What’s Current: Argentina’s senate rejects legalizing abortion

  • Thanks in large part to pressure from the Catholic church, Argentina’s senate votes to maintain the country’s ban on abortion.
  • Sabine Ntong’s estranged husband, Jean Pierre Ndossoka, stabbed their two children to death, telling Ntong he  “left a present for her” at his apartment. She found the two children dead, a bloody knife on the floor, and a note, telling Ntongo she would have to “carry the burden of our souls, me and my two children.”
  • Ann Sinnott explains why she quit the Labour Party. Her resignation letter reads:

“Because of All Women Shortlists (AWSs) we now have a House of Commons, especially on the Labour benches, that is more representative of the wider population than ever before – but let’s not forget that the wider population is 51pc women, so that improved representation still falls short. AWSs still have work to do. But now, the present iteration of the Labour Party is busily re-writing history to claim that AWSs were never ever exclusively designed for women, so that the Leadership can justify instating natal-male transwomen into women’s places within a mechanism that was designed to circumvent sexism. This is biologically-based sexism — in the Party, without first consulting with ALL women members. It is treachery.”

  • Brock Turner lost his appeal, is still guilty of sexual assault, and will still have to register as a sex offender for life.
  • Nye County lawmakers have revoked Dennis Hof’s brothel license after he failed to apply for renewal and pay fees on time.
Meghan Murphy

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