What’s Current: UK launches public consultation on proposed changes to Gender Recognition Act

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  • As the Tory government prepares to consider changes to the UK Gender Recognition Act (GRA), a new poll (PDF) reveals that only 18 percent of respondents — 13 percent of Tory voters, 18 percent of Lib Dem voters, and 24 percent of Labour voters — support following a self-identification standard without a doctor’s approval.
  • An open letter in the Morning Star calls for an end to intimidation tactics aimed at silencing women’s participation in the GRA debate.
  • In the US, a three-year-old refugee girl has died of her wounds, after an American citizen attacked and injured nine people at her birthday party with a knife. The victims’ families are refugees from Ethiopia, Iraq, and Syria.
  • Female sports journalists reporting on the World Cup matches are also reporting on the sexual harassment they face at work.
  • Ochanomizu University, a women’s college in Tokyo, will begin accepting trans-identified male students in 2020.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • TwinMamaManly

    I would like to add some “good” news that the vandal who defaced Eurydice Dixon’s memorial with graffiti has been arrested and charged, and now named and shamed ANDREW NOICH. Shocking no one, its a white male aggrieved he was excluded from the Melbourne comedian circuit because he peddled anti-vaxx propaganda. He claimed he committed the act of offensive vandalism because he was upset that vaccines caused Eurydice’s killer’s autism. There were hateful MRA posts on his FB blaming the an MSM conspiracy for brainwashing society that males are bad and they are to blame:

    “The mainstream media is running a brainwashing program which is designed to make everyone think that males are bad. Any event that comes along they twist the reporting so that average males are made to feel as bad as if they did it.”

    So as usual we have a 30-something white male with delusions of conspiracy theory, male entitlement and an MRA attitude blaming women for his problems and absolving men from violence against women as a MSM conspiracy.

  • lk

    Re: Japan women’s university to accept transgender students

    “It is desirable that many universities take steps in the direction of understanding the needs of sexual minorities”

    Omg…biological males are not minorities…they make up half of the human population…

    I’m guessing its only a matter of time before all women-only spaces are going to be open to men….smh