa Steacy

Lisa Steacy is an Assistant Editor at Feminist Current. She has a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies from the University of Toronto. However, the women she met in her five years as a frontline worker and collective member with Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter deserve almost all of the credit for her feminist education. She lives in Vancouver with her partner and their cats.

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  • Hekate Jayne

    Link to the petition for Noura………


    Please consider signing, they want 75k signatures, they currently have 66k.

    Her own fucking family that tricked her into marrying a rapist didn’t come to her fucking trial.

    If the male government murders her for defending herself against a rapist, I want her to know that there are women everywhere, weeping for her. And that I am among them.

    We are so fucking powerless.

    • Kiwipally

      Where the fuck is Amnesty International? Oh that’s right, too busy advocating for TRA “rights”.


      • Hekate Jayne

        Amensty international entertained if gay males had the “human right” to have their own biological children.

        Amnesty international can go fuck themselves.

    • Robert Gonzalez

      Thank you for sharing the link, Hekate.

  • lk

    In another article about Noura, it says: “The Sharia (Islamic religious law) court convicted Ms Hussein of premeditated murder last month and on Thursday officially sentenced her to death by hanging, according to Reuters news agency.”

    In what universe does this constitute “premeditated murder”?

    I hope that the international attention on this story will lead to her conviction being overturned. But stories like this make me think of the millions of women and girls who will never hear about who have to suffer through forced marriages, rape, and domestic abuse…the women who suffer if they don’t fight back and are punished if they do.

    I read stories like this and cannot help but laugh at the ridiculous idea that women have cisprivilege.


    • Hekate Jayne

      I read an article yesterday from a ladymen that had the madz over all of the fucking “cis privilege” shown to women in the fucking handmaid’s tale.

      He was all THIS IS NOT ABOUT MEEEEEEEEEEEE, THOOOOOOOOO, WAAHWAAHWAAH. And I am like, dude, chill out, you would be there, you would just decide that you were wrong and that your lady brain doesn’t really make you a girl, you would throw on a suit and tie, adjust your fucking dick, learn a few bible verses, and BOOM. You would fit in just fine as a male in Gilead.

      Since, you know. He actually IS a fucking dude.

      But, yeah. Cis privilege. Totally a real thing for us. Yup.

  • Candice Smith

    I’m glad there’s an article on open office environments, otherwise known as “Share Space”

  • Hekate Jayne

    Nine hours ago, Noura’s petition had 66k signatures.

    At this time, it has over 110k.

    I know an online petition won’t save her. But if enough people give a shit, it might.

    I hope that this is good news.

  • Hekate Jayne

    Under that fucker’s eye.

  • Hekate Jayne

    The signatures are over 146k.

    This is just almost fucking unbearable to know. I am going a little crazy trying to figure out if I can do something for her.

  • Wren

    Amnesty International has zero credibility to radical feminists. If she had been offered money for sex, they would not be defending her.

  • Hekate Jayne

    I just assumed that AI wouldn’t care because they hate women.

    Why would anyone run to a woman hating organization about this?

    Now, if we were concerned with a woman’s “choice” to prostitute herself, or a gay dude looking for a uterus for rent, then AI would be the organisation for that.

  • Tobysgirl

    And this is why I cannot abide the hang-wringing of liberals regarding women’s status in Sudan, particularly refugee women. If you’re so bloody concerned about them, ARM THEM. Don’t arm UN “peacekeepers” who are males, arm the women so they can do their chores and shoot anyone who attempts to rob, rape, or murder them.

  • FierceMild

    “This woman” is still alive

  • Hekate Jayne

    AI has some fans, lol.

    I enjoy your comments, I always have.

    AI is making a show of quietly “supporting” Noura Hussein and I guess that we are supposed to give them cookies and trophies for it? And ignore the vast woman hating bullshit that they regularly engage in?

    I suppose that women that are critical of AI must be reigned in, though, like swatting an errant puppy with a fucking newspaper. We must not talk about male organizations that hate women because sometimes, they pretend they don’t hate us!

    Thank God there are always women around to remind us of that.

  • Hekate Jayne

    I enjoy your company, too, and your comments. I enjoy everyone here, really.

    When I walk around in the world, it feels lonely, a little bit. It’s like everyone took the same pill, and they just ignore reality.

    But here, I feel like I understand everyone else, and I feel understood.

    Maybe nothing will ever change. But at least I know the how and the why. And I am not the only one that knows.

    And there is something really good and positive in that.

  • Maureen

    You wrote, “AI has the resources to, but it isn’t rolling up its sleeves & getting to work – it has lazily turned over in bed & put up an article – like throwing a blanket on a ringing alarm clock.”

    In fact: “A group of activists trying to visit Hussein in prison were turned away on Tuesday, Amnesty International’s Sudan researcher, Ahmed Elzobier, told CNN.

    ‘There is a lot of pressure on the government, now that the EU, UN Women, and other agencies have issued a very strong statement,’ Elzobier said. ‘But unusually they (Sudanese government) have not issued a response. They’re keeping their heads down amid all the exposure.’

    The European Union Delegation issued a statement on Hussein’s case on Tuesday underlining their opposition to the death penalty and forced marriage. Amnesty International is petitioning for the Sudanese government to repeal the death penalty against Hussein, and allow her a retrial.”