What’s Current: UK women complain about encountering naked men in change rooms at Bath Sports and Leisure Centre

  • Women using the unisex changing village at the Bath Sports and Leisure Centre say they are “uncomfortable” seeing naked men walking through changing rooms. “Not everybody with their toddler would like to be confronted by men with everything out,” leisure centre user Vicky Drew told the BBC, adding that they “should not have to run the gauntlet of naked men” to reach the single-sex facilities, accessible via the communal changing rooms.
  • After 88 days in the captivity of the man who murdered her parents and abducted her, 13-year-old Jayme Closs managed to escape and has been returned to her family.
  • An 11-year-old schoolgirl in Bristol, UK, was forced to bleed through her clothes twice when teachers denied her permission to use the bathroom to deal with her period.
  • Film of what was likely a premeditated attack on an 11-year-old in Brooklyn was posted to Snapchat this last week, showing the perpetrators (young boys) surrounding the girl and demanding she perform a sex act, then assaulting her when she refused.
  • Meghan Murphy joins Miranda Yardley for a conversation about trans activism and the recent event on gender identity and women’s rights at the Vancouver Public Library.
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.