What’s Current: Saudi Arabia arrests women who campaigned to lift the kingdom’s driving ban

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  • Saudi police have arrested several people who campaigned against the ban on women driving, including women who participated in the protests and at least one man who represented them in court.
  • President Trump plans to announce a ban on federal funds going to any domestic clinic that provides abortion services, or referrals for abortion care.
  • A UK study indicates that bright girls from poor families are especially at risk of depression.
  • Journalist Joanna Chiu says that “sexpat” male foreign correspondents from Western news agencies ruin news coverage of Asia, and drive competent women out of the industry.
  • Korea Exposé is putting out their first short documentary, Feminism Reboot, covering the resurgence of feminist politics in the face of hostility and derision.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • therealcie

    Re: the article on poor, bright girls more likely to be depressed.
    Well, duh. They’re smart enough to see what’s going on in the world and to know what a steaming pile of suck it is. They know that girls have fewer opportunities from the get-go.
    I know. I used to be one of those girls.
    Now, by the time I was a teenager, my family was middle class, but we were on the lower end of the middle class spectrum. However, I went to school with a fair number of upper middle class kids. Believe me, they looked down their noses at me, and I knew it.
    The town I lived in also had very Bible Belt attitudes, although it wasn’t in the Bible Belt per se.
    I was branded a “slut” (even though I was still a virgin) because guys liked to hang out with me for some reason. I’ve never been sure why.
    I was branded a “Satan Worshiper” for stating that I thought that “socialized medicine, like they have in Sweden, is a good idea.” Also because I liked hard rock and metal music.
    The “Satan Worshiper” bit actually devolved from “socialist” to “communist” to “Satan Worshiper.” Which is the logical progression, I suppose, if you’re a closed-minded reactionary idiot who believes that a woman’s place is in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant, and nice girls don’t listen to that rock and roll devilry or do none of that there thinkin’ stuff.

    • Artemis

      I agree with you on the reason that these girls are depressed. Unfortunately the psychologist quoted in the article doesn’t. She thinks the brighter girls are just “more emotional” and “overthinking things”.

      So if we all just calm down and stop worrying our pretty little heads with all that nasty thinking, we’ll be fine.

  • Tobysgirl

    I want to address so-called “emotionality.” First, there is evidence that the brain only functions properly when the emotions are involved. For example, someone such as my sister may have a high IQ but because she has a very low EQ her brain really doesn’t work very well (her thinking is orthodox and very rigid). Second, in bourgeois culture passion is seen as a problem — one should first and foremost, particularly if female, be polite and controlled.
    I ran into this issue today talking to some crunchy whippersnapper at my local food co-op. A while back I spoke with a co-op employee about all their products that contain palm oil: no response. Then I sent a link to an article about how “sustainably” grown palm oil simply does not exist, the certification is nonsense, and a grocery chain in the U.K. is phasing out all products with palm oil. You guessed it, no response. Today I spoke with this little twerp (considerably younger than me and male), who seemed to have no knowledge whatsoever of palm oil, its ubiquitousness, and its devastating effects on the environment. When I said I realized the management of the co-op simply does not care, he brought out the old “language” argument — you always know when someone has nothing going on upstairs when they take issue with “language,” in this case simply saying that it is clear management does not care. I said I don’t subscribe to that bourgeois crap and went to check out. Yes, I get “emotional” when talking about something that is devastating to our planet and other life forms, and I get “emotional” when talking to a dunderhead.

  • FierceMild

    It’s because you’re bright! Now just work on being happy regardless of how you’re valued or treated, hon.

  • Dear Prudence

    Bright girls from poor families are at risk of being told their unhappiness with their fate as minimum wage sexually harassed baby factories for boys who are already treating them like shit is a brain disese that they need to treat with drugs that increase suiida feelings in chidlren and young adults.