What’s Current: Argentina’s senate rejects legalizing abortion

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  • Thanks in large part to pressure from the Catholic church, Argentina’s senate votes to maintain the country’s ban on abortion.
  • Sabine Ntong’s estranged husband, Jean Pierre Ndossoka, stabbed their two children to death, telling Ntong he  “left a present for her” at his apartment. She found the two children dead, a bloody knife on the floor, and a note, telling Ntongo she would have to “carry the burden of our souls, me and my two children.”
  • Ann Sinnott explains why she quit the Labour Party. Her resignation letter reads:

“Because of All Women Shortlists (AWSs) we now have a House of Commons, especially on the Labour benches, that is more representative of the wider population than ever before – but let’s not forget that the wider population is 51pc women, so that improved representation still falls short. AWSs still have work to do. But now, the present iteration of the Labour Party is busily re-writing history to claim that AWSs were never ever exclusively designed for women, so that the Leadership can justify instating natal-male transwomen into women’s places within a mechanism that was designed to circumvent sexism. This is biologically-based sexism — in the Party, without first consulting with ALL women members. It is treachery.”

  • Brock Turner lost his appeal, is still guilty of sexual assault, and will still have to register as a sex offender for life.
  • Nye County lawmakers have revoked Dennis Hof’s brothel license after he failed to apply for renewal and pay fees on time.
Meghan Murphy
Meghan Murphy

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  • Is this the Catholic-bashing page?? Way too easy a target. Go to an anti-abortion and check out the number of protestant leaders and protestant demonstrators in the crowd. Many radical feminists were ex-nuns. Nuns have a zero rate of sexual abuse of minors. Convents and women’s monasteries may be the only women-only communities left if transgender moves forward. Ministers who sleep with married women in their congregation outnumber their Catholic counterparts by close to 40:1. Ministers and priests are accused by minors of sexual abuse by an equal percentage of 3-4% but the Protestants know how to shift these guys around quickly to lessen the attention. Catholics are an easy target because of vows of chastity etc, and because of their working class and poor membership. Sexual liberals and the sexual rev. love to target Catholics just as they do radical feminists and in the same terms. And yet it’s that very sexual rev. which caused the up-rise in priest sexual abuse of minors–it reaches everywhere in the culture. It’s just ain’t that simple. The Cath Ch is definitely not the number one expression or proponent of male supremacy.. not even close. (and if the Left and progressives don’t support prostitution , since when? because I’ve been banned by two left forums for stating my abolition of prost. position–gotta protect the sex workers you know) it just ain’t that simple, and i ain’t a catholic

    • Hanakai

      We get that all the patriarchal monotheistic religions are sexist and anti-woman.

      Your comments notwithstanding, we also get that it is the Catholic Church and Catholic Church money that stands behind and funds the anti-abortion internationally. Note that the legalization of abortion was proceeding apace in Argentina until the Catholic Church and its local priests started lobbying and preaching against it.

      Take a look at this map of the red and yellow countries where women cannot get legal abortions. Basically the entire continent of South America and Central and Meso-America prohibit abortion and in all these cases, as well as in many of the African countries, the Catholic Church is behind the ban on safe abortion. The Church fathers want the poor of the world creating ever more generations of Catholics to perpetuate the church’s patriarchal power.

      • Tobysgirl

        And not just anti-abortion. In Maine the Catholic Church AND the hospice lobby (and I have about as much support for hospice as the CC considering how I have seen them operate) were the prime movers behind preventing physician-assisted suicide. As someone who has lived through intense pain, I always wish that those who oppose a dignified end of life will themselves end up with some dread disease and cry out for relief from their suffering. I am not a nice person anymore.

    • Unree

      Nuns have a low but not zero rate of abusing minors. Here is a link about one of the exceptions:

    • Hanakai

      Well, in the news today is a grand jury report about how the Catholic Church covered up the rape and sexual abuse of thousands of children by hundreds of priests. The report is absolutely disgusting. The Catholic Church should be declared to be a criminal enterprise, its land and assets seized and used to compensate victims.

      These twisted Catholic men who are so rabid about protecting unborn fetuses probably take that stance to create more children for them to use and abuse. Early and chronic sexual abuse harms a child for life and yet these “pro-life” criminals have been getting away with their abuses for decades, centuries.

    • Tobysgirl

      I strongly doubt that the sixties’ so-called “sexual revolution” had much to do with men in the Catholic church molesting and raping children. A church that views heterosexual sexual activity and female humans with such strong distaste becomes a magnet for males with serious sexual problems including pedophilia. It has become obvious with the denials and cover-ups that it was thought better for men in the church to molest children than to have sex with adult women, marry, etc.

  • Meghan Murphy

    It’s just news… Not necessarily promotion. I have zero interest in bigging up any church.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Thanks for your feedback. Though nothing is being ‘unspoken’ here… Certainly not intentionally. There is no grand conspiracy, so perhaps consider offering feedback and criticism minus the assumptions of nefarious aims.

  • Tobysgirl

    You are too kind.

  • Tobysgirl

    Veterinarians hear all the time from humans, “I wish you could do that for me when the time comes,” when they bring in beloved pets for euthanasia. The last time I said this to a vet he told me about a client who had two very sick, very large dogs; the client euthanized them himself, giving them bowls of something delicious then exposing them to carbon monoxide. I got the hint and I remind people that where we live (rural) most of us have access to a generator or a vehicle. It would be nicer, however, to just take a pill or have an injection.

  • lk

    Pope Francis described abortion as the “white glove” equivalent of the Nazi-era eugenics programme…”Last century, the whole world was scandalised by what the Nazis did to purify the race. Today, we do the same thing but with white gloves.”

    Legalized abortion and the Holocaust have nothing to do with each other…stop making this freaking ridiculous comparison.

    In his sermon, Cardinal Mario Aurelio Poli said abortion “will always be a tragedy”

    Do you know what I think is a tragedy: that women will die/suffer from illegal abortions, that women will be forced to carry to term children that they don’t want or cannot take care of, that children will grow up in poverty and suffering.

    I’d like to know if the Catholic church is providing housing, medical care, education and food to the millions of children in extreme poverty in Argentina….will the church be helping women who are forced to have children because their right to abortion has been denied?

    (The link below provides some information about the rate of child poverty in argentina)