What’s Current: Scarlett Johanson withdraws from playing Dante ‘Tex’ Gill after backlash from trans activists

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  • Scarlett Johansson has withdrawn from being cast as lesbian massage parlor and brothel owner, Dante “Tex” Gill, in the upcoming film, Rub and Tug, after her casting was described as “transphobic” and generated significant backlash from queer historical revisionists.
  • Councillor Gregor Murray, a man who identifies as “non-binary,” and the children and families convenor for Dundee, has apologized for a series of Twitter rants where he referred to the lesbian feminists who led the London Pride parade as, “utter c***s,” and “transphobic b******.”
  • Mothers in immigrant detention at the US border are staging hunger strikes, demanding calls with their separated children.
  • A Brisbane District Court has heard that the former media advisor for the charity, One Nation, told a woman he’s accused of raping that he knew “all of the police,” and told her, “you’ve got nowhere to go, I will kill you.”
  • Newly released data from the Vancouver Police Department shows that Indigenous women are stopped by police at roughly 10 times their rate of representation in the population. Indigenous and civil rights advocates are asking for an investigation.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Elara

    “Queer historical revisionists” is a good way to describe these idiots, “LIAR” also works splendidly. Anyone else felt like they were going to lose their shit reading the rewriting of history that was circulating on social media during Pride month?

  • Hanakai

    Trans Mafia 1 Women 0

    It seems that the delusional and histrionic trans ideologues have won the culture wars. The masses of humans are stupid and misogynistic enough to buy the delusions of male fake women than to accept science and the reality of real women. Ugh.

    • There’s an old saying: They won the battle, not the war. This is infuriating, and I posted “male entitlement in drag” about tit, but as long as we fight back, they haven’t won. They can never stop us all.

      • Hanakai

        Well, it seems that the Trans Mafia has won a lot of battles lately. Political entities in the US, states and cities, have passed legislation making it a hate crime to assault a transsexual, while attacks on women do not get hate crime status, even when motivated by the vilest misogyny. The language of genderism and trans-ideology has been adopted by the media and academia, so that real women are now referred to as cis-women. In their signature blocks, academics now note which gender pronouns they want used in reference to themselves. Everywhere one finds this “gender assigned at birth” language. Huge abuse is aimed at anyone who insists on the truth that one’s sex cannot be changed and that it is a delusion to think one is of the other sex than one’s biology.

        All the liberal and leftist American publications have completely bought into trans insanity and trans ideology. A big millennial news source, Slate, has a transsexual writing their advice column; even the New York Times has put a transsexual fake-female on its op-ed staff. Children are being given hormones that will render them permanently sterile, this in the name of transgenderism. Medical institutions are opening Transgender departments. Despite transsexuals being a tiny tiny fraction of the population, they are now way overrrepresented in media, publications, articles. And trannie fake women are being allowed into women-only spaces and to compete in women-only events. And the millennial generation has totally accepted transgenderism as real and normal. Anyone who expresses the truth that transgenders are mentally ill and need mental health treatment and that sex cannot be changed is shouted down and hounded as an unwoke transphobe.

        Wars are won by winning key battles, and so far real women are not prevailing on any front. However, even the medical professionals are forced to admit that most claimed transgenders have numerous mental and emotional problems, comorbidities, and perhaps reason and scientific reality will ultimate prevail.

        • Tobysgirl

          What I want to see prevail is massive lawsuits by children who grow up and realize what has been done to them.

  • Midori

    First story: Actress playing gnc lesbian makes the trans activists angry, because they really want to paint said lesbian as trans man. ~.~ Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Johansson and I think that Dante “Tex” Gill was a terrible woman, who doesn’t even deserve her own movie, but this outrage is ridiculous.

    Second story: Ah yes, gender politics…a haven for misogynistic and lesbophobic man. Dude just needed to call himself non-binary (though I always have to laugh when they call themselves non-binary man or woman, because how can you be non-binary and a man or woman at the same time, when non-binary literally means neither man nor woman) and can all of a sudden use every disgusting slur against women and it’ll be seen as progressive. I’m sure it just flew into his face, because he is in the public eye.

  • I feel the most disgusting part is, those same people who harassed and bullied Johanson are the people who were outraged by fanboys harassing and bullying actors and actresses for things MRAs hate. And oh did they say so many right things about why is it a bad course of action, a very vile and nasty thing to do and also a real punishable crime (cyberbullying) in many countries.
    But apparently, when it is for the “good” reason, harassment campaign is all right?

    It’s kinda “caveman ethics”: when they steal my cow, it’s bad thing to do, but when I steal their cow it’s good and righteous thing.

    • Tobysgirl

      I figured this one out years ago. There’s nothing like living in rural America to get a close-up view of your neighbor’s every pimple. The prevailing ethos was and is:
      YOU need to obey the law. But ME, I get to do whatever the fuck I want. This is especially popular with law and order types.

  • Tired

    One Nation is a racist right wing micro political party not a charity. Absolutely no surprise at all one of their advisers would be in this kind of trouble. Some of their candidates have also been in serious trouble

    • Yeah. Paint me shocked by that revelation huh…

      But yes, One Nation is a political party. Headed by Pauline Hanson.

  • Well, I’m not from the US, but we live in times when any ideology seems to go in package deals. You want social service, minimum wages laws, free higher education and medicine? You should also want all-round trans rights, tumblrgenders and all that dreck. Same with the opposite.

    Though I’m most fascinated with (again) sweet caveman ethics of those lefties: when they need, they’d say that “there’s no binary sex”, but when they need, they’d say that “trans ppl have brains of the opposite sex”.
    Which makes me cringe as it is exactly what was proposed as “reason” for homosexuality back in XIX century (and here’s why we have “bi-sexual” people, it means their brain combines both sexes).

    • Stefy

      Privet. I’m not either.

  • BeeWall

    I’m surprised Murray is still in office. It’s not his first rodeo with misogyny by way of Google research. Hope he’s gently shoved off a cliff fairly soon, figuratively, of course. He’s vile.

  • Tobysgirl

    You’re absolutely wrong. Border patrol is stopping cars in New Hampshire and Maine and inquiring as to citizenship. If this happens to me, I shall hope I am as brave as the young man on television who refused to answer them. They then detain you and eventually let you go.

  • Tobysgirl

    My husband heard a radio show dealing with the women who have come to the U.S. border from Guatemala. (If you want to feel truly sick, read William Blum’s chapter in Killing Hope on what the U.S. has done in Guatemala for the past 60+ years.) The women have often left because the killing squads (undoubtedly supported politically and armed by the U.S.) are coming to their homes and killing their children. One assumes that the men have often already been murdered. Guatemala has engaged in a decades-old campaign of killing indigenous people, one of those uncomfortable little factoids American liberals turn a blind eye to.

  • Scifimaster92

    Even so, it’s not wise to allow corporations like Monsanto to own the biodiversity and living genome of this planet. After all, they’re only in it for themselves, not for the public good.

  • Meghan Murphy

    No, children can’t ‘speak for themselves’ in all contexts. Adults are not beholden to doing everything children demand.

  • Tobysgirl

    You are sick. I don’t usually say such things to commenters online, but you are sick, sick, sick. You do not mess with a healthy child’s body even if they are mentally fragile and unwell. And you certainly do not let ANYONE threaten suicide if they don’t get their way. This is pure abusive behavior, and parents have not done a very good job if they allow children to behave in this way. Children who are demanding these things are completely out of touch with reality, everyday physical grounded reality, and I feel really bad for them. Parents need to get their kids off the screens and into planting things, taking care of animals, learning to cook and sew and take care of a car, etc, etc, etc. And you need to get a life.