What’s Current: Canadian woman files human rights suit against female recovery shelter after being forced to share a room with a man

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  • A Canadian woman, Kristi Hanna, has filed a human rights suit against the Jean Tweed Centre, a women-only addiction recovery shelter in Toronto, after she was forced to share a room with a trans-identified male. Hanna was told by staff at Ontario’s Human Rights Legal Support Centre that referring to her roommate as a male meant that she was a potential respondent to a human rights complaint, herself, and they refused to speak to her further.
  • The Australian reports that Victorian civil servants are now mandated to use “they” as a gender neutral pronoun on the first Wednesday of every month in order to raise awareness of non-binary identities.
  • Edward Lord, who is leading a City of London initiative to end all sex-segregated, female-only spaces, has been challenged on his membership in a men-only Freemasons group.
  • Harvey Weinstein has filed to have charges against him dismissed, claiming that he was in a consensual relationship with his accuser.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Midori

    First story: It’s amazing. Amazing. I mean, imagine being a woman, who seeks shelter in a women-only shelter (of any kind!), only to find out that it’s actually not women-only and then you get told that the FEELINGS of men, who call themselves women are more important than your LIVED REALITY and the abuse you suffer, because you’re female!

    Second story: For everyone? What about the people, who don’t want to be called “they”? Isn’t the gender/trans community always screaming very loudly about MISGENDERING and how it is LITERAL VIOLENCE and WORSE THAN RAPE? Well, I guess it’s not violence when they’re doing it to other people…how typical.
    These people are really ready to change whole laws in favour of a few “gender specials” and see how fast all of this is going?! It took women decades, oh what…centuries to get female-only toilets (and in some countries women are still fighting for them), but as soon as men say they’re women and want to use our toilets, all of a sudden women-only spaces aren’t important anymore, because male feelings.

    Also, that Freemasons story makes me laugh (not in a good way). So this dude is like: “Oh yes, Freemasons should accpet anyone, but I alone cannot make this change. No, no…too big for me alone, BUT I can of course totally go and campaign for all female-only spaces to go, even though I’m not female, because lol.” How convenient!

    • Tired

      Unfortunately, as a reference ‘the Australian’ is a right wing paper which is full of shit – It’s referenced Lord Monckton as a climate change expert before (pretty much a flat earther) . According to actual reputable sources Victorian Govt has supported a campaign which ‘encourages’ a day a month to reference people as ‘they’ pronoun wise but there’s no requirement to do so. The Victorian Government has already come out and said that no funding was given to the videos requesting this but they don’t want to exclude anyone either and are asking everyone to respect each other. No change for about 10 years there, a media beat up really. A right wing media beat up on this occasion.

      There has also been some push back in the news this week on reporting crimes by ‘women’. While the journalistic standards say anyone who says they are a woman is a woman, the Sydney axe potential murderer was silly enough to try and blame transition hormones for ‘her’ meltdown. Court didn’t buy it. No evidence to prove it. Newspapers are reporting it as a woman in transition from a man who is blaming female hormones while still reporting female as pronouns. They are doing what they can in the circumstances given the current standards.

  • acommentator

    “Hanna was told by staff at Ontario’s Human Rights Legal Support Centre that referring to her roommate as a male meant that she was a potential respondent to a human rights complaint, herself”

    Is that true? (Meaning, could that lead to an actionable human rights complaint?) I have read that comedians have been fined in Canada for the content of their jokes. I don’t understand speech in Canada.

  • May Loo

    Good for Ms Hanna.