What’s Current: Glasgow Rape Crisis denied funding because they only offer services to women and girls

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  • Glasgow Rape Crisis has had to reduce services after being denied a grant by Children In Need, on the basis that they only serve women and girls and don’t offer the same services to men and boys.
  • Brandon Lewis, chair of the UK Conservatives, has said that half of Tory candidates should be women, but hasn’t set a timetable for that that change.
  • Argentina’s Senate is voting on a measure to legalize abortion up to 14 weeks, as a million women plan to publicly rally to ask their representatives to vote yes. Abortion rights campaigners have been working on this initiative for 13 years, and it now enjoys a majority of popular support.
  • The US Violence Against Women Act is set to expire at the end of September. In spite of previous versions of the legislation passing with bipartisan support, the measure introduced to reauthorize funding for violence prevention services doesn’t have a single conservative sponsor.
  • The Indian government is preparing a survey to evaluate the amount of time women spend in unpaid domestic and care work, in order to gather data for employment and welfare policy planning.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Praxidikai

    I complained to BBC Children In Need about their decision and already got an answer:
    Thank you for contacting BBC Children in Need.
    We have been pleased to fund Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis since 2012. Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis’ three-year grant recently came to the end of its term, and their subsequent application for new funding was unsuccessful. This decision was in no way connected to the support of male victims. We recognise the value of gender specific services in this area of work.
    Although the public are extremely generous in their support each year, we simply don’t have the money to fund all of the projects that apply to us for grants and we have to make some really difficult decisions. We currently fund 313 projects to a value of £18.8 million in Scotland and receive thousands of funding applications every year from projects across the UK helping to change young lives.
    We hope this helps to clarify the situation.
    Best wishes,«

  • Perhaps Spain should consider the Norway Model simultaneously with that verbal consent law for sex. About 40% of Spanish men demand sex from a supply of 300,000 prostitutes–this in a country with a pop. of 46 million, where prost. is neither legal nor illegal.

    A weak economy forces even more women into prostitution and also discourages divorces from bad and battering marriages. Let’s hope all these cabinet level women will have a positive impact on Spanish women.

  • Sharpie

    Thanks for these links, they give me hope.

    • marv

      No trouble anytime.