What’s Current: Trump incites crowd to mock sexual assault victims at election day rally

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  • On midterm election day in the US, President Trump’s final campaign rally speech accused women of manufacturing sexual assault allegations and incited attendees to chant, “Lock her up.”
  • Hannah Gavios, left partially paralyzed after she fell 150 feet from a cliff as she was trying to escape a sex attacker, plans to do the New York City Marathon on crutches.
  • Studies reveal that women are less likely to be given CPR by bystanders, who worry that CPR would be either socially inappropriate or that women are too fragile.
  • An ICE detention facility in Pennsylvania claims that the sexual abuse of a female detainee was not a constitutional violation because the victim consented. Sexual contact between staff and inmates is prohibited by law in all cases because of the inherent power imbalance.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • lk

    Re: ICE

    I wonder what percentage of detention center workers are males? I think guards in these kinds of detention centers should be required to wear body cams anytime they are interacting with the women/men/children who are housed there. The article lists some stats about sexual assaults in these centers, but I would guess that the number of times it occurs is significantly higher.

    Whats troubling is how many people probably think these women and children deserve this sexual assault bc they are here “illegally”. First of all, it is not against the law (either US or international law) to seek asylum when fleeing violence or persecution. Secondly, nobody deserves to be sexually assaulted ever. There are some behaviors that we must just agree are always wrong: sexual assault being one of them…there is no situation in which committing an act of sexual violence against another human being is morally right.

    I’m happy that this guy was charged with a crime, but I hope the charge also makes him ineligible to work in these kinds of environments again. I really hope that another government agency doesnt just rehire him and allow him to abuse his power.

    The idea that anyone who is in a jail/prison/detention center can consent to sexual activity with the guards is absolutely crazy. Putting aside the legal issue, its beyond unethical that you would even try to engage in any kind of sexual activity with someone you have so much power over.

    She says: “I didn’t know how to refuse because he told me that I was going to be deported…I was at a jail and he was a migration officer. It’s like they order you to do something and you have to do it.”

    Of course she felt like she couldn’t refuse. When you are in a center like this, the guards essentially have complete control…the “choice” to say no really isn’t there.