What’s Current: Audio reveals late rapper XXXTenacion admitting to abusing his ex-girlfriend — ‘I will kill that bitch if she play with me’

Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy aka XXXTentacion (Image: Miami Dade County Corrections/Getty Images)
  • Audio has emerged of late rapper XXXTentacion admitting to assaulting an ex-girlfriend and stabbing nine people. Pitchfork reports:

“Discussing his ex-girlfriend, who he believed had cheated on him, XXXTentacion can be heard saying: ‘I put my source of happiness in another person, which was a mistake initially, right? But she fell through on every occasion until now. Until I started fucking her up bruh. I started fucking her up because she made one mistake. And from there, the whole cycle went down. Now she’s scared. That girl is scared for her life. Which I understand.’ Earlier in the recording, he said, ‘I will kill that bitch if she play with me.'”

  • The chair of the Senate judiciary committee has requested that the US Justice Department launch a criminal investigation into the allegations Julie Swetnick made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. In a letter to the Attorney General and the head of the FBI, Senator Charles Grassley wrote:

“When charlatans make false claims to the committee — claims that may earn them short-term media exposure and financial gain, but which hinder the committee’s ability to do its job — here should be consequences.”

  • A new program is helping parents have conversations with their children about healthy sexuality and the dangers of pornography. Founder and anti-porn activist Gail Dines says it will help tackle what she calls the “public health crisis of the digital age.”
  • Ethiopia’s parliament names former top diplomat Sahle-Work Sewde the country’s first woman president.
  • A viral video documenting the brutal honour killing of a young woman in Syria is being met with outrage and horror.
Meghan McCarty
Meghan McCarty

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