What’s Current: Men’s rights activists shut down women-only craft beer appreciation group

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  • California’s version of equality law has enabled men’s rights activists to make a living as serial plaintiffs shutting down women’s groups and events. A women’s craft beer appreciation group has become the latest victim.
  • Malaysia’s minimum marriage age has been set at 18, for both Muslims and non-Muslims, following the outrage after a Sharia court allowed a 41-year-old Muslim man  to marry an 11-year-old Thai girl. The law previously allowed non-Muslims to marry at 16, and had no minimum age for Muslims.
  • According to divorce papers, Richard Spencer, a white supremacist who’s worked to sanitize and normalize white nationalist politics, has been accused of abusing his wife, Nina Koupriianova. Spencer allegedly told her, “The only language women understand is violence.”
  • UK Labour Party members were threatened and silenced in a Facebook group for sharing an article critiquing the premises of sex self-ID.
  • Hertfordshire Constabulary reports that a trans-identified male, Carrie Cooper, formerly Gary Cooper, has been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for sexually abusing another young girl between 2007 and 2011.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Misanthropia

    The funny thing is that women were the first brewers of beer and now men have taken over that kicked us out of the club. Whenever women make something cool males just take over it and steal it from us Fucking die already mates

    • OldPolarBear

      I had read that somewhere, that it was ancient Sumer IIRC. And the women brewers were a kind of priestesses of beer. The drinking of beer was done in a sacred fenced-in enclosure. It was for the participants’ safety, and the priestesses policed the function and made sure everyone behaved and were safe if they passed out. Kind of the complete opposite, in all the good ways, from the modern frat party.

    • This is true. For most of the history of beer, women controlled brewing. Maybe that’s how we lost the matriarchies, instead of men taking over the temples like we thought.

  • calabasa

    Craft beer appreciation group?!

    What the ever-loving fuck is wrong with MRAs?!

    • Jani

      They’re all fucking stupid, that’s what’s wrong with them.

    • TwinMamaManly

      They are sad, pathetic, petty-minded assholes. F**k them.

  • お茶

    Men don’t get it. When women have their own clubs or events it’s because the only events won’t let women in or women risk being harassed or spoken over in the events that exist (especially in this case with alcohol involved). What are men missing out on here? Nothing.

    I personally don’t have a problem with women’s or men’s only clubs, provided they are equally available.

  • Cangle

    Wonderful Times UK trans critical article and most of the comments are spot on, too. General public seeing trans gobbeldygook for what it is. Women in US should also be raising a stink. Not only do women lack equal constitutional rights as males, we’ve lost our human right as females to our own public facilities which our tax dollars pay for.

  • Alienigena

    Re: article on white nationalist Spencer and his abuse of his spouse, Nina Koupriianova.

    “… the little girl was suffering from “sleeplessness, nightmares and anxiety” as a result of witnessing the abuse.”

    Wow, that sounds like my childhood. I had nightmares over a two to three year period from ages of 7-9 and also had an abusive father who drank but he was pathologically effective at presenting one face to the outside world (which mattered) and another to his family (we didn’t matter unless we did something that reflected badly on my father). He was emotionally and verbally abusive for the most part (to my mother and to my brother and I, I was never really clear on whether he did the same to my sister, his favorite) and never hit my mother that I know of, and she never mentioned any physical violence, just violent outbursts directed against inanimate objects (slamming cupboard doors, yelling, threats of self-harm) and in one case I know of, family pets. But I watch him with his cat now (my mother predeceased him) and he constantly slaps (it is more than a pat or a tap) her when she attempts to sit on his lap and doesn’t settle immediately.

    Re: MRAs suing women-only craft beer events. Let it never be said that a good number of men aren’t utterly petty, boring and limited (PBL) (in humanity, in breadth and depth of personality, etc.). Because they are completely PBL. What utter bastards, making a living off of suing women and women-only organizations. People never understand my rage at jock talk radio for attacking the feminist film festival I was a part of for years. We had a lesbian programme at each festival (so apparently we were a lesbian festival, which would have been fine, but we also showcased the work of indigenous women and women in general). It was the little film festival that could and operated on a very limited budget. It operated on principles that are now considered ‘woke’. It paid women (something called CARFAC rates, based on length of film) whose work was accepted to the festival (no festival other than herland did that), it supported women filmmakers (sometimes paying for airfare to the festival, billeting women in people’s homes) in a number of ways, it ran a film production workshop for novice women filmmakers that was staffed by women and screened their work at the festival, it provided childcare subsidies to female attendees of the festival, decision-making was on a consensus basis, etc.

    • Tobysgirl

      I would never sit there and let a man slap an animal in front of me. I don’t care who he is, he should be reported to the humane society. And I would take the cat home with me. Please do something!

      • Alienigena

        As stated above the cat doesn’t cower around him or avoid his touch, she seeks him out and constantly tries to sit on his lap. Which results in the tapping/slapping. She sleeps with him. She hisses and spits at anyone, other than him, who tries to interact with her. I managed to scratch lightly under her chin without her reacting negatively. She is quite elderly and would likely be euthanised if I reported him to the humane society. She is a one person cat. Maybe she has feline Stockholm Syndrome. I can video their interactions and get a second opinion. Like I said above, this man was my childhood abuser, maybe I don’t have perspective.

    • Hanakai

      Why are you not rescuing the cat from the man’s abuse? I would take that cat immediately and if the man protested, I would tell him I will call the police and swear out an animal cruelty complaint. Abusers do not deserve the company of small mammals.

      • Alienigena

        Well the cat doesn’t leave when he slaps/taps it and others observe it and don’t even remark on it and are as capable as me. Thanks for the virtue signalling. I will never understand why women who claim to be feminist also insist that feminists have to be animal rights activists as well. The cat doesn’t attempt to leave his lap (the slaps or taps as others would interpret them, maybe I am too sensitive as this man, my father, also hit (with foreign objects), grabbed and tried to kill me as a child (you don’t strike an infant and not expect potential serious injury)). The cat persists and comes back again and again, she doesn’t cower around him. He used to feed her by hand, letting her jump on the table and eat meat from the cutting board. She suckled at his neck as an abandoned, feral kitten (found boarded in under a neighbors porch). If you are about to claim that animals immediately know which people are bad people I’d have to say you need a reality check. The cat basically hisses at and scratches at anyone who isn’t him, my father. He still buys her special food and treats her better overall than he ever really treated us, at least from the perspective that he actually shows her affection. You sound like a member of PETA. As in animals have more rights than humans. If I called the police they would likely charge me, as he is perceived as a great guy.

  • Jani

    Annoys the fuck out of me that in some corporate workplaces men hold business meetings or celebrate winning big contracts by going to a lap dancing bar, which either excludes female coworkers by making it very uncomfortable for them to be part of the “team”. In the past, like maybe 20 years ago, this would have been an unacceptable in the workplace but with the normalisation of porn and rapey “ladism” attitudes towards women, it’s just considered a joke if a woman objects. She either has to “man up” or fuck off and work elsewhere.

    • TwinMamaManly

      I remember having to chuck a HUGE stink about not having an office Christmas lunch at a “Gentlemen’s” Club. The directors were even expecting us office girls to arrange it. But I stood up and said it’s us women in the front and back office who do the grunt work to keep this business going, it f-**king disrespectful to expect us to have lunch there. By all means go afterwards, but we are having a civilised lunch first. As Accounts Girl was my BF, we got our way. But FFS.

      • Jani

        Good for you and your friend for standing up to this shit. I once found myself in a venue where a stripper got up and did her act and I was suddenly surrounded by all these men in some bizarre trance staring at the stripper. I thought to myself “haven’t they seen a naked woman before?” To my eyes, she was just an ordinary woman, but they were all pushing and shoving trying to see more, more, more. It was a horrible experience. I wouldn’t want to repeat it.

  • Jack black

    Why cant the laws change to not allow lawsuits like this to go to court?

  • unfashionable

    Okay. But I wish gay men would respect lesbian bar space too. And I wish lesbians wouldn’t try to bring them in; if it’s open to your gay man friend, it’s no longer a lesbian bar, it’s a gay bar. And, as you note, we hardly have any lesbian spaces left.

    • myrto

      you’re absolutely right. Lesbian spaces should be for lesbians only. But this bar unfortunately was not really a lesbian bar. I called it that way because most people there were lesbians (or bisexuals I guess) but they advertised as “queer” (blah). They also had the policy that “transwomen” were welcome. Thankfully none showed up. From a financial point of view I think they thought that restricting it to women-only would hurt their business (it was the only “lesbian” bar in my city for two months so it was already a tough sell). They would screen at the door to avoid creepy straight men. But yeah gay men were welcome.

    • Mexican American Lesbian

      Preach sister. Also straight women invading LGB spaces in general.

  • Tobysgirl

    The way the sheriff’s department described it to me is any sane judge will throw the lawsuit out of court. But then the question becomes, Are there sane judges? So many of them are pillars of misogynistic, racist society.

  • Tobysgirl

    I think MOST men do not have enough to do, and some of them apparently have nothing to do. Look at the freaky men who stand outside Planned Parenthood and other reproductive health clinics all day. Sometimes I begin to think forced labor is not such a bad idea when it comes to the class of men who sit at their computers all day, file idiotic lawsuits, and go into hospitals, synagogues, hair salons, etc, to shoot a bunch of people.

    • Mexican American Lesbian

      Mandatory death penalty sentences for first degree murderers, massive fines for frivolous lawsuits, a genuine feminist legal system and the end of white class privilege would do away with all these things.

  • Mexican American Lesbian

    Nope. No straight women. Y’either like women or you get out.

  • unfashionable

    Yep, I agree that happens in LGB bars. (Contemptuous) (gay) male presence attracts contemptuous straight women.

    My experience has been that women-only bars didn’t have the problems you describe. As I recall, the only straight women coming to a lesbian bar were either lesbian-friendly, wanting male-free space to drink in, or wondering if they might be a bit lesbian.

  • Meghan Murphy

    You’ve left so many stupid comments on the site that I’ve deleted, so I’m disinclined to publish any of them, as clearly you’re not here in good faith, but just so you know where you are, we do not argue, on this site, that trans-identified males are female.

    There. Now you can go troll Everyday Feminism or something.

  • Meghan Murphy

    lol @ the idea that we are either liberal or an echo chamber, here. FC is one of the only places people are allowed to talk about the things we do here.