What’s Current: UK billionaire paid steep settlements, took legal action to keep harassment allegations quiet

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  • After days of speculation by Parliament, billionaire Sir Philip Green has been named as the businessman accused by The Telegraph of sexual harassment. On Tuesday, The Telegraph reported that the then-anonymous Green, whose retail empire includes Topshop, was granted an injunction against the newspaper to prevent them from reporting on the allegations. Several of his employees were given seven-figure payouts to keep them quiet.
  • In response to a New York Times article alleging Google gave a top executive accused of sexual misconduct a $90 million exit package, Google says they have fired 48 employees over sexual harassment in the past two years.
  • Women in South Korea are destroying their cosmetics in order to to protest the country’s strict beauty standards. The Guardian reports that this is “a growing movement in South Korea fighting against unrealistic beauty standards that call for women to spend hours applying makeup and perform skincare regimes.”
  • Law enforcement, judicial, and social systems in Russia do little to protect and aid women and children from domestic violence. Human Rights Watch reports:

“… Police often treat victims of domestic violence with open hostility and refuse to register or investigate their complaints of domestic violence, instead funneling victims who wish to prosecute into the patently unfair and extremely burdensome process of private prosecution, for which the victim must gather all necessary evidence and bear all costs. In the cases we documented, survivors of domestic violence found the process of private prosecution overwhelming and ineffective, and for this reason decided to forego it altogether.”

Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.

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  • myrto

    Skincare regimes in South Korea are INSANE. Women put as much as 15 products on their face every single morning. All of this just to look “presentable”. Cosmetic surgery is also huge in South Korea. So well done Korean women! I’m super impressed.

  • funneling victims who wish to prosecute into the patently unfair and extremely burdensome process of private prosecution, for which the victim must gather all necessary evidence and bear all costs.
    This is literally untrue. Domestic violence is either public prosecution administrative, or public prosecution criminal case. Not that it helps much, the rates are still high.

    P.S.: an offtopic, but did you notice a strange…literal lesbophobia in English-language segment?
    They call us “wlw”, or “sapphic”, or “queer” – anything BUT “lesbian”.

  • Mexican American Lesbian

    How do you debate with people who doubt sexual harassment allegations? I keep hearing “due process” being blared out the wazoo but they refuse to criticize the deeply shitty ways in which the legal system operates.

    • Jani

      Those people are clueless, that’s why. They just parrot some phrase they’ve seen online over and over. They’ve never experienced rape or sexual assault. They believe in rape myths and they hate on any woman who goes public about her experiences. They have zero experience of being in the position of not knowing whether there’s any point in reporting a rape because they’ll relive the experience and be re-traumatised every step of the way. Those women naive enough trust the legal system sometimes live to regret their experience. It’s even worse now with social media than it was when I went through what I did at just 13 years old and I am certain that I’d have been victimised online if social media existed then. As it was, I was victimised in my own community because the perpetrators bragged about what they did. So I understand what public shaming is like, but now it can go round the world. Young women have committed suicide because of being vilified online, called “slut” and “liar” and all the rest. You know it, you’ve seen it. It’s part of the same disease. “Trial by media” these bros protest when a high profile man is accused of sexual assault and harassment, never giving a thought to the girl or woman who is publicly condemned. As you say, they say things like “due process” blah blah. Only a moron with no empathy could say this crap. You can’t debate with these people. They are wilfully ignorant. And some are just sheep.

  • Jani

    The article was shocking. What is this tyranny? 2 hours putting chemical shit on your face before leaving the house and another 2 hours in the evening to take it all off again. What a waste of life energy. I’m glad to live in Europe where no make up is still normal, although I’m hearing from younger women that guys will complain if a girl goes on a date without make up. I’ve heard it from American women that they’ husbands are saying they should wear make up, and I remember the objections when Alicia Keys went no make up. I couldn’t understand the objections. I’m not against makeup per se, but I’m from the ‘less is more’ school of thought. The ridiculous push-up cleavage fashion is passing and we’re now seeing small-breasted women with natural figures in fashion spreads and on the red carpet. Not that I look up to this, but they are influential and many young women emulate what they see. I’d love to see the end of high heels, fake eyelashes and those stupid looking fake red lips. Aren’t people bored with that by now? But really, I wish this new generation coming up with the MeTooMovement would kick this all shit to the curb. There are signs, and I hope this attitude takes hold. We in the West need to learn from our Korean sisters. If they can do it, so can the rest of the world.

  • Jani

    That’s fucking ridiculous. Lesbian is nothing more than a porn genre, paying women to perform sex acts on each other for pathetic men to rub their dicks to. No fucking wonder lesbians feel erased.

  • calabasa

    I started using just jojoba oil (mimics the skin’s natural sebum) to wash my face (I rub a quarter-sized amount into my skin thoroughly and steam it off with a warm microfiber washcloth, takes about 2-3 minutes and is nice and relaxing) at night to try to prevent further damage to my skin barrier after accidentally giving myself a mild chemical burn with Retin-A (trying to look younger and make my pores smaller); it works! My skin looks better than ever, the damage has all but healed, my pores look smaller because since I’m not stripping my skin with soap I don’t over-produce sebum, and in the mornings I just wash with cold water. I don’t need to moisturize, and my skin looks better than ever!

    So much for spending $100+ dollars a month and 10 hours a week on my skin!

    • Meghan Murphy

      Yeah oils are kind of the solution to everything. Waaaaay cheaper and produce the same (or better) effect than all that expensive stuff.