What’s Current: BC man drops complaint against esthetician who declined to give him bikini wax

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  • A Canadian male claiming to be a woman has dropped his complaint against an esthetician who declined to give him a Brazilian bikini wax. The man has over a dozen other pending human rights complaints against female spa employees who don’t want to wax his genital area.
  • Two Somali girls — sisters aged 10 and 11-years-old — bled to death after undergoing female genital mutilation at the hands of a traditional cutter in a remote village. Aasiyo and Khadijo Farah Abdi Warsame died as their mother was trying to get them to the nearest medical center.
  • Rachel Stewart writes in the New Zealand Herald that Kiwi women, who face high rates of male intimate partner and family violence, “must unite against hard-line patriarchy.”
  • A UK survey found a steep decline in the happiness of girls and young women over the last decade. While exams were a major concern, 59 per cent listed social media pressure and negative interactions online as a factor. Two-thirds of them either felt unsafe walking home alone, or knew another girl who did.
  • A West Midlands man fatally stabbed his eight-year-old daughter in the chest with a kitchen knife moments after threatening to kill her mother, who had come to pick her daughter up after visitation. He now claims he doesn’t remember the murder.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • fadremxvx

    Glad to see that one of the charges by the ever-insipid “JY” got dropped. What a fucking moron.

  • fadremxvx

    Everything else…wow. Just heartwrenching.

    Thanks as always for these. <3 Love the work you all do.

  • Hekate Jayne

    So trannie dudebro went home and called every salon that was in a 60 mile radius to see if they would wax his lady balls in an effort to hit a big payday when they told him no.

    How very fucking ladylike. Nothing screams that dude is totes a lady like demanding that a woman touch his nasty ass dick, especially when she doesn’t want to.

    From the article:
    ““I want to make sure steps are taken so it doesn’t happen to another person out there,” she said.”

    This bit of ladydude speak, when translated, means:
    “Those bitches are not allowed to say no to my dick. And my legal system and law is going to punish those uppity bitches and make them handle my dick.”

    Has anyone else noticed that these mentally ill males are shifting the language again? It’s always been “pre op” trans, it’s always been that they have a dick because they are “pre op”. Like, we shouldn’t worry because they are planning on inverting it into the saddest mimicry of a vagina as soon as they can get surgery. And now, it’s “non op”. Most of them have given up the false pretense of “pre”, now it’s “non”.

    • Po21

      I realised that too. It’s ironic that they accuse feminists of being obsessed with genitals but they are so focused on their dick. If you dont scream “women have penis”with them they call you a terf. But those same ladydicks claims to have their period and want a womb. Lily madigan says it’s great that science will soon allow them to get a uterus greff. I should not be surprised by the shit they spout but it could not be more obvious that they not only appropriate women’s experience they want to destroy it. First they’re saying dicks are female if they say so and then they’re saying they have no problem taking a woman’s uterus because well, they have the right to do so.

    • Jani

      Yes, some reckon that facial feminisation surgery is more important to “trans women” than the old-fashioned “sex change” op. This guy is just another cross-dressing drama queen.

  • Hekate Jayne

    Ok, see, this is why males do not need to be around children, but especially girl children.

    This is why courts, even though they are male centered, will not allow you to see your own kids when their mother finally leaves your broken, violent asses. Your law is trying to protect you from a murder charge because even your law knows when you are an out of control, violent dick.

    So dudes. One fucking question.

    Why do you hate us? Why do you hate women?

    You murder 3 of us a day in the states for the crime of being your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister. Why do you hate us?

    Your medical system murders 3 of us every day with pregnancy, either because your law forces our pregnancy, or because your majority male medical systems denies treatment, or you dismiss pregnant women in distress.

    Why do you hate us?

    Your own statistics say that you murder at least 6 of us daily in the US. And we all know that you lie to make yourselves look better, so it is probably many more of us that you murder.

    So dudes. WHY DO YOU HATE WOMEN? I have given you evidence, and I could fill a fucking dozen volumes with more proof.

    Why do you kill us, beat us, rape us on the regular? And then when we talk about it, you have the immense idiocy to crycry that WE hate YOU.

    I am sorry for that little girl, that her father hated her so much, that he stabbed her to death. I hate her father and I hope that a woman will give him the fucking justice that he deserves.

  • Po21

    Well I guess poor JY will have to shave his balls himself. Wonder if the complaint was dropped because no lawyer wanted to take the case? Reading the what’s current really made me understand how self centered and insane TRA are. I mean, while tons of girls are aborted because of their sex, and tons of girls suffer FGM, those morons scream about cis privilege and make human right complaints because someone doesnt want to shave their dicks. Talk about first world problem. Also, anyone seen the TIF on teitter complaining that the NHS reported their masectomy to save cancer patients? Yes, it happened. I guess now even cancer patients should “check their privileges”.

    • Meghan Murphy

      He was a pervert. Trans rights are pervert rights. This is what the push to allow men to identify as women is really about. Letting perverts act out their perversions in women’s spaces. Let’s be honest.

      • susannunes

        That really is what it should be called, pervert rights. That is what “queer theory” is about–about the “right” of deviants to destroy appropriate boundaries so they can practice their perversions in the open. Never mind whose rights and safety they destroy in the process.

        • Meghan Murphy

          No different than the ‘sexual liberation movement’, which was a means to pressure women into porn, to loosen their boundaries with men, etc etc. It’s all about male access.

          • susannunes

            It is an extension of 1960s sexual revolution nonsense, which did not benefit women at all. The end game, of course, is to “normalize” virtually all sexual perversions, especially pedophilia and incest. This has to stop.

      • FierceMild

        Absolutely. Male transition (in adults) is about sexual gratification.

      • Po21

        True. The more time I read their stuff on twitter and the more I see how perverted it all is. What’s sad is seeing all those handmaidens defending them as if they were poor victims. Why cant they see what those men want? Can’t they see that TRA don’t care anout women?

  • Hekate Jayne

    You said:
    “It’s an insidious and effective tactic and I’m not sure how else to combat it besides relentlessly pointing out the lies, inaccuracies and misrepresentations wherever they occur.”

    This is the only viable option of the only 2 available to us, I believe. But the thing is that this is what males expect. They expect endless explaining, so that it looks as if they are listening and are concerned, as well as they expect it to wear us out.

    And I am worn out. I know I am not the only one. I mean, we all have demands on our time, labor that we perform that males know nothing about, and after all of that, how many times can we explain that a penis cannot ever be female, or why we still need the precious few sex separated spaces, or the long, long list of basic concepts that males and their handmaidens understood until 5 years ago, when their pitiful intellect ran away screaming, into the void, never to be seen again?

    I will call it out every time I see it. But I know it’s a waste of my time and energy. If nothing else, it is a huge comfort to know that I am not alone and to be able to commiserate with like minded women. FC is excellent for that.

  • acommentator

    “They seem to completely forget about the ‘bottom surgery’ now.”

    I wish they would. It would be a good thing, IMO.

    I understand that the surgery serves as informal evidence of the seriousness the alienation of trans identified men and women from their bodies. And that it plays a gatekeeping role in that respect. But it is also a ghastly medical horror show. The surgeons take people who have serious psychological issues and use those very issues to justify irreversibly maiming them. For money. Lots of money.

    The fact that these operations are done says something very disturbing about our society, IMO. It simply should not be possible for respectable medical providers to remove people’s healthy genitals or breasts because these people have a psychological aversion to their own, healthy bodies. The mind is unhealthy, so we chop off parts of the body.

    A person who wants to harm his or herself by chopping off healthy body parts should be protected from themselves by the medical community, not assisted in following through on their delusions. It is so backwards, I can’t understand how anyone can support it.

    Further, the surgery changes nothing. After the surgery, the man is still a man, and the woman is still a woman. What is going on is somewhat obscured by the focus on the surgery. The fact that after the surgery some people look more like members of the opposite sex does not make it more OK to pretend that they actually are members of the opposite sex.

    • Robert Gonzalez


    • susannunes

      The surgeries and hormone treatments shouldn’t even be legal. They are crimes against humanity, just as eugenics in the twentieth century was. Any “doctor”–quack–who performs these quack surgeries should have his or her medical license revoked.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Um yeah I’m aware… This is literally what I (and many other radical feminists) have said many times over.

    • therealcie

      Interesting how the kinds of men he’s talking about often target vulnerable people with low self-esteem and psychological problems and coerce them into sex rather than seeking out women who are saying “I’m DTF.” These guys get a kick out of exerting control over someone who is in a vulnerable position. They don’t want an equal.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I am aware I may get in a lot of trouble for saying such a thing, but it’s fucking true.

    • Hanakai

      It is true. The men who pretend to be woman are first of all mentally ill. The ones who believe they are really women are delusional and that is a mental disorder. Anyone who hates themselves so much they would mutilate and amputate body parts is mentally ill. The ones who get sexual satisfaction from pretending to be women have a paraphilia and are perverts.

      Thinking that one is woman does not make it so. Especially when one has a penis.

      You know the old saying: Woman who tells the truth is chased out of fourteen villages.

  • Robert Gonzalez

    Right? Ugh. It’s horrible that it’s becoming more common to actually see those words.

  • Hekate Jayne

    And because we don’t need them.

  • Hekate Jayne

    Over on Twitter, in the past few days, there was a black trans claiming that (paraphrasing) that because black women won’t fuck black males that are known to fuck trans, that this is transphobic to the trans. Because males either won’t date him or only do it in secret because the males know that women won’t fuck them if women find out that the males are fucking trans.

    There is just so much wrong with that. Starting with the idea that women saying no to males is causing males to ignore or be violent to trans. I guess that black women need to fuck any male that demands it immediately, otherwise, the males will kill trans, and it is the fault of the women for saying no and making males kill males in dresses.

    I haven’t looked at it today. There were a few women that were handling it really well, but when I was reading it, it was full of people, a lot of them women, agreeing that when black women decide who they will and will not fuck, then males suffer and murder each other and it’s obviously the fault of black women!

    Is there anyone that isn’t oppressed by black women? Because they rule the world, according to trannies everywhere.

  • radwonka

    Indeed this liberal culture is all about breaking womens boundaries (physical or psychological). Our discomfort is ignored and mocked.

    Which is kinda funny because those who defend the rape industry and gender ideology are often hugely sensitive. They are very emotional (think about genderists who say that you are killing them if you dont use the right pronouns) yet have the nerve to mock others boundaries.

    Sociopaths have always been like this: the more they hate others boundaries the more they turn out to be hugely sensitive themselves. Considering that those liberals are narcissistic, it all makes sense lol

  • therealcie

    So many times these individuals who commit horrific murders claim they don’t remember it. I was watching a program about a man who was in prison for life for gunning down his girlfriend, his aunt, and his stepfather. His girlfriend was holding the couple’s five-month-old daughter in her arms and opened her arms so the child wouldn’t be struck by the bullet when he fired. She knew she was going to die, and she saved her daughter’s life. When the cops arrived, they found her with the baby lying beside her and the older child sitting beside her sister and her dead mother.
    The man shot his aunt and stepfather when they were trying to reason with him.
    He then claimed that he had “smoked a little pot” before going into the house and remembers nothing about murdering his family.
    His cousins all said that he was always very spoiled and got whatever he wanted, that his claims of having a difficult childhood were exaggerated. His niece expressed fear and hatred of him.
    I highly doubt that smoking a little weed caused him to become psychotic and murder his family. Killing his girlfriend was his intent all along. The aunt and the stepfather were probably collateral damage. He had an adrenaline high at that point and thought nothing of killing a couple more people.

  • Robert Lindsay

    There was no porn in the 1960’s and there were no women acting in porn. What was around was illegal, I believe. Nobody in the hippie movement was using any kind of pornography.

  • acommentator

    “Ironically it reinforces their masculinity and gives them a sick sort of cred with their fellow men”

    Do you actually know any man who believes that? If so, the men you know are very different than the men I know. There is nothing masculine about any of this. And the men who do this have zero “cred” with their fellow men.

  • Hekate Jayne

    So much male bullshit comes down to them saying “I hate you, bitch! Now fuck me!”

    Hatred and possession. They are an existential mess.