What’s Current: Metropolitan Police Commissioner says we probably all know someone who consumes child pornography

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  • Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick says consumption of child pornography has grown to such an extent that most people know someone who does it.
  • After eight years on death row, accused of insulting the prophet Muhammed in 2010, Asia Bibi has been acquitted. Violent protests erupted in response to her release, causing the government to “initiate the legal process” to put Bibi’s name on Pakistan’s Exit Control List.
  • Greyhound’s exit from rural Western Canada leaves a gap for the homeless and those fleeing domestic violence. Emergency shelter executives say many rely on public transportation for safe travel, and a lack of service puts survivors in danger:

“They could perhaps be pushed into more vulnerable kinds of situations where they might hitchhike — and I have seen that happen — therefore putting them at greater risk, not only of violence but potentially homicide as well.”

Research shows that women’s reproductive rights and agency is driving a more sustainable global birth rate. Futurity reports a link between women’s education and the decline in birth rate.

Poor access to publicly-funded abortion services in regional New South Wales are a danger to women, forcing them to travel long distances, pay large sums, or self-terminate pregnancy.

Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.

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  • unfashionable

    “All thanks to the wonders of the internet.”
    No. It’s all due to Pedo Dad.

  • Alienigena

    “… their children lose all respect for them …”

    I don’t see this as a bad thing. The kind of respect that men get for just sitting in a chair watching tv and not abusing their own children is a bit mind boggling. If they are abusing other children by watching porn featuring them, people should know about it.

  • Christine

    This is really bad news for people in rural Saskatchewan, because the province cancelled funding for the Saskatchewan Transportation Company in last year’s budget.

  • Elise

    Well, people probably thinks it is her fault if her husband ended watching child pornography. She wasn’t making him happy and that she is the one who is responsible for the destruction of a lovely family.

    • Alienigena

      ‘People think’? The same people who thought that women in the British Navy would be trying to seduce married men in the navy, therefore they shouldn’t be allowed on ships. There were actually articles about this when the UK started to let women serve on ocean-going vessels. The same people who think that a wife is responsible for her husband’s adultery. My mother once suggested that my brother had affairs while married because his wife was a ‘nag’. I was dumbstruck. What kind of thought process gets someone (including women) to these places? I have never thought that it was reasonable to blame someone for their spouse’s infidelity. Or porn use. I was a bit judgemental about a woman who married a man who had killed his female room mate after she rejected his advances. She knew his crime prior to marriage. This man went onto kidnap and assault two women during his marriage. I think the woman ticked me off because she presented herself as the primary victim of this man (he never hurt her, and they remained friends after their divorce and his incarceration). She was upset that the two women her husband kidnapped/assaulted didn’t want to talk to her (about the book she was writing). But I have also resolved to not really care about women who egg men on or laugh at their mean-spirited, sexist comments about other women. I remember listening to a graduate student (I was an undergrad) regale a group of people about how hilarious it was to throw peanuts into a cocktail waitress’s bodice. I have never found other women’s humiliation or suffering at all amusing.

  • Retorter

    “Earlier this week, Sara Thornton, head of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), said she wanted police to focus on tackling violent crime and burglaries rather than being distracted by expanding hate crimes to include misogyny.”
    Idiot. Misogyny, including porn, IS violent crime.

  • Elise

    Well, I can think of one in my own country. Vasectomy, although theoritically available, is not easy to access as doctors are not often willing to perform it.
    However, men are not very vocal about this thus mentionning men reproductive rights in such an article would probably have a very different meaning.