What’s Current: Man who killed two women at a Florida yoga studio had history of arrests for assaulting women

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(Scott Paul Beierle/Image: tallahassee.com)
  • Scott Paul Beierle, the Florida man who shot and killed killed two women in a yoga studio over the weekend, had a history of arrests for assaulting women. He had also posted racist and misogynist videos to his YouTube channel. He died after he shot himself.
  • Former CFL player Josh Boden has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of his ex-girlfriend, Kimberly Lynn Hallgarth, who was found dead in her Burnaby home in 2009. Boden has multiple sexual assault charges in his past.
  • Simone Biles is the first woman in 30 years to win medals in all six events at the world gymnastics championship, and will go home with four gold medals for the US team.
  • The UK’s Tavistock Centre is undergoing a procedural review after a senior staff member and some parents accused the NHS gender identity service for children of fast-tracking young people for medical transition.
  • A Gloucester man has been sentenced to at least 29 years in jail for the brutal stabbing murders of his wife and 11-year-old stepdaughter.
  • In India, a 13-year-old Dalit girl was beheaded in front of her mother for refusing sex with an older, married man of a higher social caste. There has been disagreement about whether the crime should be regarded as more sex-based, or caste-based. Discrimination and crimes against women on the basis of sex are rife in the country. Recently, a woman who was burned alive with her two daughters for not having a son.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • lk

    Re: Scott Paul Bierle
    No suprise at all that he was a misogynist.

    “Beierle calls out by name several women from his past who he says wronged him and led him to embracing misogyny.”
    “wronged him”..Does that mean they didnt have sex with him or want to date him? Many men seem to struggle with understanding and accepting the idea that women do not owe them sex or romantic relationships. You have not been “wronged” if a woman or lots of women don’t want to date you.

    His facebook page includes a quote from American Psycho: “”I just want to have a meaningful relationship with someone special.”

    So let me understand this, he hates women but also wants to have a meaningful relationship with one? That makes no sense…you cannot have a meaningful relationship with a woman, if you hate women. You cannot recognize a woman as special, while you also hate women.

    How long do you think before MRAs, libfems, and proprostitution people will pounce on this story and try to convince us that legalized prostitution will stop events like this from happening?

    Re: India
    The horrific stories of what happened to those women in India must be an example of all the cis-privilege women have…how incredibly lucky they are to be women.

    “Sachindra Narayan, a social scientist, said: “This shows the deep-rooted social bias. In a patriarchal society like Bihar, boys are still considered superior to girls as they are known as natural inheritors of family property.”

    Its saddens me to realize that in 2018, women and girls are still considered inferior to men and that our “inferiority” makes men feel justified in assaulting and killing females.

    • oneclickboedicea

      We are thought of as vermin by patriarchal men.

      • Djdj Jdjd

        Meanwhile these men are literally vermin. Basically they’re just projecting themselves onto women, which is typical of this patriarchal plague.

      • Ashley Braman

        Thats why we can think of them however we want now. They can say bitch as much as they want. Id rather be a dog then a rapist. And boy do males HATE being called that

  • Elara

    To regard the crime as anything but sex-based is a display of ignorance. Caste comes second here. How many boys/men are brutally murdered in front of the eyes of their father for refusing sex with women? Show me the father who is burned alive with his sons for not giving his wife a daughter.

    • Mexican American Lesbian

      I don’t dispute the sex-based nature of the crime, but caste is very important in this case. I’ve spoken with countless Dalit women over the years (many of whom patronize my services as political refugees) who endlessly talk about how they’re viewed as nothing more than vermin, whereas their upper-caste “sisters” (these women are castists *puke*) are treated as at least worthy of some sort of veneration as wives. Aunts then I guess.

    • Djdj Jdjd

      This is definitely a hate crime. He specifically targeted women just for existing as women. I’m just tired at this point in time. Still furious of course, but also just tired. If anything men are getting more hateful and evil and it’s beyond disheartening.

      • shy virago

        I feel the same. Furious and delfated.

      • Ashley Braman

        Its only going to get worse the more power they have anx they are gaining more and more every day when they murder and kill us womxxn and girls. They have murdered what like 400 million new born baby girls since the 90s…. Killing off 4% of our worlds population of womxxn

  • SkyLark Phillips

    Why isn’t this a hate crime? He specifically targeted women. He is an incel killer just like Elliot Rodger and the man in Canada that mowed down a bunch of women in a van.

    Specifically targeting black people is a hate crime. Specifically targeting a religious group is a hate crime. Men killing women for no other reason than they hate women is not a hate crime.

    • Ashley Braman

      Theres no such thing as a sex based hate crime only sexuality and race. Thats why trannies have more rights and protections then actual womxxn

  • Mexican American Lesbian

    You know most MRAs in India are Hindu nationalists right? Over there, the anti-feminists don’t even pretend to care about equality.

  • OldPolarBear

    Somewhat OT, but I can’t find the post where the Thousand Oaks shooting was mentioned, or if it has been on here on FC yet. Ian Long, the guy who shot 12 people in the Borderline Bar, had been violent and confrontational even before joining the Marines. His HS track coach, a woman, said he had assaulted her and she doesn’t believe that he was acting from PTSD, that he was already messed up:


  • Ashley Braman

    So what you cant be charged with 2 crimes in india why are they argueing over it why not charge him with both.

  • Ashley Braman

    Totally agree with you. Most people dont add the other crimes / noncrime they commit into the equation.
    Like 97% of rapists go free… Yet still 1:16 American males are convicted of rape with only a 3% conviction rate… Or the fact that many males pay to rape. Or are enablers or turn a cheek to the abuse.
    Theres way more horrible males then good.
    I mean they havr literaly killed off 4% of our entire femxx population since the 90s