What’s Current: Lesbian feminists lead London Pride parade

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  • Lesbian feminists marched at the front of the London Pride parade on Saturday, with messages supporting lesbian rights and opposing lesbian erasure. Jo Bartosch writes:

“In an audacious move, lesbian feminist campaigners Get the L Out marched to the front of the Pride bearing banners with the words ‘Lesbian = Female Homosexual’ ‘Lesbian Not Queer’ and ‘Transactivism Erases Lesbians.’  Pride London organisers told them their banners were ‘offensive’ and bystanders harassed and swore at the women.”

  • An Iranian teen girl has been detained by authorities over an Instagram post of herself dancing, while a woman who engaged in a protest against mandatory hijab has been sentenced to two years in prison, with an additional 18-year suspended sentence.
  • The US delegation to the United Nations surprised the world by objecting to a UN resolution supporting breastfeeding, and threatening economic retaliation against its supporters, until Russia agreed to sponsor the resolution instead and deliberations moved on.
  • Tens of thousands of South Korean women demonstrated again over the weekend in opposition to an epidemic of surreptitiously filmed spy camera pornography, known as molka.
  • The razor brand, Billie, has had its advertisement go viral after showing a woman with body hair.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Sharpie

    I’m proud of the lesbians standing up for themselves, good job girls!

    I’m very happy that the South Korean women are fighting the system. Most south Korean men are awful, 80% have admitted to abusing women either sexually, physically or emotionally. Not to mention the stalkers, the ones that put cameras in women’s space, the pimps etc. Those women have it really bad, I hope they get the help they need.

  • Laura P.

    Notice how it’s always lesbians whom the queer and trans brigades want to erase, appropriate, or often both simultaneously. I’d like to see them try it against gay men, but we know that that will never happen.

    • regressive

      Interestingly, they’ve never referred to straight men as “vagina fetishists”…

    • Tobysgirl

      I know there are straight women who want to pretend they are gay men (and of course gay men will have nothing to do with them). I wish some of these women would scream transphobia at gay men and have it make the news.

  • Frilly Prosecutor

    Re: South Korean spycam porn. What is it with men’s obsession with women’s toilets? Men the world over are regularly caught spying on women using the toilet but I’ve never heard of anything like the scale of the issue in South Korea. Worse, they only receive a slap on the wrist. I propose a better, more effective punishment: just kill them. And of course in the West we have trans identified males desperate to get into our toilets, locker rooms, showers, saunas, refuges, etc.

    When I was in primary school we used to change for PE in the classroom, all boys and girls together but in the final year, Year 6 (age 10-11) we didn’t have locker rooms, so we changed in the toilets. We had a new male PE teacher who would barge into the girls’ toilets when we were changing, on the pretext of telling us to hurry up or we’d be late for PE, despite there being plenty of time. I don’t think any of us knew the word paedophile back then or properly understood what it meant but we knew what he was doing was creepy and wrong. As far as I know he hadn’t actually touched any girl (yet). We told our female teachers many, many times about him but they didn’t seem too interested. Eventually he simply ‘disappeared’ one day and no one would tell us anything. This was in the 1990s so I don’t know if the technology was readily available for secret cameras in those days. I even tried looking him up the other day, “Mr Pope paedophile” plus the name of my school but my searches turned up nothing. Someone like him surely must have a criminal record. Hopefully he died a horrible, painful death though and that’s why there’s no news of him.

    • Tobysgirl

      I wrote an essay for that cesspit Counterpunch (in response to a silly piece by Elizabeth West they had published) and started off with men’s obsession with women’s toilets. Needless to say, CP did not publish my essay and it’s always made me wonder about the boys at Counterpunch and their obsession with women’s toilets!

    • Tobysgirl

      I decided maybe I should be explicit about how I began my piece for Counterpunch. There was a man in the New Hampshire/Maine area who got into women’s LATRINES. He did it once and was caught, and then he did it again and was caught. Can any woman imagine that degree of sick perversion? I don’t think so!

  • Franquoi

    I am a lesbian. I am queer. I support feminist activism. I support trans activism. I don’t think trans women are “real” women. I dont think I have “cis privilege” – show me a woman who is not upper class and has ANY privilege and I’ll show you a pink monkey from outer space. I dont think trans women have “male privilege” (read their stories guys) I think a sign saying “Trans activism erases lesbians” is obviously provocative and prevents dialogue – and obviously we need it! What were these women thinking? we don’t need to fight trans acitvism – we need to fight distorted notions of what trans activism should be.

    • some woman

      Feminine men still have male privilege. They were born and socialized as male in a society where males dominate. Masculinity can be stifling and limitating, but the idea that men are oppressed by patriarchy is a men’s rights activist’s concept.

    • Tobysgirl

      Precisely what dialogue are you thinking of? Wearing a T-shirt that says I punch TERFS? Killing a lesbian couple and their son in their home? Raping women in a shelter for battered women? Telling young women who are gender-nonconforming that they are men and should have surgeries and take hormones?

    • Anita Perry

      Redefining homosexuality itself is the ultimate form of homophobia. Homosexuality is based on same sex attraction not gender identity. Colonizing and co-opting lesbian identity is a form of appropriation. So, stating “Trans activism erases lesbians” is true. Males are not lesbian. There is no such thing as “trans lesbians”. These are heterosexual male cross dressers. The “Cotton Ceiling” was first coined in 2012, and this insanity just keeps getting more Orwellian all the time. Lesbians have been under siege for years. If anything, these brave women should have been protesting years ago.

      I’m a lesbian, and I can say with all certainty that gender identity politics has caused me more emotional pain and misery than all the homophobic things I’ve heard all my life. And, when I was growing up, I heard a lot of homophobic comments. None of it comes close to what I’ve experienced from gender identity politics. TERF death threats are far more frightening to me than what I’ve heard from redneck homophobes. The Dana Rivers case of the triple homicide of a lesbian couple and their son actually gave me nightmares. I know that if a transwoman pulled a Dana Rivers on me, it wouldn’t even make the news at trans and queer controlled LGBTQIA media. And, the “Cotton Ceiling” felt like the rape of my lesbian soul. If straight men pulled this off, they would be branded homophobic cretins. Straight men expecting sex from lesbians is homophobic and creepy. According to the “Cotton Ceiling” theory first coined by a trans porn star, lesbians are transphobic bigots for not wanting penis on a transwoman.

      As to male privilege, don’t tell me that transwomen (males) don’t have male privilege. How can a human male socialized as male for twenty or thirty years of his life suddenly lose all his male socialization. Most transwomen are heterosexual, and most still have their male genitalia. They have no idea how women are treated. Wealthy white heterosexual males fund transgender (George Soros, James, “Jennifer”, Pritzker, Martine Rothblatt, Jenner, etc.). Pritzker, Rothblatt, and Jenner are wealthy white heterosexual males who made a ton of money before leaving the wife and kids.

      This is a quick run down of the ongoing, systematic erasure and harassment of lesbians.

      *Trans activists harassed the hell out of Michigan Women’s Music Festival. This went on for years.

      *In 2012, a trans porn star comes up with the rapey “Cotton Ceiling” theory in an attempt to explain why lesbians don’t want a transwoman’s penis.

      *A transwoman who was part of Camp Trans is on trial in Oakland for slaughtering a lesbian family. All trans/queer controlled LGBTQIAWTF buried the story as if it never happened, or say a “woman” committed the crime.

      *Trans Dykes wear “I Punch TERFs” shirts at Gay Pride in SF.

      *Trans Dykes/Degenderettes exhibit baseball bats covered in barbed wire in a clear attempt to intimidate uppity TERFs.

      *Any woman (lesbian, bisexual, or straight) who mis-genders a transwoman could get TERF death threats. Go to http://www.terfisaslur.com. Or, better yet, take the time to read what happened to Meghan Murphy after she wrote about this attack.

      *A 26 year old transwoman at Hyde Park in London is convicted of assaulting a 60 year “TERF”.

      • edgySF

        * A lesbian was bashed by “queer” women during June (gay pride month) after leaving a gay bar in St. Louis called the Grey Fox Pub. The lesbian had complained to the bartender about being bulled by the self-proclaimed “queers,” & he told he her he didn’t want any “lesbian drama” & kicked her out of the bar, where the so-called “queers” were waiting for her. They bragged about the bashing online, & the Grey Fox Pub claims the lesbian deserved the beating because of what she said inside the bar.

        • Tobysgirl

          I know, this incident is very upsetting, and because the queer leader is from a wealthy family there will be no repercussions. I wish the victim felt she could engage in a civil suit. And, once again, I wish women would think carefully about the environments in which they decide to get drunk (victim was very drunk when she left the bar). I am not saying at all that she had any responsibility for what happened, just that it’s dangerous to be that vulnerable in public places.

    • Anita Perry

      “Trans activism erases lesbians”


      Lesbians identity is being colonized and co-opted by heterosexual males who call themselves “lesbian”. Males are not lesbian. Calling males “lesbian” is misogynistic and homophobic, not to mention just plain creepy. There is no such thing as “trans lesbians”. These are heterosexual cross dressing males.

      “Trans activism erases lesbians”


      Please take time to do some research. Historically, we do know that medical “transitioning” has been used as a form of homosexual eugenics. Indeed, it has been going on for years in Iran. In Iran, gay men and lesbians are being coerced into sex reassignment surgery. In western countries, we are more subtle with our particular brand of lesbian eugenics. Gender clinics start young girls out on GnRH analogues at age 10 or 11, and testosterone at 15 or 16. Lesbians are being “transitioned” to near extinction. The number of children referred to “gender clinics” has risen by at least 930 percent in the UK, and now the number of girls is more than the number of boys. We are talking about close to 1,000 percent increase in some clinics. This is not an exaggeration.

      Several sources are tracking this, and it does smack of lesbian eugenics. It’s not a matter of whether or not lesbian eugenics is happening, it’s a matter of degree. Below are a few links. Do the research.





      “Trans activism erases lesbians”


      When lesbians are silenced, it’s a form of lesbian erasure. When lesbians are branded evil “TERFs” for expressing an opinion, lesbian voices are silenced. Make no mistake. Any woman, whether straight, bisexual, or lesbian, can be accused of “transphobia” for using the wrong pronoun.

      Go to http://www.terfisaslur.com

      “Trans activism erases lesbians”


      If convicted of slaughtering a lesbian couple and their son in their own home in the middle of the night, transwoman Dana Rivers would be guilty of literally erasing the physical existence of lesbians.

      Finally, trans activists are lying like hell when they say no transwoman (male) would ever harm women. Transwomen offend at the same rate as other males. This includes the same rate of violent crime and the same rate of sex crimes.

      • acommentator

        “Trans activism erases lesbians”

        What does that mean, though? That is an echo of what trans activists say. Which they go ont to say borders on genocide in some theoretical, non-actual, but somehow equally important to really killing them way. IMO, no one’s activism can “erase” anyone.

    • Chicken Little

      Franquoi, you say you support trans activism but then you say “trans women are not ‘real’ women.” Saying you acknowledge that trans women are not real women (no kidding… what gave it away? Their cocks or their balls?) will get you labeled a terf. How then can you support that ridiculous hypocritical bullshit inherent in trans activism? All it is is a bunch of woman-hating crap! And MtF trannies don’t have male privilege? How do you explain all their “punch a terf” dick-swinging NONSENSE???

  • skilletblonde

    You can plainly see that the LGBTQ Movement is male centered. In my opinion (and it’s just my opinion) about 75% of it is about men doing some redefinition, mocking, or simulation of biological females. Whether it’s men simply using mannerisms associated with femininity, drag culture, or transgenderism, it’s all some parody of women. Furthermore, gay men operate prominently in women’s spaces. Whether it’s fashion, cosmetics, or hair, gay men have been given an insurmountable amount of power to define the aesthetics of womanhood. The question is why? Is it due to the rejection of straight men-that they had no place else to go. We can all speculate. But where we made our mistake was giving them a pass on misogyny because they were being oppressed. Hell, so are we.

    Lastly, I applaud the lesbian feminists who dominated the Pride Parade. However, I think that women, whether they be straight or gay, need to step away from civil rights groups dominated by men. They always look out for number one. To this day we are still responding to men’s definition of us. We must take the reins from men and define our own womanhood. Men have never let women define them in anyway. Never!

  • Anita Perry

    There is a reason why brain dead, corporate owned mainstream media has no credibility left. How in the hell can they call these violent males “she” or “women”. I watched the terrifying video. He clearly looks like a long haired male. The article says, “she was in a state of psychosis at the time of the attack, which was caused by her mental illness and a “toxic mixture” of gender transition hormone medication, cannabis, amphetamines and alcohol.” The last thing that we need is mentally ill violent transwomen (males) doped up on meth, alcohol, whatever. If he has a mental illness, why did he “transition”? If he is crazy to being with, maybe his belief that he is a “woman” is part of his delusional behavior. And, then when they go on a violent spree, the mainstream media portrays them as poor innocent victims.

    • TwinMamaManly

      The vast majority of male identified trans women have autogynephia, which is a mental disorder. Most transgenders (of both sexes) present comorbidity with other mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety etc. The transactivist movement pushes the theme that they suffer from those illnesses BECAUSE of their “body dysphoria”, and see transitioning as a solution. The current treatment for patients presenting with body dysphoria (most concernly with minors) fails to investigate why the patient may be suffering and automatically defaults to the dysphoria being the problem. However, for the vast majority of those who transition, their mental illnesses follow them and the suicide rate remains constant (meaning the movement’s claim that by denying them the right to transition and be validated in their chosen gender by awarding them access to women’s spaces and erasure of women’s rights, and if women actually speak out about this or question it, we are called TERFs, bigots and transphobic, and claimed we are committing violence against them).

      It’s astonishing how the movement has gained such traction in such a short period of time, and particularly in Canada, US, UK, laws are being passed to protect male identified trans women at the expense of biological women and girls.

      For instance, one practical, recent example here in Australia is the gender neutral toilets at the AFL game in Melbourne. Was it women who had to give up their facilities to accommodate this policy? Or was it men’s? There are plentiful examples of males using this policy to access formerly sex-segregated public spaces and then preying on women – cameras, flashing, assault etc.

  • Laura P.

    I know, right? Can you imagine the outrage if a lesbian were ever to express the same level of disgust at male bodies?

    • TwinMamaManly

      Well…they’re called transphobic, bigots, and accused of being murderers by “literally killing them with violence”

    • Alienigena

      Not lesbian but frankly male genitalia usually looks like some kind of diseased fungal growth to me, so it is really best kept covered.

  • TwinMamaManly

    Yes – what I mean is a biological male identifying as a trans woman. Thank you for asking!

  • acommentator

    I doubt the gay men would care. Certainly, your regular straight man does not care when MtF claim that straight men are transphobic for not wanting to date them. The straight male response is “of course I am transphobic, I’m straight.”

  • Stefy

    I agree sort of, but I also think there is jealousy. Both straight and gay men are jealous of women, but for different reasons.