What’s Current: Record number of women elected to office in US midterm elections

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  • US voters sent a record number of women to congressional seats and state government offices in yesterday’s midterms, with a number of historic firsts in representation. The current Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, is expected to run for Speaker of the House, while Rep. Jim Jordan, a man accused of looking the other way when athletes he coached were being sexually abused, is planning to run for Minority Leader for his caucus.
  • Jenni Murray cancelled an appearance at Oxford University after student LGBTQ+ campaigners tried to no-platform her over “transphobia.” The Student Union Campaign for LGBTQ+ Students released a statement about the incident, saying Murray should not be allowed to give a talk about “Powerful British Women.”
  • A trans-identified male in Vancouver is demanding cash compensation over claimed human rights abuses from 16 female estheticians who refused to wax his genitalia.
  • A study of FGM in east Africa reveals that rates have dropped from 71 per cent to eight per cent over the last 20 years, though women’s health campaigners say that teenage girls are still at risk of being subjected to genital cutting later on, when they are preparing for marriage.
  • Dr. Clare Karekezi, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide, will return after studying at Toronto Western Hospital to be her home country’s first female neurosurgeon.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Hanakai

    Here is another little bit of good news. Alaska voters have rejected and tossed out a judge who went easy on a sex offender. Superior Court Judge Michael Corey oversaw the sentencing of Justin Schneider, a sex offender who picked up an Alaska Native woman, attacked and assaulted her, choked her and masturbated on her. With credit for time served in pretrial home confinement, the criminal walked out of Corey’s court a free man.

    The shockingly lenient sentence prompted sexual assault survivor Elizabeth Williams to launch a grassroots campaign called No More Free Passes, asking voters to oust Judge Corey from the bench.

    The voters unseated the judge, this is a first in Alaska history. Let other judges take this as a warning: If they trivialize sexual assaults, the people will kick them off the bench.

    California voters earlier this year got rid of the judge who gave the rapist Brock Turner a slap on the wrist.

    • Meghan Murphy

      Wow! That case disgusted me, and I couldn’t believe how easily he got off. So fucked. Good news.

  • FierceMild

    I hereby refuse to wax your genitals. Not because of your relative proportions, I just refuse. Now you can sue me.

  • Omzig Online

    I can’t wait to see that idiot trans-male laughed out of court. Evidently, his name is Jonathan Yaniv, and – prepare yourself to be SHOCKED! – he works in IT.

    Estheticians are trained for each specific skill that they practice. If they are not specifically trained to wax the male scrotum, penis, and perineum they cannot perform the procedure. That would be acting outside their scope of practice, and they could be sued if something went wrong. They are like any other healthcare professional, at least in this sense. Those estheticians were simply complying with their licensing board requirements.

    Hey Jonathan, bro, if you’re reading this, here’s some advice: go buy yourself a waxing kit and wax your balls at home. Leave women the fuck alone.

    • lk

      This TIM is just out for money and to bully women.

      But this whole thing just shows how ridiculous transideology is and why gender identity shouldn’t be written into law/human rights.

      Translogic says that male/female biology dont exist and that being a boy/girl man/woman is just a matter of your say so. So transwomen are women and this entitles them to anything that is for women-only (scholarships, sports, shelters, etc). Now under translogic JY has been discriminated against b/c if he says he is female and his penis is female, then he is entitled to receive services for females..to refuse his service is now not about biological reality, but about the fact that his “gender identity” has been questioned.

      I have not doubt that TRA’s would support JY. JY being denied a Brazilian wax for women would force them to admit that JY is a man, that his genitals are different than that of a woman so he would require different services than women.

  • acommentator

    “I wonder how long it will take before the left starts realizing that these people are dangerous.”

    Their extremism is attractive to much of the left, IMO.

    People whose own moral compasses are not fixed on solid foundations are often gob smacked in awe by extremists. Allan Bloom discussed this in The Closing of the American Mind, recalling liberal colleagues at Cornell in the 60s who were in awe of “activists” who were threatening the lives of people they disagreed with, shutting down classes, bringing guns onto campus, etc.

    But to be fair to liberals, I think this tendency is wide spread these days. People whose own beliefs are weak or relative and who lack confidence because of this can be very impressed by those who are certain and extreme and violent, people who engage in “action, not words.” There has always been some of this, across the political spectrum. But I do think that moral relativism leads to fertile ground for this.

    Identity politics, and the view that the mere expression of opposing views constitutes violence and oppression, play into this, IMO. And the idea that norms and process and the rest of the framework of civil society are simply the tools of “the man.”