What’s Current: Trans-identified CLP Women’s Officer plans party to celebrate women leaving UK Labour

Lily Madigan, a Labour Women’s Officer, plans party to celebrate women leaving UK Labour.
  • Constituency Labour Party Women’s Officer for Rochester and Strood, Lily Madigan, a trans-identified male, plans to host a party to celebrate women leaving the Labour Party in protest of Labour’s policy allowing men to self-identify their way onto all women candidate shortlists.
  • The Canadian commission on missing and murdered Indigenous women has issued an apology to victims’ families for delays in reimbursing the costs of counseling for those who shared their stories.
  • Female garment workers likely to bear the brunt of job losses as the garment industry automates their work.
  • The Brooklyn-based rapper, Fabolous, was supported in court by his partner Emily B, where he appeared due to charges relating to an incident where he hit her repeatedly, knocking out two of her front teeth.
  • The UK Green Party has suspended Olivia Palmer, who stood for candidacy with the party in 2015 and 2017, over her comments on the Channel 4 program, Genderquake. Palmer was accused of heckling a trans-identified male participant, Munroe Bergdorf. In a statement, Palmer says:

“I don’t believe that a biological male can ever be a woman. My trans friends are aware of my opinion on this and not all of them agree with me. However, they do not consider me to be transphobic. Transphobia is not a rejection of the idea of ‘innate gender’ anymore than Islamophobia or Antisemitism is the denial of the existence of God. It is an absolute insult to my friends who have experienced transphobia or homophobia in the form of beating, spitting, and abuse to dilute the word ‘transphobia’ to mean ‘disagreeing.'”

Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.