What’s Current: Comedian Andrew Nolch charged over graffiti at Eurydice Dixon’s memorial

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Andrew Nolch
  • Comedian Andrew Nolch has been charged with criminal damage, offensive behaviour, and marking offensive graffiti after police officers found lewd paint markings on the soccer pitch where Eurydice Dixon’s body was found. Nolch had posted about Dixon’s murder on social media, saying, “The mainstream media is running a brainwashing program which is designed to make everyone think that males are bad.”
  • The capital of Tunisia elected its first-ever female mayor on Tuesday. Souad Abderrahim, 53, is the first woman to be mayor of an Arab capital.
  • Scarlett Johansson is being criticized for planning to play Dante (Tex) Gill, a lesbian who owned a number of massage parlours in Pittsburgh, wore men’s clothing, and preferred to be called “Mr. Gill,” in an upcoming movie called Rub & Tug.

  • The former creative-writing student at the University of British Columbia who was the main complainant (MC) in the Steven Galloway case says her copy of the findings is missing key information about her complaint, and is calling on Galloway to let UBC give her the information.
Meghan Murphy
Meghan Murphy

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  • therealcie

    Seeing pictures of Tex Gill, I think that the actress who played Big Boo in Orange is the New Black would be a more apt choice than Scarlett Johanssen. There’s certainly a tendency to cast conventionally attractive people, even playing the part of a person who wasn’t conventionally attractive. However, I know that’s not what the flap is about.
    Re: Andrew Nolch and his BUT WHUT ABUT TEH MENZZZZZZZ?????” rant:
    STFU, MRA. Defacing the memorial of a murdered person is the act of a sociopathic adolescent. Please fuck off back into obscurity.

  • お茶

    Is anyone else having problems with the spam filter here? My last two (unique) posts got flagged. I don’t think it is a moderation issue as I’ve had similar posts approved. I’m able to post on other sites OK.

    • Meghan Murphy

      It’s a very sensitive spam filter… It was not always so sensitive… Sorry about that! Will go take a look.

  • oneclickboedicea

    Andrew Nolch defaces a rape and murder victim’s memorial and then says it wasn’t personal … I think to her friends and family and the rest of the world defacing a memorial is a very personally abusive thing to do. This man needs a punch in the balls to teach him some manners and to get his gigantic MRA head out of his arse.

  • susannunes

    White men as a group have too much to lose in a more fair and just society. That is the problem in a nutshell. These guys don’t even realize the path was greased for them from birth. They would be coddled as kids, and then grow up and be able to point to a job, get hired, and get paid inflated “family wages.” This is without regard to experience, skills, or education. Then they would find some woman to do the domestic labor and pop out kids. It’s an easy life for a white male in our society. Poverty isn’t common among adult white males as opposed to females, children, and POC. The minute the playing field becomes just a little bit more fair, they have a collective fit. These men don’t want to be “educated.” They want their unchallenged privilege back. They can’t be changed.

  • Cangle

    Nolch admits guilt.


    Defiling a murdered woman’s memorial with obscene graffiti (whatever that was) and blaming feminists….throw the book at him.

    Smug predator, what’s he got on his hard drive?

  • Misanthropia

    Re : the Eurydice Dixon thing. Look at how males hate women. First they rape us then kill us then deface our graves. Fuck men, I hate them so much.

  • Jeez, and I thought it was men themselves, by raping and murdering women, who were making men look bad.

  • Meghan Murphy

    It’s practically impossible to figure out what happened. I have been trying since the get go. It’s incredibly frustrating.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Fixed! Apologies.

  • corvid

    Re: the Johansson situation
    Okay. So this is a film based on the life of a FEMALE PIMP, a true and shining example of betrayal of the female sex grounded in misogyny, self-loathing and greed. And all liberals care about is trans representation.

    Women do not exist to these people. We are here to be their doormat, their punching bag, their “identity,” to provide orifices for men to fuck, buy and sell, to wipe babies’ asses, etc. I’m beyond done with this sick bullshit.

  • kfwkfw

    Yes! I really love this comment