What’s Current: UK billionaire paid steep settlements, took legal action to keep harassment allegations quiet

  • After days of speculation by Parliament, billionaire Sir Philip Green has been named as the businessman accused by The Telegraph of sexual harassment. On Tuesday, The Telegraph reported that the then-anonymous Green, whose retail empire includes Topshop, was granted an injunction against the newspaper to prevent them from reporting on the allegations. Several of his employees were given seven-figure payouts to keep them quiet.
  • In response to a New York Times article alleging Google gave a top executive accused of sexual misconduct a $90 million exit package, Google says they have fired 48 employees over sexual harassment in the past two years.
  • Women in South Korea are destroying their cosmetics in order to to protest the country’s strict beauty standards. The Guardian reports that this is “a growing movement in South Korea fighting against unrealistic beauty standards that call for women to spend hours applying makeup and perform skincare regimes.”
  • Law enforcement, judicial, and social systems in Russia do little to protect and aid women and children from domestic violence. Human Rights Watch reports:

“… Police often treat victims of domestic violence with open hostility and refuse to register or investigate their complaints of domestic violence, instead funneling victims who wish to prosecute into the patently unfair and extremely burdensome process of private prosecution, for which the victim must gather all necessary evidence and bear all costs. In the cases we documented, survivors of domestic violence found the process of private prosecution overwhelming and ineffective, and for this reason decided to forego it altogether.”

Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.