What’s Current: Nepalese teen dies of snake bite while banished to a menstrual hut

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  • An 18-year-old Nepalese woman died from the bite of a snake that fell on her in her sleep, while she was forced to stay in the family’s Chhaupadi, or menstrual exile hut, during her monthly cycle.
  • In Orlando, a violent repeat offender and serial domestic abuser, who was in violation of his probation and suspended prison sentence terms, killed four children he was holding hostage before turning the gun on himself, after police responded to a domestic violence call. He was the father of two of the children he murdered.
  • A sex trade survivor, Micky Meji, explains why she resigned from a South African sex trade organization and now advocates for the Equality Model — also called the Nordic Model — of reform to sex trafficking laws.
  • An open letter to New Zealand government ministers from several self-described “sex workers” criticizes the practices of the New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective, says that they don’t represent the grassroots, and calls on the government to investigate their funding and monopolization of the policy debate around the sex trade.
  • The Indian peer outreach program, Save A Mother, helps women in some of India’s poorest villages get accurate information about pregnancy, nutrition, birth, and care for infants, dramatically reducing both maternal and infant mortality.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • FierceMild

    IKR? I’ve polled my male acquaintance about it over the years and there’s one recurring theme. It scares them. They know they couldn’t bleed for five days and be perfectly fine and it gives them the screaming heebiejeebies that we can.

    • Deborah

      Interesting. Now I wonder, is there anything about us that DOESN’T scare them?? The ever-increasing list of things that scare men with regards to women makes then seem ever the more lame and cowardly…

      • FierceMild

        One of us should compile a list of the things that scare men about us.

    • Mexican American Lesbian

      I specified heterosexual males because many gay friends of mine don’t seem to really care. I wonder whether there’s an element of sexual domination involved (as is with everything related to patriarchy).

    • Hekate Jayne

      I have heard or read something similar, that males freak the fuck out that we can bleed for days and not die.

      My personal opinion is that in order to keep the hierarchy, that we have to be degraded constantly. Our bodies are nasty, our reproductive systems are a liability, pregnancy is an inherent state of weakness, so males must protect us. We shouldn’t be confident, and we should remember that we are too disgusting to have sexual wants, we are way too gross for that. Our bodies are inferior to male bodies that are strong and pure and have the mark of true human greatness that is the penis. Nothing says HUMAN PERFECTION like a tiny crotch appendage that is used for pissing and is delicate enough to be torn off with a mediocre yank. Nevermind the testicles that can bring a dude down if they are slightly tapped. MANSTRENGTHS.

      This nonsense is just more male reversal. I mean, we create entire human beings out of our bodies. That is fucking AMAZING. Every person that is walking around today came from a woman that managed to bring them into existence. I have never done it, but you have. For months, you shared your body with another person that you didn’t know, just to give her life. And you went through the birth, all for a person that you didn’t know. The birthing process, that is so often deadly, especially in our country, and also really expensive, and you did it. She has life because you chose to give it to her.

      All of that, and much more, is fucking AMAZING. No One would exist if not for women facing death to bring them into existence.

      Compared to dudes, who contribute 0.0000000000000000000001% to the entire reproduction process. And really, there’s an abundance of sperm, it’s not hard to find. And you can get sperm from a dead body for 48 hours, or so, after death.

      We don’t even need a live male to reproduce. And while I find that to be fucking hilarious, males find it terrifying and they spend their life in a kind of existential crisis about how they are not needed. Everything that they do seems to stem from terror and panic that we will discover what they already know about how useless they are, and they divert with violence and control in hopes that we won’t notice. Or if we do notice, that we are too tired and trapped to do anything about it.

      Menstruation is part of reproducing life, so of course, males hate that we can do it when they can’t.

      • fluffywhitedog fluffy

        Hekate, I’ve just discovered your blog Radfem Spiralling and I freaking LOVE it. Just confirming that it is yours?

        • Hekate Jayne

          Yep, it’s me.


          I read a lot of stuff, but I only talk here at FC or on my own blog, mostly. I also have fallen into a 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off the entire internet.

          I am happy to see you there. A few of my followers are excellent radical feminist bloggers, too, if you look around.

          Thank you for the compliments and thank you for visiting me. I am looking forward to talking more with you.

          • Frilly Prosecutor

            Hekate, I also found your blog earlier today from a comment you left on a different article on here (I meant to thank you before but forgot which article it was). I’ve been feeling more and more uneasy and angered hearing about men putting on womanface and invading women’s spaces but wasn’t aware there were so many others who felt the same way, as the only “feminism” I’ve been exposed to lately is the type spouted by the libfems. I could never accept their bullshit pro-porn, pro-prostitution mantras as “empowering.” I’m learning a lot not just from the FC articles but also from the excellent reader comments, so thank you and much love to you all.

          • Hekate Jayne

            Welcome, we are glad that you are here and I am happy to meet you.

          • Unree

            Would it be okay with Meghan (and you) if you gave us a link? I value your posts here at FC and would enjoy visiting your blog, but the search engine I used yielded nothing when I typed “radfem spiralling.” The blog called jaynehecate.yolasite.com doesn’t look like the right one. Thanks.

          • Meghan Murphy

            Fine with me, of course!

      • TwinMamaManly

        Have you come across the phenomena of uterus transplants? The original idea was to give women born without a uterus to chance to be pregnant and give birth (at $200K++ for the experience). I came across an article of a TIM who was takjing about their excitement that that opportunity might be possible for them….frankenscience at its best.

        • Hekate Jayne

          Males are so fucking stupid.

          They call their surgical broholes a “vagina” because, to a male, a functioning vagina is a hole that can take a dick. When they actually acknowledge our uterus, they view it as an empty fetus pocket, like a fucking kangaroo.

          Carrying a fetus to term isn’t just having a fetus in a uterus, our bodies supply it with everything. Also, their fucking dainty male pelvis would break apart in the birth because male bodies can’t create life. They weren’t meant to.

          And at the end of a pregnancy, there’s a baby to take care of. Since baby caretaking doesn’t give them a boner (at least, I hope not, but males are gross so who really knows), they won’t be bothered.

          What a bunch of assholes.

    • fluffywhitedog fluffy

      The idiots don’t realise that it’s not actually blood???

  • fluffywhitedog fluffy

    All mens’ religion suck and are just an excuse to worship the penis and oppress women without guilt. The entirety of the patriarchy is cultural extremism by default. What’s happening with the Islamic invasion is lefty dudes collaborating with Muslim dudes to terrorise both of their female populations, while abusing female empathy to let it happen.

  • Meghan Murphy

    The way men behave w/r/t women’s bodies is ridiculous. They can be such babies.